Flair Airlines Name Change Policy

Flair Airlines Name Change Policy – People occasionally spell their names wrong while booking a flight. Then they inquire about altering their names on the plane ticket in great detail. Flair Airlines is the most dependable when it comes to providing a wide range of flexible services to its customers. Additionally, if the name change leaves room for any nicknames or misspellings, the airlines are free to make the appropriate modifications. Before altering a passenger's name, make sure to review Flair Airlines' Name Change Policy.

Flair Airlines Name Change Policy

You can call the "Air Ticket Policy" helpdesk at +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free) to ask questions about the airline's name-change policy or to receive additional assistance with flight reservations.

About Flair Airlines

The majority of significant Canadian cities are served by privately held low-cost airline Flair Airlines, including Abbotsford, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Kelowna, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. A basic ticket is the first step in the airline's trip plan. One personal item is included in the base rate for travel between cities (backpack, laptop bag, purse, etc.).

The tourist can customize their trip by adding extra services including carry-on baggage, checked baggage, flexible reservations, priority boarding, seat selection, and snack selection. There are discounted packages that include various services in addition to normal airfare. The airline operates Boeing 737-400 and -800 aircraft in its fleet.

Highlights Of Flair Airlines Name Change Policy

The procedures for modifications and alterations vary between airlines. Most airlines permit full name changes for tickets that are both confirmed and reserved. However, Flair Airlines does not allow name changes for tickets with confirmed reservations.

  • To avoid paying a name change fee, customers should request a name change within the first 24 hours of purchasing their tickets.
  • Name changes must be requested seven days before the departure of the initial flight.
  • The entire name of a passenger may vary by up to two letters. First name, middle name, and Sir name
  • Customers can choose to have their first, second, or third name removed.
  • The airline prohibits customers from altering the DOB or gender of their original tickets.
  • The prefix title, such as MR/ MRS/ MS, cannot be changed on a passenger's original ticket.
  • Three hours before the plane's departure, the airline would not accommodate customer requests for name changes.

Flair Airline Name Change Procedures

By using the "Manage My Bookings" tool, which allows for all kinds of revisions and corrections, passengers may easily continue with their Flair Airlines Name Change offline or online. The procedure that you need to do is listed below.

Changing Your Name On The Flight Via Online Portal

Customers can, as previously mentioned, submit their request for a Flair Airline Name Change online. The actions you need to take are listed below.

  • Using your favorite web browser, navigate to the homepage of the Official Flair Airlines Website, and then click "Manage your Reservation."
  • The webpage must be filled out using the reservation information and the passenger's last name exactly as it appears on the confirmed ticket. The affirmation email you received after making the appointment also contains this information.
  • Now click on the “Search" options after entering the reservation's details.
  • On a freshly loaded page, the website will pull up the flight schedule associated with the relevant ticket.
  • The misspelled name can be changed right here. Verify your changes, and the revised data will be saved after that.

Changing Your Name On The Flight Via Customer Care

A traveler could occasionally be unable to finish the online name-change procedure. Passengers can call customer assistance in these situations. The professionals at our airline can help you with the name correction or name change procedure by giving them a toll-free call at +1-877-563-0127. However, you should always carry your identity and travel documents with you.

Changing Your Name On The Flight Via Airline Ticket Counter

Customers of Fair Airlines can also modify the names on their tickets by using the facility offered at the airline ticket counter. Passengers are required to produce all valid identification and information from their original airline tickets.

Cost of Flair Airlines Name Change

  • According to airline regulation, there will be no name change fees assessed by the airline if customers request name changes within 24 hours after booking a ticket.
  • Travelers who request name changes must pay an extra name change fee to the airline no later than seven days before the flight's departure.
  • If a passenger requests a name change more than 24 hours after booking their tickets, the airline will impose a fee.
  • Passengers may request a name change up to three hours before the scheduled departure time of their flight. As a result, they must cover a name change fee from the airlines.
  • Following airline rules, the name change fee varies from ticket to ticket. It fluctuates depending on how far you traveled and how much your initial plane tickets cost for each flyer class.
Take Away

It can be annoying to make changes to your flight ticket before or while you're on the road. It becomes more annoying as there are more travel arrangements to be made. Air Ticket Policy is therefore accessible to assist you further when making changes to your trip tickets by calling +1-877-563-0127 toll-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flair Airlines Name Change Policy

Q1: What Kinds Of Name Changes are allowed by Flair Airlines?

1. Name change on Flair Airlines After Marriage

In rare circumstances, a special waiver code can be used to alter. Along with situations like divorce or adoption, marriage is one example of this. The obligations a person has to their marriage can be altered if they so choose. You must follow the aforementioned steps to change your name. You can talk to Flair Airlines about changes brought on by marriage.

Note: You must provide your original ID proof to achieve a legal name change following marriage or divorce.

2. Legal justifications for name correction/name changes on flair airlines flight tickets

A Flair Airlines reservation may need to be changed due to a marriage or divorce. In this case, you might provide the legal papers to the airline. In a similar vein, only the passenger's surname may be changed in such circumstances. You could initially be permitted to legally update the information with the airline in the case of a divorce. The employment of judicial orders is required in this situation.

Court orders, documentation needed to change a piece of legal information, paperwork needed to change a person's name in the event of a divorce

In the case of a marriage, proof of current identification, a marriage license, and prior verification are required.