InterCaribbean Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

InterCaribbean Airways Name Correction/Change Policy – Did you inadvertently misspell your name when buying the flight? You do not need to cancel your current InterCaribbean Airways reservation, request a refund, and then book a new flight with the proper name. You can still fly on your ticket as long as you follow the InterCaribbean Airways Name Correction/Change Policy.

InterCaribbean Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

Passengers can request InterCaribbean Airways name corrections on their existing flight booking and continue their journey without incident. Intercaribbean Airways' name correction policy is simple and encourages flexibility. Furthermore, you may always phone +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free)for further information about airline policies.

About Caribbean Airlines

InterCaribbean Airways (JY), formerly known as Air Turks & Caicos, is a Turks and Caicos-based airline with a hub at Providenciales International Airport (PLS). The British Virgin Islands Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS) has been identified as a focal city.

It serves 16 locations in Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and Turks & Caicos Islands. Beech 99, Beechcraft B200, Embraer EMB 120ER Brasilia, and de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircraft are among the interCaribbean fleet. The airline was established in 1992.

The Concept of Name Change/Correction and its Importance

In everyday life, humans are destined to make mistakes. Nobody is that flawless to handle everything down to the last detail. The same logic applies to the aircraft industry, where tourists begin making mistakes as early as the reservation procedure. They type the incorrect name and other information into the form and submit it without reviewing it. They are perplexed when they discover inaccurate name data displayed on the PNR.

  • Passengers' names must be comparable on all necessary papers, including the passport and ticket, according to the aviation agency.
  • Traveling using a different name on the ticket and the passport/government-issued ID is unlawful.
  • Furthermore, no one can board the flight if the name contains problems, as this is a breach of DoT laws.
  • To take the flight legally, a client must have everything in order before departure. Your ticket may be cancelled if you are unable to do so.

Understanding the InterCaribbean Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

InterCaribbean Airlines, a competent and professional airline, consistently strives to provide optimum comfort for passengers. All of its policies are geared toward providing superior travel solutions via your destination. The airline's flexible name correction/change policy is another advantage.

Visitors to InterCaribbean Airlines are authorized to make necessary changes to the name on the ticket, according to the corresponding rules. Furthermore, there are easier protocols to follow that make the name-changing process a breeze. Do you want to compile a complete policy analysis? Simply follow the important guidelines listed below:

  • Visitors to Caribbean Airlines can make essential changes/modifications to the name on the PNR following the name change policy.
  • The airline only allows passengers to correct up to three characters.
  • The carrier strictly prohibits the whole name change.
  • Similarly, the Caribbean Airlines ticket cannot be transferred to another passenger's name.
  • You can also utilize digital or physical channels to fix the incorrect name.
  • It is OK to make small changes to the name.
  • Visitors in Business and Economy Class will be charged a fee for name adjustments.
  • Notably, Classic, Lite, and Biz ticket holders can also alter their names on the day of departure.

Various Legal Procedures to Make Name Corrections on the interCaribbean Airlines Ticket

There are several techniques for changing the name of an IneterCaribbean Airlines flight. Below is an illustration of both online and physical outlets:

InterCaribbean Name Change Online

  • Begin by visiting the official website at
  • Enter your airline account information, including your username and password.
  • Continue by selecting the 'Manage My Booking' option on the webpage.
  • On the following screen, enter the booking number and family name before clicking the 'Submit' button.
  • Next, select the appropriate booking option from the list.
  • You can change the name data on your passport and official ID by selecting the right choices and following the procedures.
  • Now is the time to pay the service fees and finish the transaction.
  • Caribbean Airlines will eventually send out a confirmation email with revised ticket information.

Change Passenger Name on interCaribbean Via Call

  • To alter the name, call the Air Ticket Police service line at +1-877-563-0127 toll-free.
  • To recover your reservation, enter your six-digit PNR or e-ticket number.
  • Only misspelled charterers will be rectified, therefore request that the agent update the name.
  • You must also submit an email with a copy of your passport or a government-issued picture ID for validation.
  • To proceed with the request, passengers must pay the on InterCaribbean Airlines name change charge as well as the appropriate ticket difference. The ticket would be reissued in the same or a lower available class.
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email address.

InterCaribbean Airlines Change Flight at Airport

When you get to the airport, you may realize that the name on your ticket is incorrect. Your flight tickets can be amended or corrected at the airport ticket counter. To alter or amend the name on your flight ticket, you must produce a valid form of identification to airline officials. You can correct your name by paying a service or correction fee.

What is the interCaribbean Name Change Fee?

In some cases, the Caribbean service provider will charge a price to change the name on the ticket. In terms of the service fee, InterCaribbean Airlines may levy fines based on the circumstances. Minor name modifications are often free of charge, although a fee may apply in some circumstances. Before you begin, be sure you check the official website for the most up-to-date cost information.

Why Choose Air Ticket Policy?

AirTicket Policy is a completely integrated site where air travellers may obtain up-to-date information on the airline industry. Aspirants come to learn about the luggage policy, name change/correction policy, flight change/cancellation policy, pet policy, and other important possibilities. More information on the InterCaribbean Airlines name correction policy can be obtained by calling +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).

Frequently asked questions about InterCaribbean Airways Name Change/Corrections policy

Q1: What is the procedure for changing the name on an InterCaribbean Airlines ticket?

You can change your name by visiting the airport ticket counter or using the official website.

Q2: Is there a cost for changing the name on a ticket with InterCaribbean Airlines?

Minor name repairs are free, however significant name corrections cost a charge, which is often $5.

Q3: Can I alter my name with InterCaribbean Airlines online?

Yes, you may do the same thing by going to the airline's official website.