Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy

Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy – Sometimes, plans must shift due to unavoidable circumstances. Since they are aware of this, Etihad Airways allows customers to modify their Etihad Booking. The Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy is incredibly practical and hassle-free. Please read the Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy before continuing. This policy outlines all the guidelines that travelers must adhere to.

Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy

Learn more about Etihad Airways' flight change policy by calling 1877-563-0127.

About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, which was established in 2003, is the UAE's second-largest aviation firm (after Emirates). With its headquarters in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, next to the Abu Dhabi International Airport, the flag carrier is a well-known company. This airline, which is still very new, has quickly expanded its network. In addition to operating passenger flights, the airline run by the Etihad Aviation Group also manages Etihad Cargo and Etihad Holidays.

Etihad Airlines aims to run more than 1000 flights every week to help travelers reach more than 120 locations in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. The airline established its alliance in 2015, teaming up with carriers like Jet Airways, Air Serbia, Virgin Australia, and Air Seychelles. Additionally, Etihad Airways operates a fleet of approximately 100 aircraft with a good mix of Business Class, First Class, and Economy Class cabins.

The airline's frequent flyer program, known as Etihad Guest, gives its members access to an online store. In 2019, Etihad Airlines was the first airline to transport a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The airline promotes Abu Dhabi as one of the top tourist and business destinations in the globe while providing the warmest of Arab hospitality.

Things to know before you cancel your booking:

  • Verify that your ticket was not used and that it is refundable (with or without cancellation fees)
  • You must have purchased your ticket with a single credit card and it must have been issued more than five days ago.
  • Refunds and cancellations are irreversible.
  • The terms of the original ticket's fare apply to all refunds.
  • Your bank might impose further processing fees.
  • Refunds will be immediately handled to the same card that you used to purchase your tickets; if you no longer have this card, please contact us.
  • On your card or bank statement, refunds take between 14 and 30 business days to arrive.
  • Auxiliaries and International Service The cost is not refundable.

What Does the Etihad Airways Change Policy Conclude for Passengers?

Plans for a trip are likely to change because of a variety of unforeseen situations. There are numerous circumstances when someone needs to amend or cancel a confirmed reservation because they are unable to keep it. The reservation may be changed as a result of uncontrollable circumstances like the death of a family member or relative, ill health, inclement weather, legal notice, or visa issues, among others.

Visitors can amend their reservations with Etihad Airways thanks to their accommodating and flexible ticket modification policy. The most important thing a consumer needs to be aware of is that the airline only allows one alteration to the flight. The airline allows you different types of adjustments in your flight ticket such as:

  • Date change
  • Time change
  • Name change
  • Origin/arrival destination change
  • Travel insurance
  • Special services

Passengers on Etihad Airways may select any of them based on their needs. The airline's policy on changing flights is quite lenient and easy to adhere to. Visitors won't have any trouble carrying out the procedure to modify the itinerary as needed.

Etihad Airlines flight change fees

  • There may be a cost to modify or cancel your flight, depending on the route and fare you've purchased:
  • If you have booked numerous fares, the strictest fare rule will be used.
  • Your reimbursement is governed by the fare policies of your original ticket if you must cancel your reservation.
  • There will be an extra 10% charge for changes or cancellations made less than 96 hours before your travel.
  • In the terrible event of a visitor's or direct family member's death, you won't be assessed a change or refund fee (official documentation is required)
  • A no-show and change fee will be assessed if you miss your flight. If you anticipate missing your flight, please let us know as soon as possible. If you don't, your return trip or subsequent flight could be canceled.

How to Implement Etihad Airways Flight changes?

Do you have any questions about how to apply the relevant policy to achieve your goals? Here is assistance. You'll learn about the specifics of the many approaches and steps aligned to alter the flight itinerary in this chapter. Let's snort.

Etihad Airways Change Flight Online

If a passenger purchases a ticket through the airline's website, they may change it online. The airline is situated in the UAE. These are the guidelines.

  • Visit the official Etihad website at
  • You can log in on the website with your email address and password.
  • Once inside, locate and select the "Manage My Booking" button.
  • Select the desired flight from the list at this point.
  • The "Change Flight Button" can be used to proceed and make necessary changes.
  • You will eventually get a confirmation email about it.

Etihad Airways Change Flight at the Airport

The airport offers a comparable procedure as well. The ticket, passport, and any other pertinent documentation might be carried by the interested passenger to bolster their claim.

Etihad Airways Flight Change over Phone

The reservation change procedure is also easily accessible by phone. To tell the airline representatives your story, pick up the phone and telephone the customer service hotline. To avoid problems, have the ticket, passport, booking number, and passenger's last name close to hand.

Customer Support Phone: 1877-563-0127

Etihad Airways Flight Change Fee

There is a fee for changing an Etihad Airways flight reservation that must be paid to the airline. The price of changing an Etihad Airways ticket is based on many variables.

  • Route and fare affect Etihad Airways' Ticket Change Fee. A 10% surcharge will also be applied to any modifications made within 96 hours of your flight.
  • Etihad Airways won't impose a change fee in the sad situation. You might have to present the relevant documentation, though.
  • You must pay the Etihad Change Flight Fee if you decide to change your flight after 24 hours have passed since booking it.
  • If you have purchased numerous fares, Etihad Airways will apply the most stringent fare rule.

About Air Ticket Policy

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