Air Europa Name Change Policy

Air Europa Name Change Policy - It always seems more than sensible that you must enter your first and last names exactly as they appear on your identification documents before you can complete the reservation. However, it's possible to enter your nickname or your marital last name rather than your forename or to accidentally make an error. It is not feasible to fly with an inaccurate name listed on the ticket. In order to avoid this hassle, it is advised that you change the name on your flight ticket. This article will address the Air Europa Name Change Policy.

Air Europa Name Change Policy

Travelers can also connect with air Europa experts at the customer support number 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free) which is available around the clock.

Air Europa

The third-largest Spanish flag carrier airline, Air Europa, has its main office in Llucmajor, Mallorca. It was established in 1986, and Madrid Barajas Airport serves as its main base. Additionally, it is a subsidiary of Globalia, the parent corporation. Currently, 44 locations in Spain, Europe, South America, North America, the Caribbean, Morocco, and Tunisia are served by Air Europa(UX). The airline has also been successful in implementing a codeshare arrangement with 24 other airlines. Being a significant airline, it runs more than 2,000 flights per week.

For the excellence of its airport, onboard, and crew services, Air Europa is recognized as a 3-Star Airline. Comfortable seats, amenities, food and drink, IFE, and cleanliness are all included in the product rating. The service rating covers both the cabin employees and the ground staff.

Highlights of Air Europa Name Change Policy

The following rules must be followed by tourists, who want to change the name on their Air Europa itinerary, including:

  • After the airline reservation has been confirmed, names cannot be changed. If one wants to completely alter the name, they must cancel their reservation.
  • In the event that a name is misspelled, only name corrections up to a maximum of three characters are permitted. If more modifications are required, one must get in touch with Air Europa customer care.
  • The website will only charge for the first name adjustment; any more corrections will result in processing fees.
  • If a person has legally changed their name, the evidence documents must be presented to Air Europa customer care in order to have the name changed.
  • Only itineraries that include flights run by Air Europa are covered by the policy.
  • The traveler cannot alter the name on the itinerary once the reservation has been made with Air Europa or confirmed.

These are the minimal requirements of the Air Europa name change policy that one must follow before changing the name on their reservation. Additionally, the traveler can contact customer care with any questions they may have regarding the policy at +1-877-563-0127.

How to change a name on Air Europa?

By using the Air Europa website, one can change a misspelled name on a reservation in the following ways.

Visit Air Europa Website

Go to the homepage of the official Air Europa website using your preferred web browser, then select "Manage your Reservation."

You will need to provide the registration number and the passenger's last name as it appears on the confirmed ticket on the website. Additionally, you can find these specifics in the confirmation email that was issued to you when you made the appointment.

  • Click "Search" after entering the reservation's details.
  • On a freshly loaded page, the website will pull the flight schedule associated with the relevant ticket.
  • Here, you can edit the misspelled name. Verify your changes, and the updated information will be saved.

Modify Name Via Calling

In some circumstances, the passengers may discover it simple to resolve their issues by chatting with the airline immediately. In order to modify the name on your ticket with Air Europa, you can do so by phoning the airline's customer service hotline. All you have to do is contact our 24-hour/day travel assistance desk at the Air Europa change booking helpline number +1-877-563-0127 to make the necessary modifications to your Air Europa ticket reservation.

  • While we assist you in connecting with the travel executive, please have your six-digit booking reference close at hand.
  • The travel agent will inquire about your flight information and any modifications you need to make.
  • Also pay attention to the Air Europa name change charge. Ask the travel executive to make alterations to your flight only if you're okay with the costs associated with the Air Europa name change.
  • Only debit or credit cards are accepted for payment of the Air Europa ticket process. Ask the executive to repeat your travel plan in detail before having your credit card used for the payment, or ask for an email with the new flight schedule.
  • Ask the agent to run your debit or credit card after you have confirmed the new change, then wait a moment for the transaction to be completed.
  • You'll receive an email from the airline executive with the revised flight information and the Air Europa change booking invoice.

Visit the airport to change the name on your flight ticket

Finally, stop by the airline's office. You can ask the officials to modify the name on your Air Europa ticket. Give the airline the relevant paperwork after that. The applicable fees for changing your name must be paid. After taking all the appropriate steps, you might have to wait for the name change to be confirmed.

Requests for the Air Europa ticket change procedure can be made at the airport counter. Please be aware that you can request a last-minute alteration to an Air Europa reservation no later than two hours before to the departure time. Requests for changes to Air Europa tickets must be made only at the airport of scheduled departure.

Air Europa Name change fee

Depending on the destination, route, and class of the aircraft, there may be fees associated with name changes. The cost to change your name generally ranges from $30 to $150, depending on when you seek the change.


Air Europa offers simple-to-follow policies and informs passengers through its web channels in order to provide a smooth and delightful experience to all of its passengers. Similar to this, Air Ticket Policy assembles a team of aviation professionals. To give clients the most recent knowledge and data is what drives them all. You can acquire the most recent costs and details on the Air Europa Name Correction Policy by contacting us at +1877-563-0127.