Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy – Alaska has established itself as the dominant airline on the West Coast and in the Pacific Northwest, even grabbing attention by announcing its 2020 membership in the One World alliance. In addition, it is renowned for offering excellent onboard service, generous basic economy prices, and quick in-flight Wi-Fi. Additionally, Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy provides its customers with greater comfort on a global scale.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Airline baggage fees generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. Additionally, the majority of airlines use a complex system to determine luggage costs, with prices that vary based on your destination, the type of ticket you purchased, and other factors. But Alaska Airlines doesn't operate like that.

The next time you fly Alaska Airlines, to make sure you are under the baggage restrictions, whether you are paying for a checked bag or attempting to bring a carry-on bag on board, contact us at +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free). Or, even better, figure out a means to avoid paying for your bags at all.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance

Each passenger is allowed one free personal item as a "carry-on" bag (briefcase, laptop bag, or handbag). Additionally, the following weight and size restrictions should not be exceeded by carry-on bags.

  • The dimensions of carry-on luggage must be 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches or less (no longer than 45 linear inches), handle and wheels included. Laptop bags, handbags, briefcases, and other small goods are considered personal items.
  • Batteries that can be removed from bags, luggage, and strollers are permissible for both checked and carry-on baggage, but they may need to be removed and carefully stored before they can board. Bags with fixed power sources won't be accepted. The overhead bins will only accommodate lighter and smaller bags.
  • If you have a reservation on one of Alaska Airlines' international flights 5000 through 5499, different conditions apply. These are operated by the Australian airline Qantas, which has different carry-on regulations depending on the level of service.

Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

If your luggage does not adhere to the aforementioned rules, you will probably be asked to check it out. Alaska Airlines charges $30, $40, and $100 for the first bag, the second bag, and any further bags that are checked. These costs apply to bags up to 50 pounds in weight and 62 linear inches in length.

During the busiest travel months, you might only be permitted to check two bags if you're going to a well-known location. For details, make sure to visit the Alaska Airlines website. If a bag carries more than 50 pounds or is between 63 and 115 linear inches in length, there can be an additional charge for it. Alaska Airlines charges a $100 fee to check big or overweight luggage.

Even though these guidelines are universal, there are a few exceptions.

  • Items including car seats, strollers, properly wrapped Hawaii pineapples, medical equipment, mobility aids, and wine cases may occasionally be subject to free inspection.
  • Residents of Alaska who are frequent flyer members of the airline may not be charged for checked baggage.
  • If you're going within Alaska, your first three checked bags are free. Each additional bag after that will cost you $100.

On Alaska Airlines flights 5000 through 5499, the first two checked bags, up to 62 linear inches and no more than 50 pounds each, are free. The cost of additional bags of this size is $175 each. An extra $75 per bag will be charged for bags that are overly big or overweight. It costs nothing to borrow strollers, car seats, and other mobility devices like walkers and canes.

Overweight Or Oversized Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees

Your checked luggage will be charged an overweight Alaska Airlines baggage tax if it weighs more than 23 kilos (or 50 pounds). Along with the weight restriction, the pricing schedule is listed below:

  • Travelers are required to pay a fee of USD 100 per bag if their bags weigh more than 24–46 kilograms or 51–100 pounds.
  • Alaska Airlines will not accept any luggage that weighs more than 46 kilograms or 100 pounds as checked baggage.
  • The cost for luggage ranging in size from 63 to 115 linear inches is $100 for passengers.
  • Alaska Airlines prohibits checked bags with dimensions greater than 115 linear inches.

Bringing Infants With Alaska Airlines

Following are some recommendations for travelers flying on Alaska Airlines with infants:

  • Lap infants are not permitted on Alaska Airlines aircraft in the emergency escape seats or the rows directly in front of or behind any departure row.
  • Even though lap babies are not given a specific seat, if one opens up during a flight, the child is free to take it.
  • While traveling with a baby on the lap, a diaper bag counts toward the adult passenger's standard carry-on allowance.
  • The Alaska Airlines baggage policy states that infants in a lap are exempt from the carry-on baggage restriction.
  • A passenger can buy a baby seat if they don't already have one.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy For Pets

Pets are permitted on Alaska Airlines flights, however, there are restrictions. The guidelines for transporting dogs as cabin and freight luggage are as follows:

  • If your pet complies with all requirements, you will receive a licensed pet carrier from Alaska Airlines.
  • Only carriers that are completely impermeable from the bottom up and have enough room for the pet to move about without bumping into the ceiling are allowed inside the cabin.
  • Dogs, domestic birds, and small pets are the only animals that Alaska Airlines allows on board.
  • All dogs and cats must be educated and at least 8 weeks old to be transported in cargo.
  • According to Alaska Airlines' pet baggage regulations, the combined weight of the animal and carrier cannot exceed 150 pounds.
Bottom Line

Customers generally find Alaska Airlines' luggage policy to be accommodating. Alaska does a fantastic job of making its costs straightforward and offers customers several methods to avoid paying for checked luggage. Additionally, Air Ticket Policy provides you with the most recent news and details on airline policies of the international aviation profession. Talk to airline experts at +1-877-563-0127 (TollFree) if you require any assistance or extra information.

People Also Ask:

Q1: What Items Are Prohibited on Alaska Airlines?

Ans: The Alaska Airlines baggage check policy has the following restrictions:

  • Batteries
  • Battery-operated strollers
  • Camping equipment
  • e-Cigarettes
  • Explosives
  • Fireworks
  • Gun powder
  • Drain cleaners
  • Household items
  • Gasoline tools
  • Matchsticks
  • Pool chemicals
  • Sharp objects
  • Weapons
  • Firearms