Sunwing Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Sunwing Cancellation Policy – It isn’t worrisome to cancel the Sunwing Airlines reservation. You enjoy full flexibility while executing the cancellation process at the most reasonable pricing. This blog intends to showcase comprehensive information regarding the Sunwing Airlines cancellation policy to help passengers out. They can also find professional assistance immediately by calling.

Sunwing Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Before we proceed, Sunwing Airlines is a reputed aviation organization based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It started operations in 2005 to serve clients with scheduled and charter flights across domestic and international destinations. The low-cost carrier comprises around 20 aircraft in the fleet and employs over 1500 people to carry on business procedures.

Sunwing Airlines Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel the ticket with Sunwing Airlines?

Yes. Visitors can cancel the Sunwing Airlines ticket at will before departure.

Is it free to cancel the Sunwing booking?

You can cancel the Sunwing reservation for free within 24 hours after booking.

How to cancel the Sunwing flight online?

Passengers can cancel the Sunwing ticket online via the official website.

Sunwing Cancellation Policy – An Overview

No one can anticipate what life holds for us in the future. On various occasions, it serves us with lots of unplanned events to disturb our schedules and schemes. So is the case in the aviation department as well. People book air flights but stay unknown to the upcoming circumstances that can cause flight cancellations. It may include the demise of a blood relative, theft of passport, visa issues, judiciary orders, poor health, and others.

Well, travelers stay out of trouble while flying Sunwing Airlines. The Canadian service provider brings an exceptionally planned ticket cancellation policy for honorable customers. It reflects customer-friendly norms and regulations to make the traumatic process of flight cancellation delightful and convenient. Have a look at some crucial keynotes of the policy:

  • Sunwing Airlines visitors can cancel the booking any time before departure – as per the respective policy.
  • Sunwing 24 hour cancellation allows you to save the penalty fee by canceling the ticket within 24 hours after the reservation.
  • Further, this policy applies to all ticket types and fare rules.
  • Sunwing Airlines provides visitors with a full refund if the ticket is cancelled following an emergency.
  • Various benefits of the policy are applicable only for tickets obtained via the website/mobile app, phone number, or the airport ticket counter.
  • Moreover, Sunwing visitors can go either online or offline to cancel the reservation.
  • The carrier permits customers to cancel the flight up to 3 hours before departure.

For more queries, travelers can dial the Customer Support Number (toll-free).

Sunwing Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

You’ll find the following attributes under this section –

  • The Canada-based airline allows you to cancel the flight free of cost. Provided you raise the concern within 24 hours after booking and the departure date is at least 7 or more days away.
  • Further, the service fee depends upon various factors such as the time of request and destination, etc.
  • It imposes a fee of US$250 (per ticket) when you cancel the flight 21 days or more before departure.
  • Similarly, the airline will recover the full ticket value if you initiate the cancellation process 20 days or less before departure.

NOTE: Make sure to speak with industry experts learn the latest fee details.

Sunwing 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

  • As per the 24-hour cancellation policy, Sunwing Airlines permits visitors to cancel the ticket within 24 hours after the purchase without any fee. However, the departure date is required to be away at least 7 days or more.
  • This policy applies to all sorts of ticket fares and trip types i.e. one-way, round-trip or multi-city, etc.
  • Well, people with group booking can’t benefit from the 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • The airline transfers the applicable refund amount within 2-3 business days.

Various Methods to Cancel the Sunwing Airlines Flight

The Canadian carrier acknowledges the following ways for passengers to cancel the ticket –

Sunwing Airlines Cancel Flight Online

  • Visit the official website to start the digital process.
  • Find and click on the ‘My Booking’ section on the homepage.
  • Now, enter your unique booking number and last name.
  • From the list of available bookings, you can pick the relevant one.
  • Follow the guidelines and pay the applicable fee to conclude the cancellation process.
  • In the end, Sunwing Airlines will notify you via mail regarding the successful completion of the procedure.

Sunwing Airlines Cancel Flight Offline

As far as the offline procedure is concerned, it suggests two major alternatives as follow:

  • Visiting the Airport Ticket Counter
  • Dialing the Customer Helpline Number (1-877-563-0127)

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