Asiana Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Asiana Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy – Cancelling a flight reservation isn’t a strange affair. Frequently observed within the aviation sector due to the unpredictable nature of life, the anticipation of comfort and adaptability in handling flight bookings is a constant for air travellers. Asiana Airlines is among the carriers that prioritize utmost customer satisfaction, aiming to rectify situations by introducing a customer-centric flight cancellation policy that caters to esteemed passengers.

Asiana Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Based in Seoul, Asiana Airlines is a leading air carrier in South Korea. It is considered to be one of the top two largest airline operators in the country. The airline aims to provide services for several destinations across four continents - Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America. The airline uses Seoul's Gimpo International Airport as its main hub for domestic flights and its primary hub “Incheon International Airport” for international flights. 

Asiana Airlines integrates a convenient mechanism for travellers to help them deal with unforeseen scenarios. The airlines flight cancellation policy provides passengers with clear and dependable notes and regulations to ensure their convenience. The available blog offers a comprehensive overview of the diverse rules and guidelines encompassed by this policy. Additionally, individuals flying with Asiana Airlines can access further information by calling +1-877-563-0127, a toll-free number.

Basic Guidelines of Asiana Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

  • A confirmed reservation with Asiana Airlines is a prerequisite, and the flight itself must be operated by the airline.
  • The deadline for requesting refunds on domestic flights coincides with the expiration date of the flight ticket.
  • For international flights, passengers can avail refunds until 30 after the scheduled departure.
  • Asiana Airline cancellation fee would not be applicable in case of any extenuating circumstances such as the death of a passenger, co-passenger, or a family member.
  • The Airlines cancellation policy would be applicable on all flight tickets booked via the online reservation portal (official), the Airlines customer service number as well as at the airline’s booking counter at the airport.
  • The airline extends the option to secure a reservation at the stated fare without payment, when booked through the Asiana Reservation Call Centre, the official website, or at an airport ticket counter. Such reservations can be cancelled without incurring a fee if done one week or more ahead of the scheduled flight.
  • Non-refundable fares cannot be cancelled by passengers under any circumstances.
  • Passengers can cancel unrestricted or refundable fares up to 3 hours prior to the designated departure time.
  • Separate guidelines are applicable to bonus tickets, reward fares, and group bookings.
  • As per Asiana's flight cancellation policy, passengers who miss their flight without cancelling in advance will be categorized as No-Shows and will be subject to a penalty fee.

Asiana Airlines ' Hour Cancellation Policy

  • Below is a comprehensive outline of the Asiana Airline flight cancellation policy within a 24-hour window.
  • The Asiana Airline 24-hour cancellation policy covers all flights to and from the USA.
  • You are entitled to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund for your Asiana Airline flight booking within 24 hours of purchase, as long as the booking was made at least one week prior to the departure.
  • The option for free cancellation within 24 hours, provided by Asiana Airlines, does not apply to group fares and reward tickets.
  • The 24-hour cancellation would be applicable on refundable as well as non-refundable fares, all Asiana Airlines fare rules, regardless of the class of service selected.

Asiana Air Flight Cancellation Process

There are three ways to cancel an Asiana Air flight booking - online, by phone, or at the airport.

Asiana Air Flight Cancellation - Online 

  • Go to Asiana's website and log into Manage My Booking with your reservation details.
  • Select the flight you want to cancel and click 'Cancel Flight'.
  • Asiana only allows the cancellation of unused flight segments per their policy.
  • If eligible for a refund, the amount will be displayed. Confirm cancellation to proceed.
  • Refunds are processed to the original payment method within 7-10 business days.
  • A cancellation confirmation email will be sent from Asiana.

Asiana Air Flight Cancellation – Customer Support

  • Call Air Ticket Policy customer support at +1-877-563-0127 to speak to an agent.
  • Provide booking details and request cancellation.
  • The agent will review fare rules to determine if you qualify for a refund.
  • If eligible, the agent will calculate the refund amount after deducting fees.
  • Confirm cancellation once you agree to the refund amount.
  • Refunds are processed within 7-10 days after request.

Asiana Air Flight Cancellation - Airport ticket counter

  • Go to Asiana's airport counter and provide booking details.
  • Request cancellation and the agent will review fare rules.
  • If eligible, the agent will calculate the refund amount after fees.
  • Confirm cancellation once you agree to the refund amount.
  • A confirmation email will be sent by the airlines

Cancellation Fee

Asiana Airlines has cancellation fees that apply when you need to cancel your flight reservation. The specific cancellation fee depends on several factors:

  • Ticket type - Economy, Business, First Class, or Special Fare
  • Whether it is a domestic or international flight.
  • How far in advance do you cancel
  • The reason for the cancellation

Cancellation costs for domestic flights often run between 30,000 and 100,000 South Korean won. The costs for overseas travel typically range from 50,000 to 200,000 won. The cancellation penalties are less severe if you purchased your ticket using miles.

Remember that airlines reserve the right to unilaterally modify their cancellation procedures and charges at any moment. You could be required to pay the price difference between the original ticket and the new one if you cancel and rebook with a different airline.

What is Asiana Airlines Refund Policy?

Here are the guidelines under the airline refund policy:

  • Refund for reservations that are purchased in cash, will be issued to the ticket holder only.
  • Flight bookings that are purchased with debit/credit cards, refunds in cash would not be possible rather the claimed refund amount would be credited back to the original method of payment.
  • The duration of the refund on the credit card depends on the processing cycle of the company.
  • The airline approves the refund only for the unused portion of the ticket.

Take Away

Passengers with questions about Asiana Airlines' flight cancellation policy can contact the Airlines Ticket Policy Customer support for assistance via phone at +1-877-563-0127. The team has aviation industry expertise and is happy to help travellers through every step of their flight booking.