Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy – Alaska Airlines visitors don’t need to panic upon getting an incorrect name on the PNR. As per the Alaska name correction policy, passengers can modify the name details within 24 hours after booking for free. What is the whole scenario?

                                            Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy

This blog intends to disclose what you must know about the matter. Moreover, the Customer Service Number is also there to guide you through the case.

About Alaska Airlines

One of the vital organs of the USA aviation industry, Alaska Airlines was constituted in 1932 (as McGee Airways) but commenced operations in 1944. It is the 5th largest carrier in the United States while measuring by the number of customers served and fleet size. The prime station of the company is based in SeaTac, Washington.

Furthermore, Alaska Airlines is a prestigious member of the Oneworld alliance. In collaboration with its regional partners (SkyWest Airlines and Horizon Air), Alaska manages to operate a gargantuan route network across domestic and international locations. In the fleet, the airline involves over 300 vehicles, including Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and Bombardier planes.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy – FAQs

Can I change the whole name on the ticket?

You can do so by submitting a legal document signed by the authorized official.

Is it possible to Change name on tickets Alaska Airlines online?

Yes. Passengers can make essential modifications on the official website of Alaska Airlines.

What is the Alaska Airlines name change fee?

It is free to make changes within 24 hours after booking. But a fee of US$125 applies if you miss the risk-free period.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy – What is Crucial to Know?

It isn’t pleasant to witness incorrect name details on the airline PNR. But we can’t simply avoid making mistakes – we are humans after all. During the reservation, it is a common scene when a visitor enters wrong name details in the reservation form and gets a similar name printed on the ticket. As per the aviation industry rules, no person can board the flight with mismatched name details on concerned documents. That’s why you need to take immediate action to get the issue resolved.

What if you've booked a ticket with the US carrier Alaska Airlines and suddenly find mistakes in the name? Luckily, there’s no ground for trouble as the airline permits passengers to make corrections in the name following the set of rules. It understands the gravity of the situation and strives accordingly to let you entertain a fantastic travel experience.

Points to Consider –

  • Name correction with Alaska is free of cost if the request is initiated within 24 hours after booking.
  • In the event, a customer misses the risk-free period, he/she will have to bear certain charges.
  • Moreover, you don’t need to update your name details on the Alaska ticket if it is changed after marriage/divorce. But make sure to carry a marriage/divorce certificate with you.
  • As per regulations, Alaska passengers can modify the name that contains typo errors.
  • You can also change the whole name but by submitting the legal document signed by the authorized officials.
  • Also, travelers need to visit travel agents for corrections if the ticket is obtained with them.

Procedure to Change Name on Ticket Alaska Airlines

To facilitate customers the best way, the USA-based carrier acknowledges scads of methods for name corrections. Here’re the details –

Alaska Airlines Name Correct Online

  • Visit – the official web portal of Alaska Airlines.
  • On the homepage, proceed with the ‘Manage’ tab in the main menu.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and unique booking number.
  • Now, choose the booking you want to alter.
  • Make necessary changes in the name and pay the applicable fee to conclude the process.
  • Finally, Alaska Airlines will send you a mail with updated ticket details.

Additionally, Alaska customers will also have two other alternatives to accomplish the same motive –

  • Alaska Airlines Name Change Offline

  • By visiting the nearest airport ticket counter
  • By dialing the customer support number (1-877-563-0127)
Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee

Well, Alaska Airlines passengers can amend the name for free or for some charges, depending upon certain circumstances. The service is free of cost if it is exercised within 24 hours after the reservation. But you’ll have to pay US$125 as name correction charges while making corrections beyond the 24-hour window.

Why Choose Air Ticket Policy?

Air Ticket Policy is a sublime platform to educate air travelers about every nitty-gritty of the aviation department. It endeavors to provide you with up-to-date norms and thoughts about the service policies of various service providers. Therefore, visitors can also approach the digital channel or dial 1-877-563-0127 to capture more details on the Alaska Airlines name correction policy.