Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Policy

Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Policy – You could unintentionally provide incorrect facts while booking your airline tickets. Mistakes could result from this. The first name, surname name, or middle name all has the potential to contain these mistakes. Azerbaijan Airlines' Name Change policy was created to aid in these instances.

Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Policy

This policy may allow for name changes or ticket alterations. Also, it could be advantageous because it safeguards you from legal issues and identity theft. Hence, before making a reservation with Azerbaijan Airlines, you should be informed of its name change policies.

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Types Of Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Policy

The name-change policy of Azerbaijani Airlines covers a variety of modifications, including typos. You could also be able to change the information using this feature if it is required by law. This is a more detailed description of the types.

  • You could have to change your name if it comes down to life or death on an Azeri Airlines plane. Travellers are permitted to change their first names. As a result, you can be asked to provide your legal documents.
  • Azerbaijan Airlines' name correction policy is implemented when a passenger's name is spelled wrongly on the ticket. Details can still be updated, even if a lot has changed.
  • The traveller’s name on the ticket can only have a certain amount of characters changed. If you follow the letter restriction, you may modify the name on your aircraft ticket.
  • Traveller can change their personal information before boarding the airplane. Once you've gotten on the plane with Azerbaijan Airlines, you cannot modify your name on the ticket. It is hard for a traveller to transfer their airline ticket due to the new name restriction. 

Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Or Correction Guidelines

Before changing the name of the flight service offered by Azerbaijani Airlines, it is recommended to be informed of the regulations. The process of changing personal data will then be simple to begin. With the interests of the customers in mind, the company created these regulations.

  • Your ticket's identity can be modified or altered. Nevertheless, no later than 48 hours before your scheduled exit
  • Within 24 hours of making a reservation, a tourist may alter any of the details on their ticket without charge.
  • The passes for a passenger's flights cannot be transferred to another person. As a consequence, none of the confidential information can be altered.
  • Once they have been verified, reservations made with Azerbaijan Airlines cannot be altered. If the name of the passenger changes after the allowed booking, the flyer must cancel the existing ticket and issue a new one.
  • You might be able to make minor adjustments to an airline ticket if you adhere to the airline's rules.
  • The traveller may alter some information on the ticket in the case of a marriage or divorce. A request for the records, including a marriage license, may be made in some situations.
  • Azerbaijan Airlines would not allow a ticket made with a trip voucher to have its name changed. 

Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Or Correction Methods

Azerbaijan Airlines' Name Correction/Change Policy offers customers numerous methods to modify their confidential information. The name on the airline ticket might rarely need to be changed by the traveller. Thus, both online and offline changes to your flight reservations are possible. 

Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Or Correction Via Online Portal

A traveller can change their name on an aircraft ticket issued by Baku Airlines online by using the "My Booking" feature. Please study the detailed directions below as well.

  • Visit the Baku Airlines page first, for sure.
  • On this page, look for the "Manage My Booking/Tickets" choice and select it.
  • The option to "Edit your booking/trip" ought to be accessible at this point. Select it.
  • Select "Change Name" to modify, correct, or replace your Azerbaijan Airlines identity.
  • Insert your new moniker where it belongs.
  • After you approve the name change, you will be taken back to the "Active Booking/Trips" tab.
  • To verify the modifications you made to your schedule, you must sign out. This will be visible at the top of the website. From the options, select "Sign Out".
  • Following payment of the Baku Airlines name change charge, you ought to receive an email with the new name on the ticket.

Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Or Correction Directly Through Ticket Counter

It could be permissible for significant name changes, including adding a surname or deleting a first or middle name. The passenger's personal information may benefit from last-minute changes. Visit the airport ticket counter to make changes to your airline tickets.

A knowledgeable employee will obtain a copy of your valid ID at the airport ticket counter and make any required changes. 

Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Or Correction By Contacting the Customer Support

Contact customer care to use the Azerbaijan Airlines name change option. Dial +1-877-563-0127 to get in touch with the Air Ticket Policy support line (toll-free). Before boarding, after speaking with a representative, change the name of your flight by following the directions on Azerbaijan Airlines' website.

  • The representative will initially inquire as to why you had called in the first place. Tell them that your name is spelled incorrectly on the ticket.
  • When requesting data updates, you can be asked for details on your reservation. Your "Last Name" and the "Booking Reference" number might be included in the data.
  • After obtaining your precise information, if necessary, he or she may demand payment for the expenses related to the name change on Azerbaijan airlines.
  • After receiving your money, the representative will start the procedure and let you know when it is complete.

Azerbaijan Airlines Name Change Or Correction Fees

For name changes, there is a non-refundable charge per person and reservation. Depending on the request window time, the name change fee changes.

Following the airline's name change policy, customers who made direct online reservations for a flight had 48 hours from the time of the first purchase to make any required modifications (name spelled wrong). In this case, there wouldn't be a fee for changing the name. Depending on availability, the flight would be rescheduled in a comparable class of service. There may be different prices.

A passenger's name may be altered up to two to four hours before the scheduled flight time. Travellers can edit up to three characters per name in the My Booking area, but doing so will cost them between $100 and USD 200.

Take Away

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