Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy

Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy – Modifying the flight ticket also includes the facility of name change/correction. This guide is designed intentionally to help passengers who have got their names spelled incorrectly on their Japan Airlines ticket. The prestigious Japanese aviation company allows travelers to rectify the name on the ticket as per the Japan Airlines name change/correction policy. One can also look for immediate help at the toll-free customer service number.

Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy

Needless to say, air commuters do need to show an attentive approach upon finding an incorrect name on the air PNR. It is, of course, a serious concern in the aviation department since your name on the ticket must be similar to that on the passport and official ID. Otherwise, you may develop stress.

The Japanese carrier brings customer-friendly policies and rules in the aviation segment. It endeavors with conviction to ensure customers enjoy the apex of quality and comfort throughout the journey. When it comes to modifying the name on the ticket, passengers will witness nothing hard to exercise.

About Japan Airlines

Before we dive deeper into the study, it seems appropriate to share some thoughts about the service provider itself. Here’re the key highlights:

  • Japan Airlines is a renowned and leading flag carrier of the country.
  • The international airline was conceived in 1951 (as Japan Air Lines).
  • Further, the head office of the carrier is situated in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
  • As of 2021, Japan Airlines is the largest air transporter in Japan.
  • Since April 2007, it is a member of the Oneworld Alliance as well.
  • Likewise, the airline delivers scheduled and cargo services to around 100 destinations globally.
  • It became the national aviation organization of Japan in 1953.
  • Moreover, the fleet of the company hosts more than 150 aircraft, including Airbus and Boeing vehicles.

Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Is it possible to transfer the ticket to another passenger’s name?

Ans 1) According to the Japan Airlines name change policy, the passengers were not allowed to do so.

Ques 2) How to amend the name on the Japan Airlines ticket?

Ans 2) Errors can be eliminated by opting for either online (website) or offline (airport ticket counter, customer support number) methods.

Ques 3) What is Japan Airlines name correction fee?

Ans 3) Well, the service fee varies in many scenarios. You can collect the latest fee figures on the official website.

Ques 4) What if my name is changed after marriage?

Ans 4) In that case, you can change the name by presenting the marriage certificate.

The Wrong Name on the Ticket Can be a Fuss!

It can destroy your mood when you find your name on the ticket spelled incorrectly. People do make mistakes during the reservation by entering the wrong flight details.No error is tolerated, however, but an incorrect name on the PNR can create serious ado and pose threat to your itinerary. It is due to hurry or excitement, a user provides the wrong data and gets frustrated upon getting the same printed on the ticket.

  • Aviation rules state that a visitor’s name on the ticket must adopt the same order of characters and spellings as appeared on the passport.
  • There shouldn’t be a difference in a single letter.
  • It would be the apparent exploitation of DoT rules when you try to board the flight having an incorrect name on the PNR.
  • Further, the concerned person must rectify the errors in the name within the allotted time.
  • In the event, he/she fails to correct errors; his/her booking would get canceled.

Japan Airlines Name Change Policy | A Complete Guide 2022

Getting an incorrect name on the Japan Airlines ticket?

You don’t need to worry at all!

“The airline doesn’t permit commuters to change the name but one can make necessary corrections, however.”

According to the Japan airlines name correction policy, travelers can correct spelling mistakes and other relevant minor modifications in the name. An incorrect name on the ticket can disturb passengers. Therefore, the Japanese service provider introduces relevant solutions to keep customers happy and delightful. In the following phase, you’ll have a comprehensive analysis of various major highlights of the policy. Let’s check out.

  • Japan Airlines customers will have the liberty to manage essential rectifications in the name on the ticket.
  • Travelers are allowed to modify the name to make minor corrections (typos) up to 3 characters only.
  • According to the name correction policy, Japan Airlines travelers must ensure to have a similar name on all documents, including the air ticket, passport, and official ID.
  • Further, Japan Airlines will have no objection when you raise the name change request if it is changed after your divorce/marriage.
  • You must need to submit a legal document (marriage/divorce certificate) as proof to aid the request.
  • Significantly, no person flying with Japan Airlines will have the right to change the full name on the ticket.
  • Similarly, an aspirant can't transfer the ticket to another individual’s name.
  • In case you have to do so, you can cancel the reservation and rebook it with the right name details.
  • Adding a middle name/surname to the name is a cost-driven process.

Need more help? Don’t hesitate to speak with officials on the toll free number.

How to Modify  Japan Airlines Name on Ticket?

Furnishing the best services and policies for the welfare of commuters is the sole ambition of Japan Airlines. It endeavors thoughtfully and dedicatedly to ensure people collect the apex of comfort and joviality throughout the trip. Ultimately, the airline approved several platforms and channels one can choose from to raise the name change request. Underneath, you will investigate the details.

Japan Airlines Name Correction Online

It is a digital era! Accordingly, Japan Airlines introduces the online flight change process through the official website. The concerned passenger will have to obey the following steps –

  • Visit the official web portal of the carrier – jal.com.
  • Use your secret credentials (username & password)to enter your account.
  • Now, opt for the ‘Manage Booking’ tab appearing on the homepage.
  • To move ahead, provide your booking number beside the family name in the given fields.
  • Now, choose the relevant booking you want to make name modifications for.
  • Make sure to match the name details you entered with that on your passport.
  • Pay the applicable fee before you conclude the name correction process.
  • Japan Airlines, in the end, will share a confirmation mail with new ticket details.

Japan Airlines Name Change Offline

In addition to digital systems, the Japanese service provider also launches some popular traditional channels. You can choose any of them to raise the name change request. Various alternatives are as below:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Helpdesk Number (1-877-563-0127)

Japan Airlines Name Correction Fee

Longing to learn about the service fee prescribed for name corrections/changes with Japan Airlines? Well, the Japan Airlines name correction fee is most likely to fluctuate as per factors such as the route, destination, ticket type as well as time of the request, etc.

Then, what is the sensible solution?

Japan Airlines customers should gain the latest fee details and updates on the official website.