Freebird Airlines Flight Name Change/Correction Policy

Freebird Airlines Flight Name Change/Correction Policy - Booking a flight ticket frequently involves general mistakes. A lot of people make silly mistakes when making flight bookings, such as filling in the wrong name details, dates, and landing place. In some scenarios, passengers even enter the incorrect name entirely, which can have serious outcomes for them. To address this problem, Freebird Airlines has incorporated a name correction/change policy that permits travellers to make important changes to their name and other information.

Freebird Airlines Flight Name Change/Correction Policy

Freebird Airlines established in 2000, is the flag carrier airline of Turkish charter airlines and functions from its main hub at Antalya Airport, with a fleet of over 12 aircraft. The airline provides scheduled flights across Istanbul, Florya, and Bakirkoy. As the national airline, Freebird Airlines is committed to providing excellent facilities and services to passengers. By embracing a balanced approach, the airline makes sure great value for travellers, making flights as suitable as possible.

If you are a Freebird Airlines traveller and have mistakenly filled in the wrong name information in your booking reservation form, there is no need to be stressed. We would like to present Freebird Airlines’ name correction policy, which focuses on simplifying matters for travellers. If you have any issues related to Freebird Airlines flight bookings, please get in touch with Air Ticket Policy customer support at +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free).

Key Features of Freebird Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy

  • Freebird Airlines offers its passengers the opportunity to conveniently change or modify the name on their PNR ticket.
  • Additionally, travellers are suggested to take impulsive action within 24 hours of making the reservation if they want to make a name change or correction.
  • Travellers are allowed to make changes to the first three letters of their name, but an entire name change is not permitted.
  • Similarly, modifying the surname is also not allowed.
  • Freebird Airlines permits travellers to change only spelling incorrections on their flight tickets.
  • However, the airline strictly forbids shifting the ticket to another individual’s name.
  • If your name is printed wrongly on the ticket, you can get in touch with the airline's reservation department for help.

Types of Name Changes or Correction Allowed by Freebird Airlines

  • Minor Name Changes - Simple spelling mistakes in your first, second, or third name can be changed without official or legal documentation. These corrections may also include attaining new first, middle, or last names.
  • Surname Changes with Official Documentation - To correct your surname, the airline needs an officially binding document like a marriage certificate or divorce decree that has both your previous and new names.

Note: In certain scenarios, a specific waiver code can carry out the change, like marriage, divorce, or adoption. If desired, one can modify their name because of marriage by going through the aforementioned steps. Additionally, you can have a bird with Freebird Airlines customer support to correct your ticket for marriage. You need to present an original ID to authenticate your legal name change after marriage or divorce.

Freebird Airlines Name Change Procedures

Travellers can make their Freebird Airlines Name Change offline or online through "Manage My Bookings," which permits changes and corrections. The procedure is outlined below:

Visit the online portal to correct your name on the Freebird Airlines ticket.

As mentioned, travellers can apply for their Freebird Airlines Name Change request online through:

  • Reaching out to the official Freebird Airlines website
  • Selecting "My Bookings" from the options.
  • Fill in your "PNR" along with other details.
  • Choosing "Locate My Trip."
  • Choosing "Customize your Trip" on the new page.
  • Correcting the names on the original tickets.
  • Selecting "Save Changes."
  • Going through the ticket information again.
  • Making any required payment.
  • Achieving an updated E-Ticket along with name change confirmation.

Change Your Name via Freebird Airlines Customer Care

A lot of times the online procedure may be difficult, so travellers can contact Air Ticket Policy at +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free) to speak to an executive for assistance on name corrections/changes. Taking ID and documents along with you is suggested for authentication.

Change Your Name at The Freebird Airlines Ticket Counter

In addition to online choices, Freebird Airlines travellers can correct/change names on their flight bookings at the airline ticket counter by presenting original ticket information and identification. Travellers should investigate additional ticket details, as they have the right to be fully aware of name change policies and guidelines.

Change Your Name via the Freebird Airlines Mobile App

Freebird Airlines' user-friendly app provides a simple online procedure for name corrections. It offers flight details, prices, schedules, and more. Individuals can use the app to correct their ticket name by:

  • Downloading and signing into the Freebird Airlines app.
  • Choose "Manage My Booking" option and go through your bookings.
  • Selecting "Change Name" for your scenario.
  • Have a look at the on-screen details to change the name.
  • Verify your changes and apply for an updated boarding pass if required.

Note: The app is recommended to be the most reliable process for Freebird Airlines name corrections. In-app support can guide you if you have any queries.

Cost of Freebird Airlines Name Change

Freebird Airlines takes a calculated approach to naming correction fees depending on the situation. There are no fees charged if a change is applied within 4 hours of reservation. Otherwise, a charge applies:

  • For name changes/corrections on the ticket, a name change fee is applied and must be paid.
  • Toddlers and children do not get any discounts on the non-refundable name correction cost.

Take Away

To conclude, changing your flight booking can be inappropriate when travelling or managing various trips. To help you out with this, you can get in touch with Air Ticket Policy at +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free). Our team is accessible to assist you with any necessary ticket modifications, offering you the assistance you need.

Frequently Asked Questions about Freebird Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Q1: If my name is incorrect on my reservation, can I still get on my flight?

No, your name must be equivalent to the government-issued photo ID that you show at the time of check-in and security. If the names are not the same, you may not be permitted to board the flight.

Q2: What type of name corrections does Freebird Airlines allow?

Freebird Airlines permits small corrections such as spelling mistakes in your first, middle, or last name. Entire name corrections are not allowed. You can change the initial 3 letters of your name, but not your surname.

Q3: Is there a time bound to make a name correction on my Freebird Airlines reservation?

Yes, Freebird Airlines suggests travellers make any name correction requests within 24 hours of reservation for a convenient procedure. Corrections made after 24 hours may carry necessary fees.