Bulgaria Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Bulgaria Air Name Change/Correction Policy – Bulgaria Air is a prominent global airline, renowned for its best-in-class services. The airline realizes that there may be scenarios where a traveller needs to change their name on their flight booking. Therefore, Bulgaria Air's name change/correction policy describes the methods to change or correct the name on the flight bookings, the fees related to the procedure, and any other necessary information that travellers need to be aware of when submitting a name change.

Bulgaria Air Name Change/Correction Policy

In addition to its extraordinary flight offerings, Bulgaria Air upholds a committed determination to sustainability and lower its environmental effect. The airline actively incorporates several initiatives to limit its carbon footprints, such as less use of fuel consumption, the enhancement of flight routes, and the investment in more fuel-efficient aircraft. By constantly pursuing a commitment to environmentally friendliness, Bulgaria Air endeavours to secure the planet while continuing to provide high-quality air travel experiences.

 Bulgaria Air aims to give a convenient and effortless process for travellers who need to make a name correction on their flight tickets, while also making sure that all required details are perfectly updated in the airline's records. If you are looking for further guidance, the Air Ticket Policy is available for you toll-free at +1-877-563-0127.

Basic Regulations of Bulgaria Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Bulgaria Air has created a policy for travellers who need changes to the name on their flight booking. Below are some necessary points related to the airline's name correction protocol.

  • The name correction policy of Bulgaria Air includes travellers who have made a booking with the airline and need to correct their name to match the name on their government-issued identification. Travellers can request to change their name before departure and are allowed to make minor alterations to their name on the Bulgaria flight ticket, up to three characters in the full name.
  • Additionally, travellers can select between online or offline methods to proceed with the name correction method. However, based on the extent of the change required, offline methods may be compulsory.
  • Travellers should be aware that Bulgaria Air may charge a nominal fee for name changes based on the nature of the change and booking class. To calculate the precise charges related to making a name correction, travellers should get in touch with the airline directly.
  • Travellers should note that there could be particular time constraints for making name corrections, based on their travel schedule and the fare guidelines of the booking class. To get to know the exact time limits related to name corrections, travellers should consult with Bulgaria Air.
  • Travellers may be obligated to provide required documentation, such as a copy of their government-issued identification or legal documents, to verify the name correction. In circumstances where a traveller needs to change their name because of a legal matter such as marriage or divorce, they must provide a legal document with the name change request to the airline.
  • Travellers are encouraged to acknowledge themselves with Bulgaria Air's name change/correction policy to carry out a stress-free and streamlined procedure should they need to make corrections to their name on their flight bookings.

How to Change the Name On the Bulgaria Air Flight Ticket?

Once the name change on the reservation has been confirmed, travellers can proceed with their travel schedule. Fortunately, Bulgaria Air provides various options to guide passengers in such scenarios. Travellers can change or correct the name on their booking through several online and offline procedures, based on their choices. The following choices are available for the comfort of travellers.

Online Name Correction On Bulgaria Air Flight Tickets

Here's how you can process the online name change process with Bulgaria Air.

  • Get to the official website of Bulgaria Air at https://www.air.bg/en/.
  • Register using your login credentials.
  • Reach out to the "Manage My Booking" portal, situated at the homepage.
  • Fill in your reservation number along with your family name into the intended fields.
  • After you have chosen the correct reservation, you can make the required name correction using the given options.
  • If applicable, you will need to pay a charge before completing the procedure.
  • After the change is made, Bulgaria Air will send you an authentication email to the email address related to your reservation.

Offline Name Correction on Bulgaria Air flight tickets

While some individuals may select not to use online procedures and need more dependable alternatives, Bulgaria Air caters to such passengers by providing conventional channels as well. Travellers can process the name correction procedure offline by choosing any of the following alternatives.

  • Airport Ticket Counter – Reach out to the nearest airport and submit a name correction request at the airport ticket counter. Your flight booking’s name can be modified or corrected with the help of the Airport professionals. To verify the changes, you must submit your government-issued picture ID.
  • Customer Support Number – You just need to get in touch with the experts of Air Ticket Policy at +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free). Executives from the support system will manage your application for a name change, and the registered email address you shared will be used to confirm it.

Take Away

To conclude, Bulgaria Air is a well-known global airline that has developed a benchmark for quality and reliability in the aviation industry. With its modern fleet of aeroplanes, extraordinary amenities, and professionally trained staff, the airline provides travellers with a secure, comfortable, and wonderful travel experience. Regardless of whether you are going out for business or leisure, Bulgaria Air is the chosen airline for astute passengers.

Airline professionals should be consulted for the most updated policy details, including any changes or restrictions. Therefore, the Air Ticket policy is all set to guide you toll-free at +1-877-563-0127.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulgaria Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Q1: What is the documentation needed for changes to Bulgaria Air Bookings?

To confirm your identity when making corrections to your Bulgaria Air booking, you will have to share some documentation. This is a standard process and is done for security reasons. The documents needed may involve a copy of your passport, driver's license, or other modes of identification, as requested by Bulgaria Air.

Evidence of name change will also be needed if you are correcting the name on your flight booking. You may have to share an official document such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or some other official document as evidence of the name change, as asked by Bulgaria Air.

Q2: How Long does the Procedure take to change the name on a Bulgaria Air flight?

The time interval to change the name on your flight booking may vary based on the airline you are flying with, although, in maximum scenarios, it should not take more than a few days to initiate the changes.

When flying with Bulgaria Air, it is anticipated to take up to 5 business days to complete the procedure of changing the name on your flight booking. Following the changes, you will get an updated email authentication with the revised reservation details.

Please remember that changing the name on your flight booking may affect any other bookings you have made. For example, if you have reserved a hotel room or rental car under the same name as on your flight booking, you will need to change those bookings as well.