Fiji Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

Fiji Airways Name Change/Correction Policy – An imperfect name on the booking ticket is ridiculous! It can cause a serious threat to your trip and make you encounter unnecessary hassles and bafflements. Therefore, you need to be active during the reservation and enter details carefully. But the proverb – To Err is Human – is crafted for a reason. Have you made a booking with Fiji Airways but with the wrong name? this is the guide for you! It expresses details about the Fiji Airways name change policy to pave a clear way for you.

Fiji Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

When you look for immediate assistance, try approaching officials at the customer service number 

Why is it mandatory to correct the name if it is spelled incorrectly on the air ticket? Well, the aviation industry is profoundly known for strict rules and regulations. No passengers can overlook guidelines prescribed by the airline. On the other hand, the aviation domain proposes the following pointers:

  • Your name on the flight ticket and other relevant documents must feature similar characters in the same order.
  • No passenger can board the flight if his/her name on the ticket holds an incorrect name.
  • The concerned airline offers a specific time to rectify the name on the ticket.
  • Your flight booking may get cancelled in case you are unable to make the required changes in the name.

About Fiji Airways

  • Fiji Airways was formulated in 1947 but commenced operations in 1951.
  • The flag carrier of Fiji is committed to imparting aviation services across domestic and international routes.
  • Further, the Fijian carrier manages business functions at Nadi International Airport.
  • It is a member of the Oneworld Alliance as well.
  • Across service portfolios, the Fiji-based airline strives through a whopping spectrum of stations to connect multiple international destinations.
  • Commuters are likely to explore places such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, the United States, Singapore, and some others.
  • Moreover, the fleet of the Fijian airline comprises around 15 aircraft.

Fiji Airways Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1) Can I make name corrections online with Fiji Airways?

Ans 1) Yes, as per Fiji name change policy passengers can navigate the official website of the airline to raise the name correction request digitally.

Ques 2) What is the service cost to correct the name on the Fiji Airways booking?

Ans 2) Well, the concerned passenger can make minor name corrections without paying even a single penny. Under other circumstances, you may have to bear a service fee of up to US$200 to make name corrections.

Ques 3) Does Fiji Airways allow passengers to make name corrections in the booking?

Ans 3) Yes, the Fijian service provider permits its esteemed clients to make essential name modifications on the ticket and travel legitimately.

Ques 4) What are various legal ways to change/correct the name on the Fiji Airways ticket?

Ans 4) The said procedure can be performed using online or offline channels. One can opt for the official web portal, visit the airport ticket counter or dial the customer helpdesk number.

What is the Fiji Airways Name Change Policy 2022?

The affair of name correction is something that requires the dedicated attention of the concerned client. With Fiji Airways, you would have no difficulty performing the same exercise. One of the superlative aviation organizers comes up with a supportive mechanism for customers to ensure they grasp the apex of quality and comfort.

Do you have a confirmed booking with Fiji Airways but with the wrong name?

Luckily, you can take action against the same!

According to the name correction policy of the Fiji carrier, commuters can make essential rectifications in the name on the ticket. With a view to serve passengers overwhelmingly, the airline proposes a foil of user-friendly service policies and the name correction policy is one of them. You can consume in-depth insights into the policy through the following parameters:

Main Specifications

  • Fiji Airways passengers can modify the flight to make essential changes to the name.
  • Users can make minor corrections that are allowed up to 3 characters in the whole name.
  • It doesn’t incur any cost to make minor corrections or remove typos.
  • Remarkably, there is no restriction to change the name if it is changed after marriage/divorce or any other legal procedure. One can raise the request by submitting a legal document such as a marriage/divorce certificate.
  • How would you like to raise your voice? Both online and offline procedures are available in your service.
  • But Fiji Airways recommends you implement the same alternative to change the name you chose during the booking.
  • It is against aviation rules to make changes in the flight date, destination airport, flight time/date and gender of the visitor, etc. while modifying the name on the Fiji Airways ticket.
  • Further, Fijian airline restricts passengers from transferring the ticket to another person’s name.
  • Making major changes/corrections in the name may cause you specific charges under different conditions.

