Emirates Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Emirates Name Correction Policy – It isn’t a worrisome affair at all when you get your name misspelled on the Emirates Airlines ticket. The Arabic service provider is keen to assist passengers with high-end travel solutions throughout the globe. This blog is a clear illustration of the Emirates name correction policy. Aspirants can also get in touch with industry experts at 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).

Emirates Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Well, the gleeful aspect is that Emirates Airlines permits name changes in the PNR. Committed to delivering exceptional services, the airline brings flexible policies for customers to make their trips full of comfort and joy.

  • Founded in 1985, Emirates Airlines is all set to embrace people with what they expect passionately.
  • It is the largest airline in the Middle East and one of the reputed flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Moreover, the aviation company owns over 250 aircraft in the fleet to facilitate global passengers across 50 nations.
  • The base business hub is located in Garhoud, Dubai, UAE.

Emirates Name Change Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Can I make Emirates ticket name change?

Ans 1) Emirates Airlines customers can make essential corrections in the name on the ticket before departure for a certain fee.

Ques 2) How to make name change in Emirates ticket ?

Ans 2) It is the official website you can explore to make name corrections online.

Ques 3) Is it an issue when my first/middle/last names are joining together?

Ans 3) No, it is a regular aviation practice that eliminates spaces between your names.

Emirates Name Correction Policy | Flexibility is the Allurement

Emirates Airlines is a great consideration if you want to visit your destination with utmost comfort and delight. The UAE carrier reflects a sweet approach when it comes to describing various service policies. Amongst others, the name change mechanism of the airline is simply intended to serve visitors conveniently by featuring customer-friendly guidelines and rules.

Further, it isn’t an uncommon incident to see passengers conducting mistakes while booking the air ticket. They, sometimes in a hurry, enter itinerary details incorrectly in the reservation form and submit the same without reviewing it. Some of the common errors they create include;

  • Incorrect names (partially or wholly)
  • Wrong destination city
  • The passenger’s age/gender
  • The date of the journey

The key focus of this guide is on the incorrect names on the Emirates ticket. The airline feels no hesitation while serving clients who raise the concern to make changes/corrections in the ticket. People can proceed lawfully as per the name correction policy of the carrier.

Keynotes You Need to Grab - Name Correction Emirates

  • Emirates customers can make essential corrections/changes in the name as per policy rules.
  • The policy depicts reliable rules to allow visitors to correct the misspelled name on the ticket before the first flight of the excursion.
  • Further, Emirates Airlines grants you the permission to make name corrections up to three characters only.
  • However, the transfer of a ticket to another person isn’t possible by changing the name.
  • Enthusiasts can change the name hassle-free if it gets changed after marriage/divorce. A legal document is needed.
  • Moreover, Emirates passengers can trigger the name change concern via online or offline platforms.
  • Well, there may a certain fee when you change the name under specific circumstances.

Customer Support Number: 1-877-563-0127

Various Methods for Emirates Name Change on Ticket

Before you start peeping in this segment, kindly consider the following two crucial rules:

  • Approach the Emirates to contact center/ticket office 2 hours before departure for name corrections if the ticket is purchased from the Emirates website/contact center/ticket office.
  • Similarly, reach the point of purchase at least 4 hours before departure if the ticket is obtained via a travel agent or non-Emirates website.

Now is the time to explore various proposed settings to perform name corrections on the Emirates ticket.

Emirates Name Change Online

  • Navigate emirates.com.
  • Log into your account with credentials.
  • Move with the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Now, you’ll have to enter your last name and booking number to retrieve flight details.
  • Select the relevant booking for which you want to make name changes.
  • Here, you can follow the appropriate options to make desired changes.
  • Make sure to double-check the information before applying.
  • Customers can pay the applicable fee to wrap up the process.
  • Eventually, Emirates Airlines will notify you via mail/SMS for changes you made.
Emirates Name Change Offline

Switching to traditional methods is gainful if you feel uncomfortable with digital technologies. Emirates collects some worthful channels to help you accomplish the same objective.

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Helpline Number 

Emirates Name Change Fee

Of course, a certain service fee will follow you under specific scenarios. Take a glance:

US$30/ticket –

  • For bookings made via the official website, ticket counter, or contact centers
  • For booking made via travel agents or non-official website
  • Includes all markets except for India, UK, and Brazil

GBP10/ticket– for bookings made via the official website, ticket counter, or contact centers in the United Kingdom

GBP20/ticket – for tickets obtained via travel agents or the non-official website in the United Kingdom

No Fee – When your point of sale and origin is Brazil as well as India

NOTE: It is advisable to visit the official web portal or talk with experts at our toll-free to gain the latest fee figures.

Why Should You Consider Air Ticket Policy?

Air Ticket Policy acts as a bridge between air commuters and the aviation sector. It imparts relevant information, views, thoughts, and scenarios from the airline department to let users capture the right flight deal. Additionally, people can also share concerns regarding the Emirates Airlines name correction policy at 1-877-563-0127.