EasyJet Name Change/Correction Policy

EasyJet Name Change/Correction Policy - Following aviation regulations, it is imperative to rectify any incorrect names on flight tickets. Boarding will not be permitted if the name on the ticket does not match the passenger's identification. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive discussion on this topic. If you are unsure about how to go about changing or correcting the name on your EasyJet airline reservation, this guide will cover every aspect of the EasyJet name change/correction policy in detail.

EasyJet Name Change/Correction Policy

Additionally, customers can avail themselves of comprehensive support from Air Ticket Policy officials by dialing the toll-free customer support number +1877-563-0127.

Overall Name Change Or Correction Policy With Easyjet 

  • In the US, correcting or changing the name on a flight booking refers to updating it to match the name on the passenger's passport and official identification documents. According to the Department of Transportation regulations, passengers must use the same name on their ticket, passport, and other relevant documents. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to severe consequences.
  • Although anyone is free to change their name at any time, certain circumstances may require passengers to change or correct their name on their flight reservation. Some individuals may find the process daunting, time-consuming, and full of difficulties, but most airlines have simple name correction policies to assist customers, as long as they follow the legal procedures established by the airline.
  • If a passenger's name on their ticket does not match their passport or other identification, the airline may cancel their reservation.

Key Features Of EasyJet Name Change Or Correction Policy

Below are the guidelines, terms, and conditions included in EasyJet's name change policy. Familiarizing yourself with these points will help you keep in mind what you need to know when changing your name:

  • It is necessary to make any changes or corrections to your flight ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Following EasyJet's name change policy, minor corrections are free of charge and do not require documentation.
  • If you need to change your surname or date of birth, you will be required to provide the necessary documentation.
  • You are not allowed to transfer your ticket to someone else or change the name on the ticket completely. However, you change or correct up to 4 characters.
  • To change the name on an EasyJet booking, you can get in touch with the customer support team. They will guide you through the name change process and provide you with additional details.

How To Change/Correct The Name On EasyJet Flight Tickets?

It is possible to change or correct the name on your EasyJet flight ticket by utilizing the EasyJet website, contacting customer support, or visiting the ticket counter at the airport. The following section will outline the steps involved in making changes to your flight ticket with EasyJet.

Change/Correct Name On EasyJet Flight Tickets - Online

  • To make changes to your EasyJet flight reservation, begin by visiting the official EasyJet website's homepage using your preferred web browser. From there, select the "Manage My Trips/Reservation" option.
  • You will be prompted to provide the registration number and the passenger's last name as it appears on the confirmed ticket. This information can also be found in the confirmation email that was issued to you when you made the reservation.
  • After entering the reservation details, click on the "Search" button. The website will display the flight schedule associated with the relevant ticket on a new page.
  • From here, you can edit any misspelled names. Verify your changes and the updated information will be saved.

Change/Correct Name On EasyJet Flight Tickets – Customer Support

If you find it easier to resolve any issues with EasyJet by speaking directly with the airline, you can modify the name on your ticket by calling Air Ticket Policy at +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free) to make any necessary modifications to your reservation.

  • When connecting with the travel executive, please have your six-digit booking reference number at hand. The agent will ask for your flight information and any modifications you require. It is important to pay attention to the EasyJet name change charge and only proceed with the alterations if you are comfortable with the associated costs.
  • Please note that only debit or credit cards are accepted for payment of the EasyJet ticket process. Ask the executive to repeat your travel plan in detail before having your card used for payment or request an email with the new flight schedule.
  • Once you have confirmed the new change, ask the agent to run your debit or credit card and wait a moment for the transaction to be completed. You will then receive an email from the airline executive with the revised flight information and the EasyJet change booking invoice.

Change/Correct Name On EasyJet Flight Tickets – Airport Ticket Counter

To modify the name on your EasyJet ticket, you can also visit the airline's office and submit the necessary documentation along with the applicable fees. After completing the required formalities, you may need to wait for confirmation of the name change.

If you need to make a last-minute change to an EasyJet reservation, you can do so at the airport counter. However, please note that such requests must be made no later than two hours before the scheduled departure time. Keep in mind that requests for changing EasyJet tickets must be made only at the airport of scheduled departure.

Name Change/Correction Fee With Easyjet

  • The fee for changing or correcting your name on EasyJet flights ranges from £49 to £55.
  • The fee for a name change or correction also depends on factors such as class, destination, and time of change.
  • The fee for changing your name will also vary based on the type of fare you have booked. For instance, if you have booked a non-refundable fare, the name change fee will be higher compared to booking a refundable fare. Additionally, the fee for changing your name will vary depending on the time when you make the change.

Note: Depending on the fare type, you may be able to change your name at no cost if the booking is made in your name and you are traveling with another passenger.

Take Away

Easyjet strives to provide its passengers with a seamless and pleasant travel experience by implementing straightforward policies and communicating them effectively through its online channels. In a similar vein, the team at Air Ticket Policy consists of aviation experts who are driven by the goal of providing clients with up-to-date information and insights. To learn about the latest information and fees related to the Easyjet Name Correction Policy, feel free to reach out to us at +1877-563-0127 or Info@airticketpolicy.com.

Frequently Asked Questions About Easyjet Name Change/Correction Policy

Q1: What is the documentation required for changes to EasyJet Bookings?
  • To verify your identity when making changes to your EasyJet booking, you will need to provide some documentation. This is a standard procedure and is done for security reasons. The required documents may include a copy of your passport, driver's license, or other forms of identification, as requested by EasyJet.
  • Proof of name change will also be required if you are changing the name on your ticket. You may need to provide an official document such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or another official document as proof of the name change, as requested by EasyJet.
Q2: How Long the Process Will Take?
  • The duration to change the name on your ticket may vary depending on the airline you are flying with, although in most cases, it should not take more than a few days to process the changes.
  • When flying with EasyJet, it is expected to take up to 5 working days to complete the process of changing the name on your ticket. Following the modification, you will receive an updated email confirmation with the revised booking information.
  • Please keep in mind that changing the name on your ticket may impact any other reservations you have made. For instance, if you have booked a hotel room or rental car under the same name as on your ticket, you will need to modify those reservations as well.