Aegean Airlines Name Correction Change Policy

Aegean Airlines Name Correction Change Policy – There are times when it can be very tough to decide whether to change a flight reservation for a variety of reasons. Name changes are hardly ever permitted, depending on the airline. However, Aegean Airlines' name correction/change policy can help you if you unintentionally typed the incorrect name on your ticket.

Aegean Airlines Name Correction Change Policy

This article contains a wealth of information about Aegean Airlines' procedure for name changes and corrections. However, Air Ticket Policy is on hand to assist if you run into any issues while carrying out the tasks at +1-877-563-0127 toll-free.

Introducing Aegean Airlines

Low-cost airline Aegean Airlines SA (Aegean) operates out of Greece and offers passenger air transportation services to domestic and foreign locations. Additionally, the company runs both scheduled and charter flights. Aegean provides a range of services, including ground handling, technical assistance, and aviation services. Additionally, Aegean engages in the import, exchange, and leasing of aircraft and parts. Through a network of offices, it offers cargo services, e-ticket services, web check-in, and tickets.

Although the airline was established in 1987, its first flight was not until 1999. Although not a low-cost carrier, Aegean provides fares at various price ranges and with various advantages. They do, however, include a low-fare calendar feature that you may use to determine the lowest time to fly on your subsequent trip.

Aegean Airlines is a Star Alliance member, and more than 230 partners, including more than 20 different airlines, participate in their Miles+Bonus program.

Multiple Scenarios of Correcting With Aegean Airlines

The following list of possible name changes for passengers on this airline is not exhaustive.

  • A tourist should use their married surname, not their maiden surname when making changes to a reservation.
  • Travelers occasionally have numerous names and may want to add more names, as the first name would have been provided while making the reservation. In such cases, the name on the ticket may be changed to Aegean Airlines.
  • If your surname and your first name don't match, you can change them.
  • The flyer should examine the ticket for any further instances of a surname and an initial name and make any necessary corrections.

Note: If a name with more than three letters needs to be changed, you can make a particular request in the PNR for domestic tickets.

Major Factors of Aegean Airlines Name Change Policy

  • Although the airline may readily accept a variety of alterations and repairs, there are guidelines that visitors must follow.
  • Only a few characters can be changed in a passenger's name on a ticket, according to Aegean Airlines' Name Change or Correction Policy.
  • To make a name change or correction, passengers must buy all of their tickets directly from Aegean Airlines.
  • The passenger's name must coincide with the name on the original document and the ticket.
  • Given the unique nature of the ticket and reservation, Aegean Airlines does not approve the full name change.
  • If the name on the ticket is incorrect, you cannot cancel your PNR before creating a new passenger name record. Additionally, the amended PNR must include a list of any special services.
  • Synchronization difficulties could occasionally arise when a name change or correction is made inside the same PNR. The name change policy of Aegean Airlines permits the creation of a fresh PNR each time.
  • For partially used tickets, the name of the traveler may be changed.
  • There is no price for rebooking if the only change to the reservation is a name change and the schedule stays the same.

Process of Changing the Name on Aegean Airlines flight tickets

To make things easier for everyone going, the Aegean has different methods for changing the names of passengers on tickets. You can change or alter your name with the airlines at your convenience and the options are given below.

Correcting The Name On Aegean Airlines Via Online Platform

The easiest and most accessible way to modify your flight ticket is online. Customers can change the Aegean Airlines name on their ticket to fix minor mistakes like misspelled or reversed names.

  • Visit the Aegean Airlines customer service website.
  • You can opt to manage my reservations or your reservations on the internet.
  • Now you must fill in the fields with your PNR and "Family Name."
  • No, you must select the option to Manage My Booking.
  • Choose "Flight Ticket Name Correction" from the options at this time.
  • Your name can now be changed in the "Booking" section.
  • As part of the Aegean Airlines name change verification process, you may be required to submit specific documents under this rule. Don't forget to give it.
  • Complete the procedure according to the rules, and pay any fees that may be required.
  • You should receive an email confirmation at your registered email address after the payment has been made.

Correcting The Name On Aegean Airlines Via Customer Care

  • When a passenger needs the name of Aegean Airline changed or corrected, they typically call methods. The travelers communicate with the officials directly over the phone. You must call +1-877-563-0127 toll-free for assistance from the Airlines Ticket Policy customer service.
  • To finish the verification process, you must additionally provide identification. A support person will then carry out the name correction or alteration procedure.
  • To have your name changed, you might also need to pay the service fees specified in Aegean Airlines' name change policy.
  • After you have made the required payments and provided the required documentation, the operator can complete the name change procedure.
  • If your right name was changed on the ticket, you might receive a message later.

Correcting The Name On Aegean Airlines Via Ticket Counters

Visiting the airline's ticket counter is one of the most common ways to change or modify your name on an Aegean Airlines flight ticket. Officials from the airline will guide you through the process at the ticket counter. After paying the service charge, you can have your name changed and rectified by just presenting your identification.

Name Change/Correction Fees with Aegean Airlines
  • Typically, the Aegean Airlines name change policy states that you might have to cover the costs. However, this can be impacted by the kind and time of a name change or ticket correction.
  • For tickets printed in Y/class, you could have to pay a cost of $101.85. The cost of the K/class ticket is $81.48.
Take Away

After making a reservation, travelers may amend their information by adhering to Aegean Airlines' name change or correction policy. It also covers additions or corrections to the names of the passengers listed on the tickets. Legal changes, clerical errors, and typographical errors might all necessitate a name change.

Air Ticket Policy is there to assist you if you require it or if you have trouble adhering to the rules at +1-877-563-0127 toll-free.