Allegiant Airlines Minor Policy

Allegiant Airlines Minor Policy – Allegiant Air allows children to travel alone who are aged 15 years or older. In case the traveler is 14 years old or younger, he/she must be guarded by a person aging 15 years or older. To grasp more insights into the Allegiant Airlines children policy, feel free to dial our customer support.

Allegiant Airlines Minor Policy

Allegiant Airlines Minor Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1) Can a 14 year old fly alone on Allegiant air?

Ans: No. He must be escorted by an adult of at least 15 years or older.

Ques 2) What is the minimum age requirement for a traveler to board the Allegiant Air flight alone?

Ans: Only children aging 15 years or older are allowed to board the Allegiant Airlines flight.

Ques 3) Do I need a birth certificate for my child to fly Allegiant?

Ans: Yes. They need to submit relevant documents i.e. birth certificate as proof of age.

Ques 4) Do I need to purchase the ticket for my 24-month older infant?

Ans: Yes. Parents will have to buy the ticket for their kids aged 24 months or under.

Knowing the Airline

Constituted in 1997 as WestJet Express in the United States, Allegiant Airlines is one of the prominent aviation companies in the USA. The ultra-low-cost carrier serves global visitors with charter and scheduled flights. Currently, Allegiant Air is the 14th largest commercial service provider in North America.

Furthermore, Allegiant Airlines has a head office in Summerlin, Nevada, US. The fleet of more than 80 aircraft is flying around the clock to help passengers reach domestic and international locations. Overall, Allegiant Airlines follows the motive of serving enthusiasts with top-notch air travel services affordably.

What the Allegiant Minor Policy is All About?

This is a thorough guide on the Allegiant Airlines minor policy to embrace visitors with all the details and regulations. It is a flexible policy that allows hassle-free reservations for children. However, the airline also mentions some restrictions on the travel of minors under certain circumstances. Underneath, it is a list of some major specifications of the policy –

  • As per the Allegiant air minor policy, Allegiant Airlines doesn’t welcome unaccompanied minors.
  • No children aging 14 or younger can board the Allegiant Air flight to travel alone. He/she can travel only under the supervision of adults aging15 years or older.
  • You can book a ticket for children (15 – 17 years of age) on the official website without paying an extra penny.
  • In the event, the Allegiant Air flight is affected by severe weather conditions, it can refuse the migration of minors under 18.
  • Likewise, minors (under 18) traveling alone also need to present proof of age to complete the reservation.
  • Allegiant Air also requires parents to impart proper care to kids under 2 years of age throughout the flight duration.
  • Children can fly as lap children in the reservation of an adult.
  • A birth certificate is required as proof of age for minors under 18. Only a government-granted photo ID is sufficient for passengers above 18.

For more details, approach the industry experts via the Customer Care Number 1-877-563-0127.

Various Guidelines and Regulations for Parents to Consider

Well, the Allegiant children policy also states several assumptions and prospects for parents to consider throughout the process. Let’s have a look:

For infants aging under 24 months

Parents will have to obtain a ticket for their kid aging under 2. He/she will have a separate seat in an FAA-approved seat. You need to provide the birth certificate during the reservation. Your infant may also travel in the adult passenger’s lap.

For kids aging 2-14 years

These travelers can only travel under the guardianship of an adult aging 15 or older. As per FAA regulations, these kids can’t sit in the exit row. A birth certificate is required during reservation.

For children aging 15-17 years

These guys can travel alone without an adult companion but the trip may be restricted as per weather advisory.

Adults aging 18 years or older

The airline considers passengers aging 18 or older as adults. They will have to provide a government-issued ID during reservation.

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