Blue Air Name Change Policy

Blue Air Name Change policy – When making travel arrangements, our minds take several things into account, including hotels, locations, etc. In this scenario, a lot of tourists unintentionally enter inaccurate information on the ticket. Most airlines either refuse to make the necessary alterations or insist that you rebook your flight. You can, however, change the details of your journey with Blue Air. We'd like to go over the Blue Air name change policy in this guide so that you have all the details.

Blue Air Name Change Policy

Each airline offers a range of policies to give customers respectable transportation choices. The Blue Air name correction policy gives you a chance to see how the company treats its customers. For more information, you can speak with experts directly by dialing the toll-free customer service number +1-877-563-0127.

A Brief Intro To Blue Air

  • The most popular Romania airline, Blue Air, has its base office in Bucharest. The airline was established in 2004 and it has been operating 57 destinations with a fleet of 23 aircraft at present. With the second-oldest fleet in Europe, Blue transported over 5 million passengers in 2017.
  • This airline offers all Business Class passengers recliner seats as well as the freedom to change the date and location of their reservations without incurring any additional costs. It provides customers with a buy-on-board menu that includes snacks and hot and cold beverages.
  • Blue Air's Economy passengers may unwind in the roomy seat pitch and enjoy the complimentary light fare and beverages, which includes hot and cold options.
  • You can order any special meals and find out more about your options by contacting the airline directly 24 hours before departure.
  • Passengers can choose the service that best satisfies their needs. Customers with impairments, pregnant women, and parents of unaccompanied minors may do so by contacting customer service directly. For all support service needs, passengers can get in touch with the airline directly up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Passengers on Blue Air are permitted to check up to 32kg of luggage in business class and 20kg of checked baggage. You may read more information for travelers with excess baggage here.

Blue Air Name Change Or Correction Policy

Thank god Blue Air enables name changes or alterations on tickets. Passengers can modify their reservations and change their names as long as they follow the airline's policies. For a hassle-free trip, the following aspects of the Blue Air name correction or name change criteria are available for your reference.

  • The "Manage My Travel" option on the official website is where consumers can change their names.
  • Blue Air customers must get in touch with customer service to change their entire names.
  • If your last name changes following marriage or divorce, you must get a certified copy of the marriage certificate or divorce decree that has been endorsed by an attorney.
  • If this is not possible, visitors must buy a new ticket.
  • While altering the name, passengers must continue to pay the same fare as what is written on their ticket. You must reserve our flight in the lowest fare category once again if it is not possible.
  • For the ticket with the new name, the identical flight details must also be secured.
  • You must cancel your flight using the original reservation if you were unable to change your name using the original ticket PNR.
  • Passengers may only change one letter of their names according to Blue Air's name correction policy.
  • Another crucial aspect is that on the original PNR, you may only change the spelling of your name once.
  • By doing this, the seats will be added back to the inventory and visitors won't be able to reserve a second ticket on the plane using a debit memo.
  • You will get a mail with the ticket details after completing the name change.

Process changing the name On The Blue Air Ticket

Blue Air takes every effort to provide tourists with comfort and convenience throughout the flight. You can easily raise the issue if you do need to alter or update the name that is printed on the PNR. Utilizing straightforward laws and restrictions, the airline allows users to make significant modifications to the name. Here are the detailed instructions for changing your flight ticket.

Changing your Name On Blue Air Tickets via the Official Website

  • Log in to the official Blue Air website first.
  • Choose Blue Air After that, click Manage My Booking.
  • To access your flight, divulge information about your registration.
  • You now have the option to change any of the flights, names, or seats as you see fit. Select the Change Name option that most closely reflects your circumstances.
  • To modify the name of Blue Air, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • As you follow the directions, check your edits. When it's possible, request a new boarding pass with your genuine name on it.

Changing your Name On Blue Air Tickets Via Airport Ticket Counter

This program is favored by many towns due to its dependability and dedication. People consider traveling to the airport to meet the officials and finish the process there. To comply with current regulations, they need also have their ticket, passport, and other relevant paperwork with them.

Changing your Name On Blue Air Tickets Via Customer Support Number

Additionally, customers of Blue Air have another option for updating the necessary name on their ticket. For those who are exhausted and would prefer someone else to handle the reservation on their behalf, it is a perfect choice. There is no better way to get in touch with representatives than by dialing the toll-free number +1-877-563-0127 for the Airlines Ticket policy. During the same phone call, they will request booking information to initiate the process and take the essential steps.

Changing your Name On Blue Air Ticket After Marriage

In rare circumstances, a special waiver code can be used to apply the correction or change. Marriage is one instance of this, along with circumstances like divorce or adoption. The responsibilities a person has concerning their marriage can be altered if they so want. You must follow the aforementioned steps to change your name. The Blue Air staff can also be called to talk about changes brought on by marriage.

Note: When changing your legal name after getting married or divorcing someone, you must show your original ID as proof.

Blue Air Name Change/Correction Fee

Depending on the kind of charge and other related costs, the service fee for passengers utilizing the offline channel to request a name change or correction will be USD 50 or more.

A cost ranging from USD 100 to USD 200 is required of travelers using blue airfare, depending on the length, destination, and segment of the flight ticket.

Approaching Air Ticket Policy

The core field of competence for air ticket policy is the updated and new aviation rules, including airline policies and transportation department laws. You may find a wide range of information about ticket bookings and travel management strategies on this web resource. We at Air Ticket Policy can assist you with all of these issues; our toll-free number is +1-877-563-0127. We assist consumers in locating the ideal flight at the most affordable price.