Aeromexico Flight Change Policy

Aeromexico Flight Change Policy – Change of travel plans can be traumatic for many of us. People don’t want to bear the pain of reorganizing the itineraries after having a confirmed booking. With Aeromexico, passengers will have nothing critical to face when it comes to modifying the booking. The Aeromexico ticket change policy is incredibly awesome from the customers’ perspective and states flexible terms & conditions for users. This blog intends to expose the details to help visitors across the affair. Also, individuals can dial 1-877-563-0127 to seize more views about the policy.

Aeromexico Flight Change Policy

As an air traveler, no one would desire to confront sudden changes in the trip plan. Having a confirmed booking bestows a unique kind of pleasure and solace. But unexpected events aren’t too away to intrude and spoil the scheduled journey exhaustively. Some unplanned incidents come our way and embolden us to conduct alterations in the booking.

What can someone do upon encountering any of the following phenomena?

  • The death of a blood relative
  • Theft of passport/ticket
  • Critical illness
  • Bad weather
  • Legal orders
  • Medical emergency

Doubtlessly, nobody has the power to deal with these sorts of incidents. Therefore, people are forced to amend the flight details willingly. They make changes or reschedule the journey as per new circumstances.

Aeromexico Flight Change Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) How to change the Aeromexico flight via phone call?

Ans 1) You can dial the customer support number 1-877-563-0127 to make amendments to your booking.

Ques 2) Can I modify my Aeromexico booking online?

Ans 2) The Mexican aviation company allows you to change the booking digitally via the official web portal.

Ques 3) Is it possible to change the seat with Aeromexico?

Ans 3) Yes, as per the policy, passengers can change the seat number, meals, and other things hassle-free.

Aeromexico Ticket Change Policy | Making Trip Modifications Easier and Simpler

Do you know Aeromexico is one of those airlines that accept changes in the confirmed booking cheerfully?

Of course, Aeromexico visitors always have something to celebrate even during adversities. Booking a ticket with the giant Mexican carrier brings a package of awestruck facilities and amenities. As far as the reservation change policy of the airline is concerned, it is simply remarkable. In fact, it is an explicit reflection of various customer-centric provisions and regulations to accommodate customers’ burdens extensively.

As per the policy, Aeromexico passengers can supervise the bookings without any hesitation. They possess the right to bring essential modifications to the scheduled trip anytime before departure. Multifarious rules, regulations, and norms falling under the law are as undermentioned:

  • Aeromexico Airlines customers can make required changes in the flight before departure.
  • People can change the flight date, destination airport, the passenger’s name, fare type, cabin class, seat number, and meals, etc.
  • Excitingly, it doesn’t cause you any service fee when you change the Aeromexico flight within 24 hours after booking.
  • Missing the risk-free period stimulates you to pay the applicable flight change fee.
  • Furthermore, Aeromexico grants permission to use any of the online or offline platforms for reservation changes.
  • The booking change policy of Aeromexico covers both restricted and non-restricted fares.
  • Flyers will have to pay the fare difference if the new ticket is costlier than the previous one.
  • Similarly, Aeromexico will turn the remaining amount into Travel Credit when you shift to a less expensive fare class.

NOTE: More quotes can be attained by talking with experts at 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).

Aeromexico Flight Change Fee

Amenities are always payable! So is the case with Aeromexico since it also requires you to pay a certain amount of money against flight modifications.

Well, the satisfactory thought for visitors is that no change fee is applicable for amending the ticket within 24 hours after the purchase.

Check the table out for more insights!

Time of Request

Basic Economy

Classic Fare

Flexible Fare

On the Day of Booking

Fare Difference

Fare Difference

Fare Difference

After the Booking Date

Not Allowed

US$232 + Fare difference

Fare difference

Within 24 hours before Departure

Not Allowed

US$232 + Fare difference

US$232 + Fare difference


How to Modify the Booking with Aeromexico?

It is a delight to learn that the reputed Mexican aviation company puts several methods forward you can choose from to change the flight. This segment is all about discussing every single platform to let you grab an informed idea. Let’s dive right into it.

Aeromexico Change Flight Online

  • Exploring the official website ( is the first step.
  • Go to the ‘Manage My Trip’ section to load the page that asks for your last name and booking reference number.
  • Enter the asked details and move ahead.
  • Now, you can pick the booking for which you want to make changes.
  • On the next page, a user can perform the required changes as per the given options.
  • Further, you’ll have to pay the service fee to wind up the online procedure.
  • In the end, Aeromexico will reach you via a confirmation mail to notify you about changes you made.

Aeromexico Change Flight Offline

Offline platforms are for those who feel inconveniency with digital technologies. These guys can opt for any of the below-mentioned alternatives to make the changes:

Aeromexico Same-Day Flight Change Policy
  • According to the same-day mechanism, Aeromexico passengers can conduct changes/alterations on the date of departure.
  • This facility is available only up to 1-hour before the departure time.
  • Further, the same-day service doesn’t work for long-hauled Aeromexico flights.
  • Make sure your newly selected flight follows the same route and between the same destination airports.
  • Likewise, this provision isn’t applicable if you have already checked in for your flight via any method.

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