Air Mauritius Name Change Policy

Air Mauritius Name Change Policy – Are you concerned that the name on your ticket may be incorrect? If you booked the incorrect airline tickets, don't panic. Passengers on Air Mauritius can change their names and repair name mistakes on their original tickets. Thus, before seeking a name change on your travel tickets, you should review Air Mauritius name change policy.

Air Mauritius Name Change Policy

If your original airline tickets' scheduled itinerary changes at the last minute, you are also free to make any further modifications you choose. Call 1-877-563-0127 toll-free to speak with Air Ticket Policy for more information on altering your name on the flight ticket.

About Air Mauritius

The flag carrier airline of the stunning island country of Mauritius, which is situated in the Indian Ocean, is Air Mauritius. One of the earliest airlines in Africa, the airline was created in 1967 and started operating the following year. With a variety of local and international flights to different locations across the world, Air Mauritius has developed into one of the top airlines in the area throughout the years.

Major cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia are among the more than 20 locations to which Air Mauritius offers flights. The airline places a great priority on offering excellent service and making sure that its passengers have a relaxing and pleasurable flight experience.

In addition to offering passenger flights, Air Mauritius also has a separate cargo section that offers freight shipping to several locations. The airline collaborates closely with local stakeholders to market the island country as a top travel destination. The airline is dedicated to assisting the expansion and development of the Mauritius tourism sector.

Guidelines Mentioned Under Air Mauritius Name Change Policy

Thankfully, Air Mauritius understands the gravity of the problem and offers sensible solutions to deal with this sort of catastrophe. Customers may simply alter or modify their name as needed following the airline’s policy on name adjustments. The following is a list of some of the major elements of the Air Mauritius name correction policy.

  • Clients of Air Mauritius may modify the name on their ticket following the applicable rules.
  • Moreover, changes can be made to either the full name or a few characters, as permitted by the constitution.
  • There is no fee for modifications made during the first four hours of the reservation.
  • There can be a fee for name correction if you are late.
  • Also, Air Mauritius clients have the option of finishing the name change procedure offline or online, based on their preferences.

What Kinds Of Name Changes Does Air Mauritius Make?

  • A Minimal Name Change - Minor name changes, such as simple spelling mistakes in your first, second, or third name, can be made without the need for formal or legal documents. They could also involve acquiring new first, middle, and last names.
  • Arbitrarily Change In Surname - The airline must be provided a legally binding document from the government, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or any other legally binding document, that includes the passengers' old and new names.

Air Mauritius Name Change Procedures

Passengers may quickly do their Air Mauritius Name Change offline or online thanks to the "Manage My Bookings" service, which facilitates all types of modifications and corrections. Below is a step-by-step list of actions you need to perform.

  • With an online portal, change your name on your Air Mauritius flight ticket.
  • Clients can submit their request for an Air Mauritius Name Change online, as was already explained. The actions you must take are outlined below.
  • Visit the official Air Mauritius website to get started.
  • You will select the "My Bookings" option from the list in the following step.
  • After that, enter your "Tile Name" and "PNR."
  • Next, click Locate My Trip.
  • The flight details will be shown on the new page.
  • Then choose "Personalize your Trip".
  • Update the names on your original airline tickets as a result.
  • After that, choose "save changes."
  • Review the information on your ticket one more after that.
  • Then, if necessary, make the payment.
  • Following that, customers will see their updated E-Ticket on their displays.
  • Our last point is that customers will receive a message or email certifying their Air Mauritius Name Change.

Change Your Name On The Air Mauritius Flight Ticket Via Customer Care

A traveller could occasionally be unable to finish the online name-change procedure. Passengers can call Air Ticket Policy for assistance at 1-877-563-0127 toll-free to speak with a representative from our airline that can help them with the name correction or name change procedure. Therefore, you should consistently carry your identity and travel papers with you.

Change Your Name On The Air Mauritius Flight Ticket Via Airline Ticket Counter

Customers of Air Mauritius can also correct or change the names on their flight tickets by using the services offered at the airline ticket counter. Passengers are required to produce all valid identification and information from their original airline tickets. Customers may choose to inquire about any further information on their airline tickets even though they have the right to be fully informed of all policies and regulations regarding the Air Mauritius Name Change.

Cost Of Air Mauritius Name Change

Air Mauritius follows a strategic approach concerning the price of name correction under various circumstances. For instance, there will be no service fee if a person changes their name within the first four hours of making a reservation. The airline charges a cost for the same service in the absence of this.

A name change charge of $50 to $100 must be paid if there is a mistake or issue with the name specified on your ticket (or its equivalent in your local currency). Babies and children are not entitled to any savings on the non-refundable name change fee.

Take Away

It might be unpleasant to modify your flight reservation before or while you're on the road. It gets more bothersome the more travel plans you have to make. By contacting 1-877-563-0127 toll-free, Air Ticket Policy is therefore available to assist you further when making adjustments to your travel tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Mauritius Name Change Policy

Q1: Do Ticket Transfers Occur With Name Changes?

The Name Change Policy is now available to all flying clients, as has already been published. Imagine that customers enter their names erroneously while making reservations. They can fix name-related issues by submitting a name-change request to airlines. Following Air Mauritius Policy, there is also no ticket transfer policy.

Consumers should be aware that they do not automatically have the right to transfer their original airline tickets to another individual by just changing their names on them. Follow the Air Mauritius Name Change Rules to request a name change on your original flight ticket.

Travellers cannot transfer their flight tickets to another individual without cancelling the original tickets. To avoid incurring a termination fee, passengers must request a withdrawal within 24 hours of purchasing their tickets. You'll also get your whole refund. Following that, you can buy fresh tickets in someone else's name.