Qantas Airlines Name Correction And Change Policy

Qantas Name Correction and Change Policy – It could be a moment of frustration when you witness an incorrect name on the air flight ticket. Passengers do require carrying relevant flight details on the booking to collect a pleasant journey. Traveling with Qantas Airlines and wondering how can you change name on Qantas ticket? Having the wrong name on the Qantas booking isn’t an uncommon deal. The concerned customer can make modifications in the name as per the Qantas name correction policy. This blog shares reliable thoughts on the matter to help such visitors with the best scenarios, insights, and knowledge.

Qantas Airlines Name Correction And Change Policy

Additionally, people can also approach industry experts for in-depth details at the toll-free Customer Service Number.

The ever-growing traveling prospects stimulate aviation affairs across the global tourism fraternity. It has been established as the most convenient, reliable, and gleeful medium to explore distant places spreading across domestic and international boundaries. Enthusiasts do prefer to utilize resources and energy to join a proficient air travel partner to enjoy world-standard travel solutions at affordable fare prices. All in all, traveling through the air is awesomely incredible, fascinated, and full of joy.

About the Qantas Airlines

Before we start digging into the main concept, it appears appropriate to share some thoughts about the service provider itself. Here’re the main highlights:

  • Qantas Airlines is a legendary aviation organization in the Australian aviation sector.
  • Qantas is a short form for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services.
  • It was constituted in November 1920 and commenced business operations in 1921.
  • As of 2014, Qantas Airlines was snatching 65% of the total domestic aviation market of the Australian industry.
  • Further, Qantas Airlines continues to facilitate global customers with outstanding air trip services and amenities.
  • The head office of the carrier is based in Mascot, New South Wales.
  • Incredibly, Qantas Airlines is Australia’s largest aviation service provider in terms of international destinations & flights, and fleet size.
  • Similarly, it is also the world’s 3rd oldest air transporter since it is now over 100 years after its inception.

Qantas Name Correction Policy – FAQs

How can you change name on Qantas ticket?

Users can follow any of the prescribed methods to raise the name change request. It includes the official website, airport ticket center, and customer assistance number.

What is the service fee for Qantas name change on the booking?

Well, the service fee varies as per several circumstances i.e. fare type, the class of the service, destination, the time of the request, etc. You should collect the updated fee details before proceeding further.

How to correct the name on the Qantas booking online?

A concerned visitor can approach the official website to raise the name change request digitally.

Qantas Name change Policy | Top Features and Specifications 2022

The aviation industry demonstrates lots of surprising moments for passengers. It is a superb medium for avid adventurers to explore global destinations with utmost ease and comfort. But sometimes people happen to witness critical scenarios that further lead to unnecessary hassles and awkward experiences. Having the wrong name on the booking is one of the bitter observations. Visitors do commit mistakes during the reservation process and provide outdated flight details. The incorrect name is a usual error that customers come across frequently. They make typos or spell the full name incorrectly.

  • DoT rulebook states that the air traveler’s name on the flight booking should match that on the official ID such as passport etc.
  • It may develop a threat to the itinerary to have a mistake of even a single character.
  • Further, the concerned passenger will have a specified time to rectify the name details in the ticket.
  • It is an offense to board the flight with incorrect name spellings on the flight ticket.
  • In case the person is unable to modify the name, his/her booking would be terminated.

Dealing with Qantas Airlines?

Fortunately, you're allowed to amend the wrong name on the booking before departure. The airline furnishes pragmatic solutions to such kinds of concerns with a straightforward and customer-friendly name correction policy.

Highlighting Elements –

  • The passengers can remove errors from the name on the ticket via the dedicated Qantas name correction policy.
  • Customers can make up to three minor corrections in the name without paying a service fee.
  • In case you need to correct more than 3 characters, you can approach the customer service center or ask experts.
  • Further, the Australian air transporter doesn’t allow clients to change the full name on the booking as per rules.
  • Minor Qantas name corrections can be made via online or offline procedures as per preferences.
  • Well, the airline recommends visitors initiate the request using the same method of booking.
  • When your name is changed after marriage/divorce or due to any other legal procedure, you can submit the relevant documentation to support the request.
  • Similarly, the airline doesn’t entertain name change requests raised for international trips. You should approach customer service for assistance.
  • Under certain conditions, Qantas Airlines may also ask for a specific fee for name corrections.

Other Significant Prospects You Must Know

Additionally, the Australian carrier also documents some other crucial components in the name correction policy to help passengers with more flexibility and clarity. Let’s have a look.

  • Name Correction – When you make corrections to remove incorrect spellings from the name up to a few characters.
  • Name Change: This scenario allows customers to change the full name on the ticket. No passenger can change the full name until it is changed legally after marriage/divorce.

Various Rules Regarding Qantas Flights and Codeshare Flights

Whether you have a booking with Qantas or any of codeshare agreement flights, you’ll have the following scenarios to explore:

Qantas Flights

  • Tickets must be numbered with a QF number.
  • A customer can make only one name correction (up to 3 characters or less) in the booking.
  • It allows you to conduct unlimited corrections to the first name/title.
  • A client doesn’t require any permission from the airline officials.
  • Unmarried to married or vice versa
  • This rule accommodates typing errors with the surname.
  • Also, people can rectify the typing mistakes within the first name and surname

Interline and Codeshare Flights

Individuals traveling with interline/codeshare flight bookings aren’t permitted to modify the name. Prominent pointers are as follow:

  • You will have to obtain a new booking with the same trip details and the correct name.
  • It allows you to exclude the client with the incorrect name from the booking in case it is a group booking.
  • Further, people can cancel the ticket as per new developments.
  • Also, the name can be corrected by paying an applicable service fee.

Qantas Name Correction Fee

As far as the name change fee is concerned, Qantas features an affordable fee policy for travelers who want to make amendments to the name on the ticket. However, the service fee depends upon several circumstances and scenarios such as the fare type, destination, and the time of the request. Therefore, an aspirant must reach the official website or dial the Customer Helpdesk Number 1-877-563-0127 to gain the latest fee details.

How to Change passenger Name on Qantas Booking?

The Australian aviation brand proposes multiple channels to raise the name change/correction request. It recommends both online and offline systems. Below is the detailed analysis of the same:

Qantas Name Change Online

  • Visit
  • Go to the tab named ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Provide your booking number and family name.
  • Pick the relevant booking you want to make modifications for.
  • Using appropriate options, you can correct the name to make it look similar to that on the passport.
  • Pay the service fee if eligible to conclude the digital process.
  • In the end, Qantas Airlines will share with you a confirmation mail regarding name amendments.

Qantas Airlines Name Change Offline

Under traditional windows, Qantas passengers will have the following alternatives to choose from:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Helpdesk Number (1-877-563-0127)