Air New Zealand Airlines Flight Change Policy

Air New Zealand Airlines Flight change Policy – New Zealand has consistently been one of the most popular tourist destinations. The number of tourists visiting this lovely country has always increased. Air New Zealand is always willing to oblige travel flexibility as well as a variety of other amenities. As a result, many individuals prefer to book flights with Air New Zealand. However, whenever you need to reschedule your flight due to unforeseen circumstances, you must be aware of Air New Zealand Airlines' Flight Change Policy.

Air New Zealand Airlines Flight Change Policy

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Air New Zealand's flight change rules are designed specifically for its travellers to make travelling as easy as possible. Passengers on international flights can now make any necessary changes by paying a modest Air New Zealand International change fee. Changes to tickets can be made without going through a long process; Air New Zealand alter overseas bookings are just as simple as domestic bookings.

Air New Zealand is a prominent airline that aims to provide a diverse range of domestic and international flights. If you need to amend your flight, you may do it quickly and conveniently online or using the Air NZ mobile application.

Advised before changing the air flight

Please check for any added costs that may have been applied during the flight change process before proceeding. There are a few flexible date change circumstances that allow you to make the adjustment without charge.

Air New Zealand Airlines Flight change Policy

Change is an unavoidable part of life; if you need to change the date of your purchased airline ticket with Air New Zealand Airlines, there are straightforward, simple and easy to follow procedures. Here is Air New Zealand's flight change policy, as stated in the fare rules.

  • According to this policy, the passenger will be charged USD $150 for each adult and child. Ticket bookings for Infant, on the other hand, can be changed for free.
  • A separate payment for the difference in fares is also requested.
  • The trip change fee is also waived if the flight reservation is upgraded to a deluxe economy or business elite ticket. It's possible that service fees will apply. The amended flight ticket, however, cannot be exchanged with someone else.
  • Including the most popular policy implemented by the main airlines, a passenger has the right to change a flight booking up to 24 hours before the time of departure.

Procedure to change the Flight Date in Air New Zealand Airlines

The Air New Zealand booking process is straightforward and may be completed both online and offline. If a person wants to modify his or her travel date, they can do so easily by going to Air New Zealand's official website and entering their reference number, accompanied by the cancellation or change option.

If a traveller does not want to make the modifications online, he or she can contact the support centre directly for assistance. For more information, please call (+1877-563-0127). While consulting on the customer service line, you will be charged a nominal cost. Passengers occupying the Global Flexi tickets are free to make any changes.

Air New Zealand Airlines charges to change the Flights

Passengers on domestic and international flights with Air New Zealand may pay different change flight costs. Your charge for your bookings is listed below.

For Domestic Flight

Changing flights while travelling domestically may incur additional fees. A traveller who has a flexibility ticket will not be charged any additional fees. If the new ticket costs more than the prior one, the passenger will be charged the variation in ticket prices as a flight change fee. The fee is also determined by the type of ticket held by the passenger.

  • A customer can alter their flight on the same day for free to an earlier or later flight. If the modification is made before the end of the day, it will cost roughly $50 NZ per passenger per flight.
  • Passengers can modify their trip day without spending any additional fees; however, if the reservation for a new date charges more, you will be responsible for the difference.
  • Passengers can modify their tickets for $50 NZ prior to their journey, however, no modifications will be accepted on the day of their flight.
  • If a traveller changes their airline tickets online, there are no additional fees; however, if a person contacts the service center, there is an additional fee of $30 NZ.

For International Flight

Any changes in plans can be adjusted through the official website or the app in the international booking area. The traveller would be notified of the additional expenses before proceeding with the adjustment, according to your booking date and availability. You can make the modification online if you follow the guidelines listed below.

  • The travellers bought their flights on the internet.
  • You have not checked in and are not booked on a Sky couch
  • If you began your journey in New Zealand
  • There are no multiple locations on your journey

FAQs: Passengers usually have some general queries regarding flight bookings.

Q (1) – Can I change the name on my flight ticket?

Air New Zealand does not provide a name change option under its policies. If you want your Air New Zealand name corrected, you should withdraw your entire booking and reserve your flight with the revised information. Furthermore, one can contact the airline immediately for more information.

Q (2) – What is Air NZ Flexi fare?

A Flexi ticket is an Air New Zealand option that allows customers to make unlimited modifications to their previously booked flight. However, before using this service, passengers should be aware of the Air New Zealand Flexi date rules, which include:

  • By contacting the airline before and after the scheduled departure, these rates can be exchanged for other Air New Zealand domestic flights.
  • However, if the flight registration is altered via contact centre or at the airport, a surcharge of NZD $30 per person and a one-way journey will be charged.
  • When a more expensive registration is required, the passenger is responsible for the payment difference.
  • In addition, there will be no surcharge if the ticket is rescheduled at the airport on the day of departure or to an earlier or later flight.

Q (3) – do I get any compensation if the flight is changed or cancelled by Air New Zealand Airlines itself

In case of a delayed flight –

Without a doubt, your reimbursement claim should be acceptable if Air New Zealand rescheduled your booked flight without good reason. Passengers must submit a refund application form or a refund application form on the Air New Zealand official website (not on a third-party website), according to Air New Zealand contract terms. Use the same email address that you used to reserve your ticket so that your claim can be tracked. Within 40-60 days, you should obtain a registration number.

In case of Cancelled Flight –

Verify with the airline ticket counter the reasons for the flight cancellation. Also, keep track of any excess expenditure so you can be reimbursed later. For a 3 hour or longer delay, request that the airline supply food and beverages. The airline must provide hotel accommodations and conveyance if your new flight departs the next day.


Knowing the processes and restrictions for changing an airline flight will save your time and allow you to choose the best options for future travel. Airline ticketing regulations are highly dependent on airline announcements and circulars. All airline guidelines and statistics on have been validated and authenticated against the official database.