Logan Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Logan Air Name Change/Correction Policy- Are you worried about the accuracy of the name on your Logan Air ticket? If you have mistakenly booked Logan Air tickets with incorrect names, there's no need to worry. Logan Air passengers have the option to rectify name mistakes and make name changes on their original tickets. However, before proceeding with the name change process, it's essential to review Logan Air's name change policy.

Logan Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Furthermore, if your original Logan Air flight itinerary undergoes last-minute changes, you have the freedom to make any necessary modifications. For more information on altering the name on your flight ticket, please feel free to call toll-free at +1-877-563-0127 to speak with the Air Ticket Policy.

Major Highlights of Logan Air Name Change or Correction Policy

  • Ticket Name Modification: If the name on your ticket does not match your passport or other ID proof, you can apply for a name correction for unused Logan Air tickets. However, please note the following guidelines:
  1. Surnames or Last names can be completely altered.
  2. In the first name, only two to three letters can be modified.
  3. Making a complete first name change will be considered as booking a ticket in another person's name.
  • Required Documentation: To make changes to the ticket name, you must provide an authentic ID to the airline during the modification process. Additionally, you must carry this ID to the airport on the day of departure.
  • Time Limit and Charges: Name modifications requested after 24 hours of ticket purchase will incur charges to the ticket holder.
  • Matching Name on Ticket and ID: Your name on the ticket must match the name on your passport or other ID proof. Failure to provide matching identification at the airport security check will result in denied boarding.

Conditions for Name Correction

  1. Passenger Information: Passenger names must be entered into the system exactly as they appear on their passport, including full name and title.
  2. Married Name vs. Maiden Name: If a passenger has booked a ticket using their married name but their passport or ID shows their maiden name, they will need to present a marriage certificate as proof of identification.
  3. Restrictions on Route Changes: Name changes are not permitted for route changes.
  4. Name Correction Limit: Name corrections are allowed for up to 3 characters, including the title.

Complete Name Change Conditions

  1. Non-Transferable Tickets: Generally, tickets are non-transferable. However, complete name changes can be facilitated in certain situations.
  2. Unused Tickets Only: Only completely unused tickets are eligible for a complete name change.
  3. Partially Flown Itineraries: Name changes will not be allowed for partially flown itineraries.

Procedure for Complete Name Change

  • A new PNR must be created for the new passenger and flights.
  • Any fare difference must be collected.
  • The new PNR information must be provided to Logan Air.
  • The original PNR should be cancelled by an agent, with the reason for refund specified as "Name Change."
  • Request the refund through BSP Link, and include the name change fee of £50.00 per passenger under "MF Miscellaneous Fees."

Logan Air Name Change Procedures

Passengers looking to change their names on Logan Air tickets can easily do so both offline and online through the convenient "Manage My Bookings" service, designed to facilitate various modifications and corrections. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to proceed:

Logan Air Name Change/Correction - Online

  • Access the official Logan Air website to get started.
  • Select the "My Bookings" option from the given list.
  • Enter your "Tile Name" and "PNR" in the designated fields.
  • Click on "Locate My Trip."
  • You will get to see your flight details on new page.
  • Choose "Personalize your Trip."
  • Proceed to update the names on your original airline tickets.
  • Click "Save Changes" to finalize the changes.
  • Review the updated information on your ticket.
  • Make the payment, if required.
  • After completing the process, your updated E-Ticket will be displayed on your screen.
  • You will also receive a message or email certifying your successful Logan Air Name Change.

Logan Air Name Change/Correctionvia Customer Care

In case a traveller encounters difficulties in completing the online name-change procedure, they can seek assistance by calling Air Ticket Policy at +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free). A dedicated representative from Logan Air will guide them through the name correction or name change process. Always ensure you have your identification and travel documents handy during this process.

Logan Air Name Change/Correction at the Airport Ticket Counter

Logan Air customers can also make name corrections or changes to their flight tickets at the airline ticket counter. Remember to present all valid identification and information from your original airline tickets. You have the right to seek further information regarding Logan Air Name Change policies and regulations to be fully informed of the process.

With these options available, Logan Air aims to make the name change process convenient and hassle-free for its passengers. Whether you choose to manage it online, seek assistance from customer care, or visit the ticket counter, ensuring accurate name details on your ticket is important for a smooth travel experience."

Logan Air Name Change or Correction Fee

Logan Air's flight tickets are non-refundable but offer flexibility for unused bookings. Passengers can make name changes for £50 per person, along with any fare difference, provided the ticket hasn't been used. Only one name change is allowed, and it must be requested up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Please note that route changes are not permitted under this policy. For any inquiries or assistance with name changes, feel free to contact our customer support team. We value your choice to fly with this airline and wish you a pleasant journey!

Take Away

Modifying flight reservations can be unpleasant and challenging, especially with multiple travel plans. To ease this burden, Air Ticket Policy offers a dedicated toll-free helpline at +1-877-563-0127. Their expert assistance ensures a hassle-free experience while making adjustments to your travel tickets, accommodating sudden changes, rescheduling needs, or any other flight plan modifications. Count on Air Ticket Policy to alleviate the stress and provide seamless solutions for your travel convenience.