Qatar Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

Qatar Airways Name Change/Correction Policy –Want to modify the name details on the Qatar Airways ticket? This is the page you might be looking for. Visitors can proceed with the affair as per the Qatar Airways name change policy to prevent undesired hassles. This blog illustrates the policy details comprehensively to ease travelers.

Qatar Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

The flag carrier of Qatar, Qatar Airways, is a professional aviation company with a head station based in the Qatar Airways Tower, Doha. It came into existence in 1993 and started flight operations in 1994. Further, the airline joined the Oneworld Alliance in 2013. With a gargantuan fleet of over 230 aircraft, Qatar Airways connects more than 150 international destinations across Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania, and Africa. For more guidance, contact Air Ticket Policy customer support at the toll-free number at +1-877-563-0127.

    Qatar Airways Name Change Policy – FAQs

    Ques 1) Can I make name corrections Qatar Airways ticket?

    Ans 1) Yes. As per the Qatar airways name change policy, you can modify your first/middle/last name up to 3 characters combined.

    Ques 2) How to change the name on the ticket with Qatar Airways?

    Ans 2) You can raise the name change/correct request via either online or offline channels.

    Ques 3) Is it possible to change the name after marriage?

    Ans 3) Yes, it is possible. But you will have to submit the marriage certificate to support the request.

    Ques 4) How can passengers get in touch with the Qatar Airways?

    Answer. If there are any changes to your travel itinerary, they will inform you as soon as possible. To know more about upcoming flights, call +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).

    Ques 5) What if there is a spelling issue on a passenger’s flight ticket?

    Answer. To avoid not being able to fly because of an incorrect name on their flight ticket, get in touch with the airline instantly to correct it. The name on your ticket should be equal to the name on your passport.

    If your name has a spelling issue on your flight ticket, reach out to Qatar Airways to fix it. If the name on your flight ticket does not equal your passport, you may not be allowed to fly.

    Understanding the Qatar Name Change Policy

    Since Qatar Airways is quite straightforward in its dealings, the airline also drafts a flexible name change policy for passengers. The occurrence of mistakes is usual when you make reservations. People enter incorrect details in a hurry/excitement and get the same printed on the PNR. But as per aviation rules, your name and other details must match that on your passport/government-issued ID. Otherwise, it might be problematic.

    The change name policy of Qatar Airways features customer-oriented and flexible terms & conditions. The airline strives passionately to bring everything in position in the context of customers’ comfort. Ultimately, adventurers can expect a holistic approach from the airline when it comes to altering name details on the ticket.

    The following are various key highlights of the Qatar airwats name change policy:

    • Firstly but surely, Qatar Airways doesn’t permit its customers to change their full name once the booking is confirmed.
    • You need to cancel the reservation and rebook it with the correct name details as per the current availability.
    • Passengers are allowed to make essential corrections in the name up to 3 characters in the whole name combined.
    • Further, name swapping is completely forbidden.
    • One can choose to go online or use offline methods to make required corrections on the Qatar Airways ticket.
    • In case your name is changed after marriage/divorce, you can raise the name change request by presenting the legal document (marriage/divorce) to the airline.
    • Name correction requests can't be raised for bookings falling under the FFP Privilege Club.
    • A client can’t change the name once the Award ticket is issued.
    • Qatar Airways may charge passengers for making name corrections/changes in the name on the PNR.

    Name Modifications (Before a Ticket is issued)

    • Under this scenario, Qatar Airways customers can alter the first and middle name up to 3 characters combined.
    • The provision of three characters includes the passenger’s name title and space character as well.
    • Visitors will have to reach the customer service center when they need to make corrections in more than 3 characters or change the last name.
    • Further, people will have to submit a legal document when they change their first name, middle name, or surname legally.
    • In addition to the count of 3 characters, one can also add, delete or change DOB, PTC, or infant.

    Name Modifications (After a Ticket is issued)

    • The airline suggests you get in touch with QR offices to process requests for name correction and deletion/addition/modification of infants on tickets booked on QR operating flights.
    • Similarly, if you change your name (title/first/middle/last) legally, you’ll have to submit a legal document to request the same.

    Various Procedures to make name Corrections Qatar Airways Ticket

    This segment of the episode aims to describe various legitimate ways you can choose from for making name changes/corrections. Have a glance.

    Qatar Change Name on Ticket Online

    • To move digitally, approach the official website –
    • Locate and click on the ‘Manage Booking’ tab on the homepage.
    • Enter your last name and unique booking reference number in the given boxes before hitting the ‘Continue’ button.
    • The next page will retrieve bookings. Select the appropriate one.
    • Now, enter the right name spellings as per your passport/government-issued photo ID.
    • You’ll have to pay the eligible fee in the next step.
    • After the final submission, Qatar Airways will send confirmation mail on the registered mail ID.

    Qatar Airways Name Change Offline

    The best course of action in unwanted situations may be to call in your modifications to your airline tickets. You can connect with experts who have provided solutions to similar issues in the past with the help of the Air Ticket Policy and who can offer helpful advice. The guidelines to follow to edit your customer service ticket are given below.

    • To reach out to customer care about the air ticket policy, call +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free).
    • You will talk with a customer service executive who will assist you in making changes to your ticket.
    • To let the executive use your details, share with them your last name along with the ticket registration number.
    • Make sure you tell the executive all the details they need and that you are very precise about the modifications you want to make to your ticket.
    • Once we have found out that you are eligible, we will make any mandatory modifications.
    • We will process any mandatory restorations as soon as we have verified that you are qualified for the preferred modifications. The appropriate price information and payment details will be shared with you. An email telling you of the modification will be sent to the email address originally provided at the time of your reservation after the changes have been duly processed.

    Change Your Name on Qatar Airways Flight Tickets Via Airport Helpdesk

    The airline respects and is open to any advice and comments. You can reach out to the airport ticket office in person to change the name on your flight booking if none of the above methods work for you. You can instantly change your flight by using Qatar Airways name change policy by doing the following:

    • Reach out to the Qatar Airways ticket counter at the airport.
    • Look for a senior executive who can assist you in implementing the mandatory changes.
    • Explain your worries to the representative and tell him the details he needs to change your tickets. The representative will compute your request and inform you if you are eligible for the changes.
    • You will need to buy another ticket for your new flight.
    • You'll get a notification of the modifications after the changes have been successfully created.

    For more guidance, contact Air Ticket Policy customer support at the toll-free number at +1-877-563-0127.

    Qatar Airways Name Correction Fee

    The Qatar-based carrier also imposes customers a specific service fee for amending the name on the ticket. It charges US$150 for name corrections within 24 hours after the booking. Furthermore, the penalty rises to US$250 to conduct name corrections beyond 24 hours. For more in-depth fee updates, you should visit the official website or speak with experts.

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