United Airlines Baggage Policy

United Airlines Baggage Policy - It might be challenging to pack when you're flying through the air, especially. To avoid needless chaos, United Airlines offers customers a rather straightforward luggage policy. But before boarding the aircraft, you must seriously consider United Airlines' baggage rules. To learn more about the United Airlines baggage rules, you may call on +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free) or send an email to info@airlinesticket.com.

United Airlines Baggage Policy

About United Airlines

United Airlines is a significant US airline that provides affordable air travel with ultimate facilities. This airline is operational through its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois' Willis Tower. Additionally, the United airline oversees a complex network of routes connecting domestic and foreign locations in the United States with six continents. The 1926-founded company ranks third among the biggest airlines in the world for both fleet size and route volume. It is also proud to be a Star Alliance founding member.

What Is United Airlines’ Baggage Policy?

Your price class, MileagePlus status, whether you're checking or carrying on your luggage, the weight and size of your bag, and other factors will determine the specific policies and charges you'll be subject to when flying United Airlines. However, any luggage containing lithium batteries must be taken out and stored with you to board any United flight, whether it is a checked bag or a carry-on.

Federal legislation frequently forbids the use of fireworks, paints, oxygen bottles, and other illegal products. For further information, see the Transportation Security Administration What Can I Bring page or the dangerous items page of United.


One compact personal item, such as a handbag or laptop bag with maximum dimensions of 9 inches by 10 inches by 17 inches, and one large carry-on bag are permitted for United passengers (maximum dimensions 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches).

In addition to their carry-on baggage rules, United Airlines will permit you to bring on additional items such as:

  • Items acquired at the airport, such as food, books, and trinkets
  • assistive tools, such as crutches and foldable wheelchairs
  • safety seats or child restraint systems with FAA approval
  • bag for diapers and breast pump
  • a portable stroller (as long as it fits within the carry-on dimensions)
  • animal carrier

There are a few exceptions, though. A full-size carry-on is not permitted unless the ticket holder is on a transatlantic flight, is a MileagePlus Premier member, or is the primary cardholder using a qualified MileagePlus credit card. Those who purchase a Basic Economy ticket are only permitted to bring one personal item on board. You must pay the normal checked-bag price plus a $25 gate handling fee if a Basic Economy passenger brings an ineligible carry-on to the gate and is obliged to check it.

If the overhead bins aren't big enough to fit your carry-on luggage on shorter United Express flights, you might need to gate-check them.

United Airlines Carry On For Infants

In addition to their regular carry-on baggage, adults traveling with infants on their laps are allowed to bring a diaper bag, breast pump, and child seat.

United Airlines Carry On For Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are permitted to be brought on board with a personal item and stored in the overhead bin or under the seat in front, according to United Airlines' baggage allowance policies.

But if you're taking a Basic Economy fare, you can carry the instrument in place of a personal item. You must check any instrument you bring to the gate that can't be stowed in the cabin, and there is a $25 handling charge.

Checked Bags

  • Unfortunately, checked baggage fees are something that many travelers will have to pay; however, the cost will vary depending on your flight route, level of service, and the number of bags you check. Economy travelers typically pay $30 for the first bag, $40 for the second bag, and $150 for the third bag for domestic flights. Up to two pieces of baggage can often be checked for free with premium tickets.
  • Economy travelers typically receive one free checked bag on foreign flights; a second bag is $100, and a third bag is $200. Typically, the first two bags are complimentary for premium travelers.
  • For the Economy price, the maximum weight for checked luggage is 50 pounds. A 70-pound weight restriction applies to Business, First Class, Star Alliance Gold, and MileagePlus Premier Members. The maximum external dimension for all checked luggage is 62 linear inches.
  • An additional $200 will be charged for excess baggage, and an additional $100 to $400 will be charged for overweight baggage. Any luggage weighing more than 100 pounds or measuring more than 115 linear inches will not be accepted. A fee for extra luggage, which can cost between $150 and $500, will also need to be paid if you need to check more than three bags. It's crucial to be aware that United has baggage restrictions, or embargoes, in place for specific destinations. For additional information, visit their page on embargoes for checked luggage.
  • When checking in at the airport or when checking in online, you can pay with a credit card for your checked bags in advance. Remember that if you prepay, you will be charged right away and won't be able to get a refund if you check less baggage.

Air ticket Policy

Readers can consult airticketpolicy.com for expert advice and up-to-date information. It is a well-researched platform with an integrated team of professionals, analysts, and industry experts who are prepared to answer your aviation-related problems. To learn more about the United Airlines baggage rules, you may call +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free) or send an email to info@airlinesticket.com.

People Also Ask:

Q1: Are there any free bags under United Airlines' luggage policy?

Ans: On board United Airlines, each passenger is given one complimentary personal item. One carry-on bag is free with tickets in the Economy and higher classes. International travelers who are United Premier Members may qualify for free checked luggage. But if you are traveling in Basic Economy, be ready to pay for everything except one personal item.

Q2: What distinguishes a carry-on from a personal item?

Ans: When you travel, the length of your bag is crucial. A personal item is comparable to a backpack, purse, or computer bag. Most carry-on luggage will be larger than a personal item by several inches. Only customers with tickets in the Economy or higher classes on United Airlines will have a designated space for a carry-on. There is only space for one personal item on Basic Economy tickets.

Q3: What is the baggage allowance for service personnel on United Airlines?

Ans: Up to five checked bags may be provided without charge to active military members who are traveling due to a move or duty orders. Families and dependents going on the same orders may also be given the same free luggage allowance. Active duty military personnel are exempt from paying for three checked baggage when they travel against instructions.

Q4: How to avoid United Airlines' checked bag fees?

Ans: There are techniques to avoid paying checked bag fees, even though they can add up. Here's how to avoid paying a luggage fee while flying with United.

  1. You won't have to pay any baggage fees if you can fit everything in your carry-on and personal things. To avoid being taken by surprise by carry-on allowances, read the fine print.
  2. You can sign up for the United Loyalty program.
  3. To avoid paying these fees, think about purchasing a Premium Economy class ticket (or above) if you're flying United Economy class.
  4. Many expenses associated with checked bags are waived for members of the active U.S. military. In some circumstances, dependents of serving military soldiers could also get these benefits.
  5. If you have a credit card with United Airlines, you can benefit from features like free checked luggage, statement credits for specific purchases, and the opportunity to accrue bonus reward miles.