Aero Mexico Name Correction Policy

Aero Mexico Name Correction Policy – Aero Mexico endeavors to deliver peace of mind to customers through its professional travel solutions. Like other service policies, the Aero Mexico name change policy is another perfect blend of customer-oriented guidelines to let them modify the name details without hassles. In this blog, we would like to stress various rules and laws prescribed in the name correction policy of the Mexican airline. Also, more details can be gained at the toll-free customer service number.

Aero Mexico Name Correction Policy

About Aero Mexico Airlines

It was 1934 when Aero Mexico was introduced to the global aviation domain. Since then, the airline has walked through a long journey to achieve a prestigious status in the aviation scenario worldwide. Presently, it is an eminent flag carrier of Mexico; having access to more than 85 destinations across Europe, Asia, Mexico, South, North and Central America, and the Caribbean.

Further, Aero Mexico is a founding member of the SkyTeam Alliance besides Delta Air, Air France, and Korean Air. The prime business station is located in Mexico City. Also, the airline’s all-Boeing fleet comprises around 85 aircraft.

Aero Mexico Name Change Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Does Aero Mexico allow name corrections on the ticket?

Ans 1) As per the AeroMexico name change policy, the permits users to rectify the name for minor to major changes.

Ques 2) How to correct the name online?

Ans 2) Online name corrections can be made via the official website of the airline.

Ques 3) Can I change my name on the Aero Mexico ticket after marriage?

Ans 3) Yes, you can submit a marriage certificate to raise the name change request with Aero Mexico.

Aero Mexico Name Correction Policy | Reflection of Flexibility and Professionalism

Indubitably, Aero Mexico is a reputed air travel provider in Mexico. It offers flexible services to clients throughout different routes and destinations across all fare classes. Ultimately, it comes forward with customer-friendly service policies to ensure full comfort and joy during the flight. The name correction policy is something to spread a positive impact for the carrier. It supports visitors who have entered name spellings incorrectly while making the reservation.

Being humans, we can't stop conducting mistakes in daily life. The same philosophy continues to rampant all phases and aspects of life, including the aviation sector. People do commit faults and omissions in the reservation form by entering the wrong details for the name and other elements. Thankfully, Aero Mexico passengers have the liberty to modify the ticket details later following the sudden plan changes. Also, they can rectify the names on the PNR to avoid further hassles.

If you truly want to snatch in-depth insights into the name change policy of the airline, strive to analyze the following keynotes:

  • Aero Mexico visitors can amend the name on the ticket before departure using the dedicated policy of the carrier.
  • The airline allows individuals to make corrections only up to a few hours prior to departure.
  • Further, you can select online or offline platforms to bring essential reforms to the name on the booking.
  • Travelers can implement the policy to make improvements in the name only for 2 characters.
  • No one can transfer the Aero Mexico ticket to another passenger’s name.
  • Significantly, the name change process is free when you make minor corrections. But a certain fee would be applicable under other conditions.
  • When your name is changed after marriage/divorce, raise the name change request by submitting the legal document.

Various Types of Corrections Allowed by Aero Mexico

The Mexican carrier permits users to make changes/corrections in the name under the following conditions:

  • When a customer’s name misses a character
  • A letter is spelled wrongly in any of the names
  • Your name has errors no more than 2 letters in the whole name
  • When a visitor’s last name is entered as a first name and vice versa

Therefore, an Aero Mexico customer can submit a valid current official ID, including birth/marriage certificate, voter ID and passport, etc. to prove his/her full name.

Various Aeromexico name change Methods 

Aero Mexico Airlines brings multiple channels and platforms for passengers who wish to make name amendments. They will have choices across online and offline procedures to bring required changes in the itinerary. Let’s explore different available processes:

Aero Mexico Name Change Online

When you choose to get along with digital technologies, the following is the path you need to execute:

  • Visit the airline’s official web portal –
  • Navigate the ‘Manage My Booking’ section.
  • Now, enter your last name and booking number.
  • Explore the list of bookings to find the right one you want to make name corrections for.
  • Using the relevant options, make essential modifications in the name and cross-check the details.
  • Hereafter, pay the name correction fee if applicable to culminate the online procedure.
  • Finally, Aero Mexico will share a mail that comprises your updated ticket details.

Aero Mexico Name Change Offline

Exploring offline channels, Aero Mexico will come across the following alternatives:

  • Name Corrections at the Airport Ticket Counter
  • Name corrections via the Customer Helpdesk Number (1-877-563-0127)

Aero Mexico Name Correction Fee

Making minor name corrections in Aero Mexico tickets triggers no service fee. However, the airline may ask for specific charges under other circumstances. Rectifications in the whole name can be a fee-oriented process that you must be aware of. Consequently, make sure to get the latest fee updates at the official website.

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