Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

Allegiant Airlines Name change Policy – Founded in 1997, Allegiant Airlines is one of the ultra-low-cost aviation companies in the United States. Passengers enjoy unparallel travel experiences and flexible services with the carrier. Getting an incorrect name on the allegiant Air ticket? Here’s the guide to educate you about the customer-friendly Allegiant Airlines name change policy.

   Immediate help can also be captured at the Customer Service Number 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free)

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

Significance of Changing/Correcting the Name on the Air Ticket

Being humans, we all tend to make mistakes in our daily life. Several times, we bear the harsh consequences of a little mistake and then commit not to repeat the same. In the context of the aviation industry, mistakes continue to survive when people stud the reservation form with maligned data. Unknowingly, they enter incorrect details in the form of the misspelled name, wrong travel date & destination, and others.

Amongst others, mistakes Allegiant air name spelled wrong is something that arrests more attention. It becomes an acutely considerable matter when you get an incorrect name printed on the PNR. Visitors need to move swiftly to get the same in the right posture to avoid forthcoming hassles and inconveniences.

  • According to the US Department of Transportation, an air traveler’s name on the ticket must match with the name printed on the passport and the government-issued ID.
  • In the event, it isn’t the case, most likely you would be ineligible to board the flight. Chances are great that you may also have to wait for hours at the airport until things get sorted out.
  • Also, we can’t even deny the probability of flight cancellation due to errors in the name on the PNR.
  • In the nutshell, it is simply illegitimate to travel on a flight while having mistakes in the name printed on the PNR.

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy – FAQs

What type of name corrections I can make in the Allegiant ticket?

First, you can remove minor spelling errors in the ticket. Secondly, anyone can change the name if it is legally changed after marriage/divorce.

How to change the name with Allegiant Airlines?

Visitors can do so on the website, at the airport and via the customer service number.

Can I raise the name change request on the booking day?

Yes. You're allowed for the same.

Allegiant Name Change Policy – What is the Approach?

Investigating the name correction policy of Allegiant Airlines appears to bring lots of gleeful for passengers in this respect. The airline permits them to make essential changes and corrections in the name. Known for bestowing customers with superior travel experiences, Allegiant Airlines takes care of every individual need of visitors. Thereby, it publishes an easy-to-follow and flexible name change policy to help clients with this critical issue.

  • As per the policy, you can make minor (spelling mistakes, for example) corrections in the name.
  • A person can correct only up to 4 characters in the full name.
  • No passenger can transfer the ticket to another person’s name.
  • In case you want to make major mistakes in the name, you need to cancel the Allegiant Airlines ticket and rebook it with the correct name details.
  • Make sure you raise the name change request on the same day of booking to avoid charges. Otherwise, it is going to hit your pocket.
  • It is possible to change the name if it is changed after marriage/divorce.
  • Well, you’ll have to submit the relevant document (marriage/divorce certificate) for the same.

How to change Name on Allegiant flight Ticket?

Willing to know various legitimate ways to correct name details on the Allegiant ticket? This area is to pacify you with the same. Simply, have a glance.

Allegiant Air Correct Name Online

  • Visit the service provider’s official website –
  • Now, discover the ‘Manage Travel’ button on the homepage to click on it.
  • This is the time to enter the visitor’s last name along with the unique booking number to move ahead.
  • From the list of bookings, choose the one that you want to make name corrections for.
  • Make necessary amendments to the name and submit the request.
  • In the end, Allegiant Airlines will notify you about updates via mail/SMS.

Allegiant Name change via Phone Call

It is another widely-used method to conquer the same purpose. As soon as you get to know the mistakes, pick your phone and dial the Customer Helpline Number 1-877-563-0127. Share your details with officials to let them perform things for you.

Allegiant Air misspelled Name correction at the Airport

Allegiant passengers are also free to visit the nearest airport with legal documents for making name corrections.

Allegiant Air Name spelled wrong Correction Cost

The US-based airline doesn’t ask for any service fee for name corrections unless it is a major correction. You can correct spelling mistakes for free, but a certain fee is charged in the case of major changes. However, you can visit the website or call us to grab the latest fee updates.

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Air Ticket Policy is committed to facilitating you with the best information, knowledge, and insights regarding the aviation department. Visitors can approach the digital platform or dial 1-877-563-0127 to grab valuable scenarios of various airlines’ service policies and regulations. Moreover, you can also speak with officials to learn more about the Allegiant Airlines name correction policy.