 Fiji Airways Name change Methods

This segment of the debate belongs to the disclosure of various legitimate ways and channels approved for name corrections. Fiji Airways is dedicated to assisting commuters with favorable solutions. It integrates numerous alternatives for aspirants who desire to commit necessary modifications in the name on the booking. Let’s have a scan of various scenarios to expose further details:

Fiji Airways Name Change Online

In the current era of technology, almost all fronts of life are vigorously influenced by the internet. The aviation industry isn't far as well and it introduces various online facilities for passengers. Now, you can also adjust flight details online as per the following steps:

  • Open the official website of Fiji Airways -
  • Click on the tab on the homepage named ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Now, make sure to provide the asked details carefully i.e.the booking reference code and the passenger’s family name.
  • The next page will bring various bookings under your account together.
  • Further, you’ll have to pick the suitable ticket you wish to make name amendments for.
  • Now is the time to approach the right options that are directed to make name modifications.
  • Provide your name details vigilantly since they must be similar to that on the passport and official ID.
  • Fiji Airways will drop a confirmation mail, in the end.

Fiji Airways Name Correction Offline

Additionally, there are some traditional channels specifically arranged for those who dislike web technologies. Doubtlessly, it is a thoughtful move of the airline to deliver flexibility across services manifold. Under offline environments, you would have the following choices:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Helpline Number 

Fiji Airways Name Change Cost

As far as the service fee is associated, the Fijian service provider makes meaningful strides to construct an affordable price policy. Passengers dealing with the airline can make minor corrections in the name up to 3 characters for free. It allows you to alter the first name, middle name, and last name. Also, you can correct the name order if the first name is replaced by the second name and vice-versa.

Meanwhile, the airline may ask for a service fee of up to US$200 per person for name modifications under certain conditions. You can acquire the latest fee details on the official website.

Changing Name Through Customer Care

Using Customer Care to Change the Name For travellers who prefer to change their name offline, using customer service may be an option. It is a straightforward and secure choice as the carrier authorities themselves complete the name change process. This means that changing your name manually does not require you to visit the website. To associate with the client care focus, you can follow the given technique.

  • You can either visit the " Contact Us " segment on the web-based site and get a reasonable number per your nation or dial the general toll-free number at +1-877-563-0127.
  • After arriving at the client care specialist, advise them regarding your solicitation to change your name at Fiji Airways. Give convincing justifications for your request to them.
  • Present the important subtleties including your ticket number and a reference code.
  • The name will soon be changed following your request by the airways agent.
  • You will likewise get an affirmation email regarding the fruitful fulfilment of your name change process.

Adjustments At The Air terminal Ticket Counter

This is an immediate technique to change your name. You can use this method to talk to the official at the airport in person and ask for the necessary changes to be made to your name. It is by a long shot the most reasonable for rolling out somewhat late improvements and rectifications for the sake of the travellers.

Follow the given below moves to continue ahead with the name change at the air terminal ticket counter.

  • Visit the air terminal ticket counter at your flight air terminal.
  • Before boarding, request a name change from the airline personnel.
  • You will be approached to give the necessary data according to the Fiji Airways name change Policy.
  • The air terminal power then will roll out the improvements and may charge a particular expense.
  • Pay the required sum and affirm your name changes.

Note: The airline may cancel your ticket if you do not correct or modify your name within a reasonable time after making your reservation.

Take Away

One acclaimed carrier that offers practical, dependable, and helpful air travel to objections all around the world is Fiji Airways. The airline is well-known for its ongoing plans for development as well as its unwavering commitment to providing excellent customer service.

The carrier is engaged in offering top-notch support to voyagers for a long time to come. Their name change policy, for instance, is one of their best offerings. Contact our site at to find out about the required travel papers and whether a visa is required for your flight. Call us at +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free) if you want prompt direction.