Gulf Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Gulf Air Name Change/Correction Policy - Anyone can make errors while reserving airline tickets and enter incorrect information related to the first name, middle name, or surname. These mistakes can be corrected using Gulf Air’s name change/correction policy, which permits changes to be made to the flight booking. This policy can provide extra benefits such as avoiding legal problems and identity theft. 

Gulf Air Name Change/Correction Policy

It is advised that passengers acknowledge themselves with Gulf Air name change policies before making a flight booking. For the updated and most comprehensive details on trouble-free travel, you can also depend on the Air Ticket Policy. Our highly professional airline experts are accessible at all times on our toll-free number at +1-877-563-0127.

Types of Gulf Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Gulf Air's name-correction policy covers a variety of changes, which involve typos, and even corrections required by law. Below is detailed information on the different types of corrections:

  • In situations of emergency, such as a life-or-death scenario on a Gulf Air flight, travellers may be permitted to change their first names. However, legal documents may be needed for authentication purposes.
  • Gulf Air's name correction policy is applicable when a traveller's name is printed incorrectly on the ticket. Even if necessary changes are required, details can still be upgraded.
  • There are restrictions to the number of characters that can be corrected in a passenger’s name on the ticket. Following the mentioned letter limitations, changes can be made to the name on the flight ticket.
  • Before getting on the aeroplane, passengers can correct their details, including their names. However, once the traveller has boarded the Gulf Air flight, name changes on the booking are not allowed. This can make it challenging to transfer an airline booking because of the new name limitations.

Gulf Air Name Change or Correction Guidelines

To avoid any doubts, it is suggested to acknowledge oneself with Gulf Air guidelines before correcting the flight service's name. The organization has developed these regulations with the travellers’ best interests in mind. Some necessary considerations are listed below:

  • Travellers can change their name on the flight tickets, but only up to 48 hours before their intended departure.
  • Within 24 hours of making a booking, passengers can correct any details on their flight booking without paying any additional charges.
  • Passes for a traveller’s flights cannot be shifted to another person, and none of the sensitive information can be changed.
  • Once bookings have been authenticated, they cannot be modified. If a traveller’s name changes after the reservation period, they must call off the existing ticket and book a new one.
  • Minor changes to an airline booking may be possible if the traveller follows the airline's rules.
  • In the scenario of a marriage or divorce, travellers may be permitted to change some details on the flight booking. In some scenarios, supporting documents, such as a marriage license, may be needed.
  • Gulf Air does not permit bookings purchased with a travel voucher to have their name changed.

Gulf Air Name Change or Correction Procedures

Travellers have multiple choices to change their sensitive details under the Gulf Air Name Correction/Change Policy. While it is rare for passengers to need to correct the name on their airline booking, the policy permits both online and offline corrections to flight bookings. 

Gulf Air Name Change or Correction Via Online Portal

A passenger can correct their name on a flight ticket issued by Gulf Air online using the "My Booking" portal. Please check the following regulations:

  • Reach out to the official page of Gulf Air,
  • Check out the "Manage My Booking/Tickets" section on this page and select it.
  • At this point, the choice to "Edit your booking/trip" should be accessible. Select it.
  • Choose "Change Name" to change, update, or correct your Gulf Air name.
  • Enter your new name in the correct place.
  • When you confirm the name change, you will be taken to the "Active Booking/Trips" page.
  • You must log out of the application to see the modifications you made to your booking. This will be seen at the website's top. From the choices, choose "Sign Out".
  • After the payment of the Gulf Air name change fees, you will get an authentication email with the new name on the booking.

Gulf Air Name Correction Directly Through Ticket Counter

Last-minute changes to a traveller’s details, such as implementing a surname or excluding a first or middle name, may be allowed. To make corrections to your airline bookings, reach out to the airport ticket counter where a professional expert will ask for a copy of your government ID and make the essential changes.

Gulf Air Name Correction Through Customer Support

To apply the Gulf Air name change policy, you can get in touch with customer support by dialling the toll-free Air Ticket Policy at +1-877-563-0127. Follow the guidelines on the Gulf Air website to correct the name of your flight after talking to an executive.

  • When you contact the support line, the executive will ask for the purpose of your call. Tell them that your name is incorrectly printed on the ticket.
  • You may be asked to share information about your booking while requesting updates. This may consist of your "Last Name" along with your "Booking Reference" number.
  • After attaining your details, the executive may need payment for the charges associated with the Gulf Air name change.
  • Once you have completed the payment, the executive will begin the process and notify you when it is done.

Gulf Air Name Change or Correction Fees

There is a nominal charge per person and booking for name changes, and it is non-refundable. The charge for changing the name differs based on the request window time. Passengers who make direct online bookings have a 48-hour window from the time of the first ticket bought to make any essential changes to the name without charging a fee. If the name was misspelt, there would be no fees applied for the change.

The flight will be postponed in a comparable class of service based on availability, and there may be various prices. Travellers can change their names up to two to four hours before the intended flight time, and they can make modifications to up to three characters per individual in the "My Booking" section. However, doing so will acquire a charge of between $50 to $150, following the airline's name change policy.

Take Away

Air passengers can rely on the Air Ticket Policy for the latest and comprehensive information to ensure a hassle-free air travel experience. Our team of airline experts is accessible at all times for guidance and can be contacted at +1-877-563-0127, our toll-free number.

FAQs on Gulf Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Question 1. What is the fees for changing the name on Gulf Air flight tickets?

Answer. The charge for changing the name on Gulf Air flight tickets ranges between $50 to $150.