Iberia Airlines Name Correction Change Policy

Iberia Airlines Name Correction Change Policy – Have you ever overlooked typing your name when purchasing airline tickets? If you answered yes, you are not alone in this scenario. We choose not to double-check the precise name on our photo-id evidence. Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy, on the other hand, complies with their regulation that the name used to reserve your tickets must exactly match the name on your govt. photo ID.

Iberia Airlines Name Correction Change Policy

However, passengers can also seek swift help at the toll-free customer support number.

Iberia Airlines is Spain's flag carrier and largest airline, with its headquarters in Chamartn, Madrid. Iberia Airlines' main hub is Madrid–Barajas Air base. From its biggest sites in Madrid-Barajas Airport and Barcelona El Prat Airport, this airline serves you with regular international routes.

Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A340-600, Airbus A350-900, and Boeing 787-9 are among the airline's 74 airplanes with an average age of 8.8 years. All airplanes are outfitted with great seating and in-flight passenger services. There is sufficient length and space in all rows and cabins. Inside aircraft, in-flight infotainment options are offered for all passenger classes.

Iberia Name Correction Policy

Because your IDs have all of the necessary credentials associated with your name. By referring to your id proofs, you may prevent the risk of making a mistake and easily fill in the correct information. The name on the plane ticket must match the name on your photo ID papers, according to Iberia Airlines. Furthermore, you must present the same identification evidence at the ticket counter or to the authorities.

If the name on your flight ticket is incorrect, Iberia Airlines offers you the opportunity to amend it. Let’s know about Iberia Airlines Name Correction Change Policy.

  • According to Iberia name correction policy, travelers enjoy a 24-hour grace period during which they can amend their misspelled names for free. The tickets would be forwarded to reissue in this case. As a result, passengers may be held accountable for any fare discrepancy.
  • According to Iberia Airlines name correction policy, travelers can only modify their first name, middle name, or last name by three characters. Please keep in mind that the amount of these characters does not equal three characters for each of the first name, middle name, or last name.
  • The reservation must be granted by Iberia Airlines (IB), with a ticket stock code of 075, and the flight route must be serviced solely by Iberia Airlines.
  • A traveller cannot alter the name on their ticket with another passenger, according to Iberia Airlines regulation. The airline imposes restrictions on the transfer of ownership of a ticket. People may be required to cancel their previous reservation, ask for compensation, and then resubmit the same itinerary for different passengers in such instances. Iberia Airlines may charge a termination fee.
  • Iberia change name on ticket request would be applicable where the immediate payment isn’t required.
  • The Iberia name corection process can be performed by phoning the Iberia Airlines customer care number for all package bookings that include a vehicle hire and a hotel booking.

Iberia Name Correction Charges

Before requesting an Iberia name change, passengers must first review the pricing rules, which were included with the booking receipts and can also be accessed on the booking confirmation. Certain fare conditions may apply to all Iberia Airlines prices and plane tickets.

In some cases, Iberia will accept name change requests up to a specified amount of time before the departure time. The charge for changing your name in Iberia can be determined in a number of methods, as shown below.

  • Iberia Airlines charges a one-time name alteration fee.
  • Iberia charges a cost per passenger, every flight section, to alter their name.
  • Iberia charges a surcharge per person, per flight segment, in addition to any pricing differential.

It appears that you may be required to pay the discrepancy in addition to the Iberia Airlines name change fees. It may also be more cost-effective to terminate an existing reservation and schedule a new flight with the right passenger name.

The following are some ticket categories organized by change charge.

Tickets category

Changes allow with cost



Available with charge

Not Allowed


Available with charge

Not Allowed

Classic Plus

Available with No charge

Refund of 80% with voucher


Available with No charge

Refund with some charges


Available with charge

Refund with some charges

Business Flex

Available with No charge

Full Refund

How to change name on Iberia Airlines?

You can ask for a name change by calling Iberia Airlines to avoid incurring any further fees. When you contact us, the Iberia Airlines professional may ask you certain security questions to ensure that no one else has access to your reservation. As a result, only the booked traveler should contact Iberia Airlines customer support. As the personnel will support you, you will be asked the verification question.

People also ask:

Q (1) – if, Iberia airline has any change in their flight schedule?

You may be entitled to compensation if the airline has processed modifications to your flight booking. Due to the flight alteration, travelers are entitled to compensation. Passengers will be rebooked on a flight that departs within 6 hours of the original departure time as reimbursement. Furthermore, you are eligible to claim a refund if the airline is unable to organize a flight for you.


The Iberia flight allows you to adjust your dates. You can request an extension of your flight and make other modifications to your flight, but you must do so three hours before departure. Date adjustments at the last minute are not permitted for flights booked with Iberia Airlines. Travelers must visit the official website of Iberia Airlines to begin making adjustments to their flight dates online.

If your reservation was completed through Iberia Airlines, it is critical to contact them since your trip information is tied to the airline booking system and can only be accessible by the airline. Amendments to your itinerary can be made quickly, and those who want assistance with flight change procedures can follow the steps outlined below.

  • Check out Iberia Airlines' official website.
  • Go to the page's My Trips section.
  • Go ahead and select manage my Reservation. You'll be directed to another web page.
  • Users must provide their reservation id or PNR number, followed by their last name, in this section.
  • Next, travelers will be directed to a new page where they must pick the registration to which they desire to make modifications.
  • On the page, choose Change itinerary from a drop-down menu.
  • Make the necessary changes to your flight and pay for it.
  • The modifications will be performed once payment is received, and you will be notified of your successful registration.

In order to give a streamlined and enjoyable experience to all of their travelers, Iberia airlines inform its guests through SMS about any changes in flight timing. At https://www.airticketpolicy.com, passengers can get the best support for their Iberia flights.