Air New Zealand Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Air New Zealand Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy – The provision of flight modification also allows users to amend the name details on the PNR. Your presence on this page exhibits your intentions. You look for a professional guide to make name modifications on the Air New Zealand booking. Luckily, it is the perfect location for you! Enthusiasts can move on to capture the latest guidelines, rules, and regulations falling under the Air New Zealand name Change policy. Moreover, passengers can dial our toll-free number to acquire instant help concerning the Air New Zealand name correction.

Air New Zealand Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

It isn’t uncommon to see individuals eager to make rectifications in the name on the air flight booking. Given the strictness of various aviation rules, it is mandatory for passengers to abide by regulations prescribed in the Air New Zealand Name Change Policy. You might have all things in the right posture to proceed with the flight conveniently. A correct name on the booking is necessary as well to relieve inessential burden and stress. Therefore, visitors must make sure to have a similar name on the ticket, passport, and other considerable documents.

About Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Airlines is a respected aviation carrier in New Zealand. Being one of the oldest service providers, it continues to rejuvenate customers’ experiences on the flight and helps them approach the destination blissfully. A quick tour of the following pointers will give a more informed idea about the airline:

  • Air New Zealand was conceived in 1940 around 82 years ago.
  • The inauguration name of the airline was Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL).
  • In April 1965, the carrier started serving clients under the name Air New Zealand.
  • Further, the head office of the flag carrier is located in Auckland.
  • Significantly, Air New Zealand is also a member of the Star Alliance since 1999.
  • The flight carrier endeavors to support commuters across more than 20 domestic and 30 international destinations.
  • As long as the fleet is concerned, Air New Zealand integrates around 100 aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus vehicles.
  • JACDEC recognized the kiwi transporter as the safest airline in the world in 2014.
  • Similarly, air New Zealand was awarded ‘Airline of the Year’ in 2010 and 2012.

Air New Zealand Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1) How to modify the name on the air New Zealand booking online?

Ans 1) Aspirants can explore the official website of the carrier to initiate the Air New Zealand name correction request online.

Ques 2) What are the best ways to change the name on the Air New Zealand ticket?

Ans 2) People can implement digital technologies through the official website of the airline. Also, they can reach the airport ticket counter or dial the customer service number for Air NZ name change.

Ques 3) Is it allowed to make spelling corrections in the name on the Air NZ flight ticket?

Ans 3) Yes, travelers will have the freedom to remove errors from the name to make it look similar to that on the ticket and passport.

Ques 4) What would be the Air New Zealand Name Change Cost?

Ans 4) The usual name correction fee is US$50 with Air New Zealand. However, it depends upon several factors and circumstances.

Air New Zealand Name Correction Policy: Crucial Things You Need to Consider in 2022

Getting a misspelled name on the booking may cause stress and frustration. We witness multiple occasions when a traveler commits mistakes while filling out the reservation form. It is the first time you interact with the airline officials and create bookings by providing the necessary information through the form. Among other fields, the field of name also requires you to enter the customer’s name as depicted in the passport or the official ID. Astoundingly, many of us fail to provide accurate name spellings in the box.

  • The passenger’s name on the ticket, passport, and other relevant documents must have the same characters in the same order.
  • A contrast in the name on various documents may put your itinerary in danger.
  • The concerned visitor will have to rectify the name within the allotted time; otherwise, his/her flight ticket may get canceled.

Do you observe an incorrect name on the booking with air New Zealand?

Looking for the appropriate guide to deal with the same phenomenon?

You have landed in the right place!

Incredibly, Air New Zealand is promised to facilitate clients with state-of-the-art travel solutions and impeccable flight services. The prime endeavor of the airline is to make travelers enjoy every single moment of the journey. Consequently, the Air New Zealand name correction policy puts several customer-oriented guidelines and attributes to extend every possible help. It allows clients to modify the booking details, including the passenger’s name on the reservation

Eminent Features:

  • As per the name change policy of Air New Zealand, passengers can eradicate errors in the name on the booking.
  • Remember, aspirants can alter minor mistakes (typo) only up to a few characters.
  • Customers will have the privilege to raise the Air NZ name change request with the kiwi airline via digital or traditional methods.
  • Make sure to tag a legal document when you proceed to change the name after marriage/divorce.
  • Air New Zealand clients will not have the authority to transfer the ticket to another person’s name.
  • Significantly, it will attract no Air New Zealand name change cost if you conduct minor name modifications on the ticket.
  • There are certain circumstances when the New Zealand-based carrier may ask for a certain name change fee.
  • Moreover, visitors will have to get in touch with the third-party agent for name modifications on the ticket obtained with them.

NOTE: Customers can also dial the customer service number to accumulate instant assistance.

How to Modify the Name on the Air New Zealand Ticket? Various Approved Channels & Procedures 2022

Exercising the Air New Zealand name correction procedure through an authorized platform is vital. This segment will unearth various channels and platforms approved by the airline. The NZ carrier is pledged to serve people with flexible services. Therefore, it manages to accept the name change requests via several mediums. Spare some time to learn multiple steps involved across all affairs.

Air New Zealand Change Name on Ticket - Online

  • Visiting the official website ( is the initial step to commence.
  • Now, you can approach the tab – Manage Booking.
  • In the given fields, enter your surname and booking reference code.
  • You’ll have several bookings mentioned on the next webpage.
  • Pick the right ticket.
  • Hereafter, you can walk along with the onscreen instructions to make essential name corrections.
  • Now is the time to pay the service fee if eligible.
  • Finally, Air New Zealand Airlines will drop a confirmation mail regarding the same.

Air New Zealand Change Name on Ticket - Offline

The scenario of offline systems will disclose the following alternatives for you:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Helpdesk Number

Air New Zealand Name Change Cost 

When it comes to amending the booking, customers flying with the NZ carrier are free to conduct name changes/corrections without paying a service fee. Remember, the airline may also demand a service cost under specific conditions. Usually, it charges passengers US$50 for name modifications. It is always beneficial to capture the latest fee details via the official website or our toll-free.