Caribbean Airlines Name Correction Policy

Caribbean Airlines Name Change Policy – Change of name on the Caribbean Airlines ticket is possible. Customers flying with Caribbean Airlines can proceed to bring the necessary name amendments on the PNR. In this guide, travelers will snatch the full knowledge about the Caribbean Airlines name change/correction policy. The blog endeavors to expose various rules, guidelines, and features involved in the policy to let you move flawlessly.

Additionally, individuals can gain more insights into the matter at the customer service number.

Caribbean Airlines Name Correction Policy

Facts about Caribbean Airlines

  • Conceived in 2006, Caribbean Airlines is a reputed and popular aviation company in the Caribbean airline domain.
  • It is the largest air transporter in the Caribbean.
  • The airline is a flag carrier of Trinidad & Tobago that operates the business from the head station in Piarco.
  • Furthermore, the airline is providing travel services and solutions across the Caribbean, North America, and South America.
  • Also, the Caribbean service provider employs over 1700 employees to manage scheduled flights efficiently.
  • In the fleet, Caribbean Airlines houses around 16 aircraft.

Caribbean Name Change  Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) What are legal ways to alter the name on the Caribbean Airlines ticket?

Ans 1) Passengers can make name corrections legally using the official website, airport ticket counter, or the toll-free customer service number.

Ques 2) How much does it cost to perform ticket name corrections with Caribbean Airlines?

Ans 2) Well, minor rectification in the name is free, while major name corrections may require you to pay US$5.

Ques 3) How to change the name online with Caribbean Airlines?

Ans 3) For that, Caribbean Airlines visitors can explore the official website of the airline.

Significance of Correcting the Wrong Name on the Ticket

It features huge importance to modify the incorrect name on an air ticket. With the growing travel exposures, the aviation industry rules are getting tougher each year to ensure safer and hassle-free journeys. Rules concerning the name correction attract visitors’ attention as well.

Since mistakes are a vital element of human life, we tend to produce mistakes across all phases.No one is perfect on the earth that has the ability to manage things flawlessly. When it comes to the aviation circuit, visitors start conducting mistakes right from the booking time. They put the wrong name and other crucial flight details in the form incorrectly in a hurry. Well, it may also happen when a customer asks another person to book a ticket on his/her behalf. However, various keynotes involved are as follow:

  • According to airlines rules, the name of the visitor on the ticket requires to be similar on all related documents, including the passport and government-issued ID.
  • You exploit the aviation rules by having a different name on the ticket and the passport/government-issued ID.
  • Therefore, no person can board the flight upon having errors in the name on the confirmed PNR.
  • Ultimately, he/she will have to refine the things before the departure of the flight.
  • Failure of correcting the name before departure may result in flight cancellation.

Caribbean Airlines Name Correction Policy – A Comprehensive Guide

It is, undoubtedly, one of the chief ambitions of Caribbean Airlines to serve clients with superior and world-standard air travel solutions. The professional airline always puts valuable strides to bring maximum comfort for passengers. Hence, in the foil of service policies, all developments are customer-oriented so that you enjoy extraordinary travel facilities through your destination. 

Exploring the flexible name correction/change policy, Caribbean Airlines' followers are allowed to place required alterations in the name on the ticket. Further, the airline proposes smoother procedures to raise the concern to make the name change affair hassle-free and convenient.

Here’s the quick snapshot:

  • The Caribbean-based airline provides the provision to travelers to bring necessary changes/modifications in the name on the PNR.
  • People can modify the flight to make name corrections up to 2 characters only.
  • Further, customers don’t need to pay anything to make minor corrections in the name.
  • Thereby, no customer can request to change the whole name on the ticket.
  • Likewise, the transfer of the Caribbean Airlines ticket to another passenger’s name is restricted as well.
  • Being more flexible, the airline allows commuters to use digital (online) or offline mediums to replenish the wrong name.
  • Incredibly, people can make name changes on the departure date also if they have Classic, Lite, and Biz tickets.
  • However, Business and Economy Class ticket holders will have to lose their pocket to perform name corrections.

Instant support can be sought-after at the toll-free customer service number 1-877-563-0127.

Various Legal Procedures to Make Name Corrections on the Caribbean Airlines Ticket

Several methods exist that can be applied to make name modifications with Caribbean Airlines. Beneath, here’s the illustration of both online and offline channels:

Caribbean Name Change Online

  • Start the process by navigating to the official website –
  • Enter your account registered with the airline using your username and password.
  • Now, move ahead with the ‘Manage My Booking’ option reflected on the homepage.
  • On the next page, you’ll have to enter the booking number and family name before hitting the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Next, make the relevant booking choice from the listing.
  • Using appropriate options and instructions, you can alter the name details as mentioned on your passport and official ID.
  • Now is the time to pay the service charges to wrap up the process.
  • Eventually, Caribbean Airlines will come up with a confirmation mail, hosting updated ticket details.

Caribbean Name Change Offline

Switching to traditional methods is beneficial if you're not comfortable with digital technologies. The airline mentions some popular alternatives under this environment to ease passengers. When visitors choose to execute offline channels, they will have the following choices:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Helpline Number (1-877-563-0127)

What is the Caribbean Name Change Fee?

There are specific circumstances when the Caribbean service provider imposes a fee for modifying the name on the ticket. As far as the service fee is associated, Caribbean Airlines may demand certain penalties depending upon specific scenarios. Normally, making minor corrections in the name is a free-of-cost process, but a fee may apply under other conditions. Before you initiate the process, make sure to enquire about the latest fee details at the official website.

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AirTicket Policy is a fully-integrated platform where air travelers acquire up-to-date insights into the airline domain. Aspirants come to learn about the baggage policy, name change/correction, flight change/cancellation, pet policy, and other essential prospects. Further, more scenarios can be gained regarding the Caribbean Airlines name correction policy at 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).