RwandAir Name Change/correction Policy

RwandAir Name Change/correction Policy - Rwand Air, a globally recognized airline, places a high emphasis on ensuring a seamless and stress-free travel experience for its passengers. One crucial aspect contributing to this effort is the Name Change/Correction Policy. This article delves into the nuances of this policy, highlighting its significance, procedures, and the benefits it offers to travelers. In the realm of air travel, the accuracy of passenger information is paramount. A small error in a passenger's name can lead to significant complications during various stages of the journey, including check-in, security checks, and boarding. 

RwandAir Name Change/correction Policy

In the pursuit of ensuring transparency and accessibility, RwandAir provided a dedicated helpline for passengers seeking further information or assistance. For any inquiries related to the name change/correction policy or to clarify doubts about the process, individuals can reach out to the airline's customer support at +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free). This toll-free number is a testament to RwandAir’s commitment to open communication and exemplary customer service, where passengers can obtain real-time assistance and guidance.

Rwand Air's Name Change/Correction Policy

In essence, RwandAir not only implements a robust name change/correction policy but also proactively communicates and supports passengers throughout the process. This customer-centric approach aligns with the airline's overarching goal of ensuring a positive and gratifying travel experience for every individual on board.

Rwand Air's Name Change/Correction Policy is a testament to the airline's commitment to passenger satisfaction. It is designed to accommodate genuine errors made during the booking process, ensuring that passengers can rectify mistakes efficiently.

Conditions for Corrections

The policy allows for name changes or corrections under specific conditions. These include instances of misspelling, legal name changes, or other genuine mistakes made during the booking process. However, passengers must adhere to certain conditions to qualify for corrections.

Procedure for Flight Name Change/Correction

To provide a seamless experience, RwandAir has laid out a straightforward procedure for passengers seeking name changes or corrections.

  • Contact Customer Support - The first step involves reaching out to Rwand Air's dedicated customer support through the channels provided.
  • Provide Necessary Information - Clearly communicate the nature of the error and provide the correct information for swift resolution.
  • Submit Documentation - Depending on the nature of the correction, passengers may be required to submit supporting documentation to validate the change.
  • Payment of Fees - While the airline aims to provide flexibility, certain fees may apply to cover administrative costs. These fees are transparently outlined for passengers' convenience.

Fees and Charges

While the goal is to offer flexibility, it's essential to note that some fees may be associated with name changes or corrections. RwandAir maintains transparency by clearly articulating the fee structure, allowing passengers to make informed decisions.

Exceptions and Special Cases

Recognizing the complexity of individual circumstances, RwandAir acknowledges that unique situations may arise. The airline handles exceptions and special cases with sensitivity, prioritizing the needs and circumstances of the passengers involved.

Benefits of a Flexible Name Change Policy

The implementation of a flexible Name Change/Correction Policy goes beyond addressing errors; it contributes significantly to passenger satisfaction and loyalty. RwandAir understands that unforeseen circumstances occur, and providing solutions enhances the overall travel experience, positively impacting the airline's reputation.

Various Approaches to Amend Your Name on RwandAir Flight Tickets

Altering the name on your flight tickets with RwandAircan be easily accomplished through different methods, catering to diverse preferences and circumstances. Travelers have the flexibility to choose the approach that aligns with their needs. Here are the detailed steps for each method:

Change Your Name on RwandAir Flight Tickets Online

  • Visit the RwandAir website:
  • Select your preferred language and country, then click "Save."
  • Navigate to the dashboard and choose "My Booking" from the menu.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference number, then click "Go" to retrieve your booking.
  • Your flight details will be displayed on the screen. Opt for the relevant category (seats, meals, dates, or names) to initiate the necessary modifications.
  • Any fare difference between the original and amended journeys should be paid to the airline. After the payment is processed, the modifications will be implemented. Additionally, RwandAir will contact you via the provided phone number or email address.

Change Your Name on RwandAir Flight Tickets Offline

In situations where online modification is impractical, reaching out to Rwand Air's customer service is a viable alternative. Follow these steps:

  • Contact customer care regarding the air ticket policy by dialing +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free).
  • Engage in a conversation with a customer service executive who will guide you through the ticket modification process.
  • Share your last name and ticket registration number with the executive, providing precise details about the changes you wish to make.
  • Upon confirmation of your eligibility, the necessary modifications will be implemented.
  • Mandatory restorations will be processed after verifying your qualification for the desired modifications. You will receive detailed price information and payment instructions via email, sent to the address provided during the reservation process.

Change Your Name on RwandAir Flight Tickets Via Airport Helpdesk

If the above methods prove unsuccessful, a visit to the airport ticket office is a direct way to effect name changes. Here's how:

  • Approach the RwandAir ticket counter at the airport.
  • Seek assistance from a senior executive who can guide you through the mandatory changes.
  • Communicate your concerns and provide the representative with the necessary details for ticket alteration. The representative will assess your request and inform you of your eligibility for the changes.
  • Purchase a new ticket for your revised flight.
  • Receive a notification confirming the successful implementation of the modifications.
  • In essence, RwandAir recognizes the need for flexibility in name changes and offers a variety of accessible methods to accommodate passengers' diverse situations and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions about RwandAir Name Change Policy

Q1: Can I change my name if I misspelled it during booking?

Yes, RwandAir allows corrections for misspelled names. Follow the outlined procedure for a smooth process.

Q2: Are there additional charges for name corrections?

Yes, there are fees associated with name changes. Refer to the fee structure for detailed information.

Q3: What documentation is required for a name change?

Supporting documentation, such as identification or legal documents, may be required. Check with customer support for specific requirements.

Q4: How long does the name change process take?

Processing times may vary. Contact customer support for an estimate based on your specific situation.

Q5: Are there situations where name changes are not allowed?

Certain restrictions apply. Consult the Name Change/Correction Policy for detailed information.


In conclusion, Rwand Air's Name Change/Correction Policy exemplifies the airline's dedication to providing a customer-centric travel experience. This policy serves as a valuable tool for passengers, offering them the flexibility to correct errors and ensuring a hassle-free journey. By addressing common mistakes, providing transparency in fees, and offering flexibility, RwandAir remains at the forefront of prioritizing customer satisfaction.