Pegasus Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Pegasus Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy – Pegasus Airlines is a terrific choice for travelers due to its top services and best policies. Pegasus Airlines has the best change flight policy and allows passengers the flexibility to make adjustments or corrections as needed. This article will explain Pegasus Airlines' policy on name changes and corrections.

Pegasus Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

If the changes weren't made within the permitted window, Pegasus Airlines would charge a change flight fee and the airline would lose the whole cost of the ticket as a no-show. Continue reading for tips on how to make your trip fun and safe. Regarding additional assistance and details on Pegasus Airlines' policies for flight adjustments, cancellations, and refunds, you can call +1-877-563-0127 toll-free.

Introducing The Pegasus Airlines

The least expensive airline, Pegasus, is based in Istanbul and provides service to 70 different places worldwide in addition to more than 33 cities in Turkey. Pegasus Airlines, the country's oldest privately owned airline, has its main office in Pendik, a district of Istanbul called Kurtköy, and it has been in business for 20 years. Pegasus Airlines has three categories of service.

  • Business Class: To keep passengers safe, Pegasus Airline's Business class offers complimentary cancellation and reissuing services in addition to spacious, comfortable seats with ample legroom. Guests may receive complimentary hot meals or snacks, depending on the time.
  • Premium Economy Class: The seats of their choosing can be chosen by Premium customers of Pegasus Airline when they book their tickets. Passengers can obtain free sandwiches on every flight.
  • Economy class: Pegasus Airline offers two different versions of its Economy class, Basic & Essential, with variable baggage allowances for travelers.
  • In-flight Services: Pegasus Airlines offers a variety of meals and refreshments that can be ordered in advance. Passengers can also choose from a variety of appetizers, drinks, and alcoholic beverages onboard. Pegasus Magazine is the airline's journal, available to passengers on flights, and it features articles on travel, fashion, and airline deals. Visitors can access their electronic devices by connecting them to the Immfly Network.
  • Onboard Support: Pegasus Airlines can assist customers with special requirements. Wheelchairs and assistance with airport check-in are available from the on-site staff. Only travelers can select the service that best suits their needs. Pregnant women and parents of unaccompanied youngsters can check the guidelines on the Pegasus Airlines website before flying.

Major Factors Of Pegasus Airlines Name Change Policy

The traveler on this airline is not permitted to alter the full name on the reservation ticket. This means that you can only use Pegasus Airlines to make a few minor changes to the name on the ticket choice. This policy provides the following list of guidelines in addition to this fundamental criterion:

  • Name alterations are permitted only on tickets purchased from reliable and authorized sources of this airline.
  • The airline prohibits the transfer of tickets that have already been reserved from one traveler to another.
  • The name on the ticket and the passport of the traveler must exactly match. Your reservation may be canceled by the airline if this condition is not met.
  • If the traveler's last name changes as a result of a divorce or marriage, they must provide the required proof.
  • Pegasus Airline reserves the right to charge you a specific amount as a name change fee if your name changes. This price may include service fees.
  • Travelers who want to make changes to reservations made through travel agents must get in touch with them directly if a name change option is offered. The same issue affects other third parties.
  • You have the first 24 hours after making a reservation to modify the name on the ticket. It is possible to make these changes without costing the passenger.
  • Possible legal name changes on the ticket may be permitted by this airline. To learn if you are eligible for a formal name change, get in touch with the airline's staff.
  • The operator may not offer the name change Pegasus Airlines option on all flights due to certain restrictions and constraints.

Process of Changing the Name on Pegasus Airlines flight tickets

There are several ways to correct a visitor's name when it appears wrongly on a ticket. Utilizing the airline's official website, you can finish it online. Customers also have the option of making the necessary adjustments to the reservation ticket offline.

Correcting The Name On Pegasus Airlines Via the Online Platform

  • Visit the official Pegasus Airlines website.
  • On the home page, select the Pegasus BolBol member login link.
  • Enter your Pegasus BolBol Number and password.
  • Examine the input as you tap the login tab.
  • From the menu selection, You need to select "Manage My Booking" and your PNR number with your last name.
  • After carefully entering your information, click the "Next" icon with an orange glow to continue.
  • Once your reservation is visible on the screen, choose the reservation for which name changes need to be made.
  • Choose Pegasus Airlines to alter the name on the ticket option from here and adhere to the on-screen instructions as they appear to update your name.
  • After you make any changes, double-check your information. To complete the purchase, pay the required change fee using one of the approved payment methods.
  • The air operator may email you a confirmation after this name change has been completed.

Correcting The Name On Pegasus Airlines Via Customer Care

  • Toll-free at +1-877-563-0127, contact the Airline Ticket Policy customer service department. Tell them you want to suggest changing the name of Pegasus Airline.
  • You may now be asked to enter some important flight data, like your PNR or ticket numbers.
  • Once the representative has been able to locate your reservation, you will be questioned about the change you intend to make.
  • Why did you change or correct something? Draw attention to the problem you want to solve in your name.
  • Pay the relevant name change fee when the airline asks for it. The agent will confirm the modification as soon as it has been processed.

Correcting The Name On Pegasus Airlines through the airport ticket counter

If you're nearby or at Pegasus airport, you can go to the airline ticket counter to modify the name on your flight ticket. Airport staff or specialized employees will walk you through all the steps required to change the name on your flight ticket. They will need a copy of your ID or other documentation proving your legal name change (such as in case of marriage or divorce). You must pay the service charge to make the changes.

Note: When names must be changed owing to legal considerations, only the offline method can be used to use Pegasus Airlines' name-on-ticket feature.

Name Change/Correction Fees with Pegasus Airlines

Everybody is aware that everything must be bought with cash. The switch to Pegasus Airlines has a specific cost attached to it. Depending on the type of modification you ask for when you request a name change and the travel itinerary, these fees are always fluctuating. You will be able to make the modifications without paying a fee if you do so throughout the risk-free period. The first 24 hours after you placed your flight reservation make up this period.

If you stay longer than this time frame, a fee of between USD 100 and USD 200 can be applied. The carrier may occasionally charge additional service costs. Similar to the offline name change option, you must speak with airline representatives directly to learn how much this service would cost.

Take away

The name change policy for Pegasus Airlines is one of the airline's most comprehensive and useful regulations. It supports name correction using a range of options to fulfill different passenger needs. The airline does not charge an excessive amount of money to guarantee accessibility and affordability.

You can contact Pegasus Airlines' name correction policy representatives by calling +1-877-563-0127 toll-free for any additional information.