Freebird Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Freebird Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy - Going through a flight cancellation can be a demanding event, and the first doubt that comes to mind is whether the airline will grant a refund. Fortunately, many airlines, including Freebird Airlines, have launched flexible cancellation and refund policies, which permit travellers to call off their flights and issue a refund. If you're thinking of flying with Freebird Airlines, this blog is everything you need to know about Freebird Airlines' flight cancellation policy.

Freebird Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Freebird Airlines launched in 2000, is the prime carrier airline of Turkish charter airlines and works from its major hub at Antalya Airport, with a fleet of over 12 aircraft. The airline supplies scheduled flights across Istanbul, Florya, and Bakirkoy. As the national airline, Freebird Airlines is dedicated to providing remarkable facilities and services to travellers. By going through a balanced approach, the airline makes sure wonderful value for passengers, making flights as appropriate as possible.

In this blog, we will talk about the significant pieces of information about Freebird Airlines' cancellation policy, which involves how to cancel your flight, cancellation charges, and changes to your reservation. For further guidance, you can get in touch with Air Ticket Policy customer support at the toll-free number +1-877-563-0127.

Key Guidelines of Freebird Airlines Cancellation Policy

The flexible cancellation policy provided by Freebird Airlines allows you to change your intended flight at any instant. To avoid any misunderstandings, it's essential to fully understand the Freebird Airlines cancellation policy. Keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • If you reserved your flight between 20 and 180 days prior to the scheduled departure, you may easily cancel your flight within 48 hours of booking.
  • If you booked your flight within 0 to 19 days prior to the flight's departure, you won't be able to call off the flight, save under a few conditions. Additionally, you can request a refund of the boarding charges.
  • If you reserved your flight more than 180 days prior to your flight, you have up to 7 days after your booking to cancel it.
  • Be sure to cross-check Freebird Airlines' cancellation policy carefully before reserving your flight and get in touch with their customer support team if you have any queries or concerns.

Freebird Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

It's critical to be acknowledged of Freebird Airlines' cancellation policy if you're thinking about re-planning your travel. The below-mentioned are some important considerations:

  • Freebird Airlines permits passengers to cancel their intended flight without charging a fee within 24 hours of the reservation. Based on the price, class and travel plans, a passenger may be charged a cancellation charge for calling off their flight after 24 hours have passed from the time of reservation, which might vary from 100 to 600 euros.
  • Only if the planned departure of the flight is more than a week away at the time of reservation does Freebird Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy apply.
  • There will be a cancellation fee if you call off less than a week before the intended departure, and you might not get a reimbursement.

Freebird Airlines Cancellation Policy for Refundable and Non-Refundable Tickets

If your flight booking is refundable and the details of your cancellation impact the Freebird Airlines cancellation policy, both of these might change. In particular, Keep in mind the following:

  • You will be charged a nominal fee if you call off a non-refundable or refundable ticket within three days of scheduled leaving.
  • Freebird Airlines provides free cancellation until the end of the safe period, which differs based on the fare class and route.
  • If you booked a flexible or premium flight, you will normally be eligible for a full reimbursement if you need to call off your flight.
  • If your flight is cancelled because of a natural calamity or other situation beyond your control, you may be eligible for reimbursement or a refund.

Procedure for Cancelling the Flight Tickets with Freebird Airline

Freebird Airlines Flight Cancellation - Online

To call off your Freebird Airlines flight, go through these simple steps:

  • Reach out at the official website of Freebird Airlines and select "Manage your Booking".
  • Find your booking code, which is a six-character number available in your booking confirmation email.
  • Fill in the reservation code together with the last name of the traveller in the "Passenger Data Finder" in the "Manage Booking" section.
  • Select "Change or Cancel Trip" beside the flight details you want to cancel.
  • Before moving further, cross-check the Freebird Airlines cancellation policy on the next page.
  • Select "Confirm My Cancellation".
  • After authenticating, you will get a verification email regarding the cancellation.

Freebird Airline Flight Cancellation - Customer Support

If you want to cancel your Freebird Airlines flight over call, follow these steps:

  • Get in touch with the Air Ticket Policy customer support at the toll-free number +1-877-563-0127.
  • Go through the instructions to choose your favoured language and connect to a representative.
  • Tell the customer support representative the essential information to confirm your specifications, such as your user name and ticket number.
  • Choose the flight you want to cancel.
  • If you need to pay a cancellation charge for your Freebird Airlines flight, choose a payment method.
  • Once the cancellation is completed, Freebird Airlines will send an authentication email to you.

Freebird Airlines Flight Cancellation – Airport Ticket Counter

You may conveniently call off your Freebird Airlines flight at the airport ticket counter. You will get all the assistance you need from the airport administration to complete the cancellation process. Please acknowledge that the airline may charge a cancellation fee of up to 600 euros if you cancel your booking after 24 hours of making your booking. You may still request a refund at the airport ticket counter.

Freebird Airlines Cancellation Fee

The cancellation charges for Freebird Airlines flights are calculated by the fare regulations applicable to your reservation. The cancellation charge is dependent on the type of ticket you have bought and the cabin class.  Generally, the cancellation charge ranges between 100 to 600 euros.

  • Refundable flight bookings will be fully reimbursed in the event of cancellation.
  • If you make any modification to your booking, which involves cancelling the flight, you may be subject to a nominal charge.

Note: If your booking is eligible for a refund, the airline will process the refund within 7-10 days. You may also be asked for a credit voucher, applicable till 365 days from the date of cancellation. Cancellation fees do not apply to flights within Mexico and the United States.

Take Away

Air Ticket Policy is the most upgraded website that provides updated information on airline policies and assists you in every step of the way. You can get in touch with us to achieve insights into Freebird Airlines' flight cancellation policy, flight change policy, name change policy, and so on. Contact Air Ticket Policy at the toll-free number +1-877-563-0127 to know more.

FAQs on Freebird Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Question1. How much is the cancellation charge upon cancelling a Freebird Airlines flight?

Answer. The cancellation charge ranges between 100 to 600 euros, depending on the fare class and type of the ticket.