Air Arabia Name Correction/Change Policy

Air Arabia Name Correction/Change Policy – Passengers are required to fulfil several airline conditions when travelling by air. One such condition involves providing the correct passenger name during the reservation process. If any mistakes are made, travellers must correct their names. To simplify this process, Air Arabia has implemented a comprehensive policy for name correction or changes, known as the Air Arabia name correction/change policy. Understanding this policy well can greatly assist you in completing the name change process effortlessly.

Air Arabia Name Correction/Change Policy

The Air Arabia name correction/change policy is a set of rules and regulations established by Air Arabia Airlines. It enables passengers to modify their names in case of spelling errors, additions of last names, or changes in maiden names. Detailed information about this policy and a step-by-step process for name changes through various platforms can be found in the Air Ticket Policy. Additionally, you can contact us directly at the toll-free number +1-877-563-0127 for further assistance.

Guidelines To Change/Correct Name On Air Arabia Airlines

The Air Arabia policy for changing names provides specific rules that must be followed when initiating the name modification process. Compliance with these rules is crucial for both passengers and authorities. These regulations apply to both name corrections and changes. Below are some important rules that passengers and the airline must adhere to:

  • Passengers who have directly made flight reservations through the official Air Arabia website have the eligibility to modify and correct their names.
  • Changes and corrections can be made to the passenger's surname and middle name.
  • The request for a name change must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. Last-minute requests and changes may not be accommodated by the airline.
  • Members with an Air Rewards Account of this carrier will also be allowed to modify their names. However, the process may differ from the regular name change procedure.
  • Tickets booked with Air Arabia are not eligible for the name change feature.
  • Depending on the reservation status, an additional fee may be charged for name modifications on the ticket. This fee may include a fare difference.
  • This policy allows minor corrections to the passenger's name, limited to single characters.
  • In specific instances, passengers may need to provide particular documents, such as their passports, to facilitate the Air Arabia name change process.

Note: Some terms and conditions may be subject to change based on circumstances. For any new updates, please visit the main website of the airline.

Process Of Correcting Your Name On Air Arabia Flight Ticket 

Passengers have various options available to correct their names on Air Arabia Airlines. The airline offers both online methods through its official website and offline methods through customer care. Therefore, you can choose either of these methods to take advantage of the Air Arabia passenger name change feature.

Air Arabia Name Correction Via Air Arabia Website 

The online option provided by Air Arabia for name changes is widely used by passengers, especially for international itineraries. This method is particularly suitable for travellers who are comfortable using the internet and online platforms. It offers efficiency and convenience as it is available for use at any time.

To utilize this method, follow the steps below to change the name on your Air Arabia ticket using the airline's official website:

  • Open your web browser and visit the link "".
  • On the homepage of the website, locate the panel of tabs situated on the top right. Click on the "Manage" section.
  • From the list of options, choose the "Modify Flight" option located under the "Modify/Cancel" section.
  • You will be redirected to the Manage Booking page. Enter the required details such as your "Reservation Number," "Contact Person Last Name," and "Departure Date" to retrieve your booking. After submitting these details, click on the "Continue" button.
  • Next, choose the ticket for which you intend to change the name and utilize the Air Arabia name change option to make the desired alterations.
  • If necessary, complete the procedure by paying the name change fee.
  • After completing the online name change process, you will receive a confirmation email.

Air Arabia Name Correction Via Customer Care

To avail of the name change option provided by Air Arabia, customers can contact Air Ticket Policy customer support by dialling the toll-free number +1-877-563-0127. Once connected with a representative, follow their instructions to modify the name on your Air Arabia flight before boarding:

  • The representative will inquire about the reason for your call. Inform them about the error in your name as it appears on the ticket.
  • They may ask for information related to your booking after you have stated your request for data changes, such as your "Last Name" and the "Booking Reference" number.
  • If necessary, upon receiving accurate information from you, they may provide details about the costs associated with the name change on the flight ticket.
  • Once the payment is received, the agent will initiate the process and notify you when it has been completed.
  • By contacting Air Arabia customer support and following these steps, you can successfully modify your flight name before boarding.

Air Arabia Name Correction Via Ticket Counter

In specific situations, there may be allowances for substantial changes to names, such as the removal of a first or middle name, or the addition of a surname. This flexibility proves advantageous when last-minute updates to passengers' personal information are necessary. To make changes or corrections to your flight tickets, kindly proceed to the ticket counter at the airport.

At the ticket desk, a dedicated team of experts will be available to assist you. They will request a valid ID and carry out any necessary modifications. Once the payment for the required changes is completed, the airport officer will process the name correction on your flight ticket. 

Air Arabia Name Change Or Correction Fee

The price for modifying your name on an Air Arabia ticket mainly depends on the confirmation status of your booking. If your reservation is not yet confirmed, you can change your name free of charge. However, if your booking is confirmed and payment has been made, the following charges will apply for name alteration:

  • For Air Arabia Sharjah and Abu Dhabi reservations, the fee is AED 350 or USD 95.
  • For Air Arabia Egypt reservations, the fee is EGP 600 or USD 32.

Please note that certain tickets may also require an additional fare difference to be paid to access the Air Arabia name change feature.

Take Away

Air Arabia's name change policy is designed to be inclusive and caters to the needs of different types of customers. It provides clear instructions on how to change the name on an Air Arabia ticket, making it easy to understand and follow. Additionally, Air Ticket Policy offers further assistance through a toll-free number, which you can reach at +1-877-563-0127.

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