Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – Name Correction/Name Change Policy for Scoot Airlines - One of the most important requirements for traveling is having a name that is exact and complete on the airline ticket. Making specific sorts of changes to ticket information quickly is the main goal of Scoot Airlines' Name Change/Correction Policy. When a name is changed for one of the several reasons mentioned above, the impact of the policy is most noticeable.

Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

The policies and procedures of airlines will be covered in this article. Contact the customer service division at +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free). Our staff has undergone extensive training to help you navigate the airline formalities.

Let’s Know About Scoot Airlines

Scoot is the name of the Singapore Airlines Group's low-cost division, which is based there (TR). Scoot and Tigerair Singapore merged in July 2017. Scoot started operating in June 2012. The united airline has retained the Scoot moniker and is prepared to enter a new stage of growth.

Scoot offers service to more than 60 locations across 17 different nations and territories using a mixed fleet of Airbus A320 family and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Scoot is not only providing flights at unbelievable discounts, but also offering Scootitude, a cutting-edge, safe, and secure travel experience. Scoot offers extra-legroom seat options on its Dreamliner flights, along with the Scoot-in-Silence quiet cabin.

Scoot also offers access to the Scoot-in-Style lounge, in-seat power on Dreamliner flights, and the opportunity to accumulate and use KrisFlyer miles from Singapore Airlines Group in addition to these benefits. The airline is a member of Value Association, a pan-regional low-cost carrier alliance.

Scoot Name Change Policy

  • Travel agents must verify that they have received a sync message from the airline with the right name if the name change is made via
  • Name changes for reservations that are currently on hold will incur a cost. The cost must also be included on the ticket. Tax codes will be used to collect the fee.
  • There are fare and tax variations. On the new ticket, the agent must reflect any fare and tax changes.
  • If a name change occurs after issuing the ticket, a new ticket must be issued.
  • The OA tax code will be used to levy and collect the name change fee.
  • Using Scoot Airlines, a passenger's name on a flight ticket can be altered.
  • If the passengers are unable to use their plane ticket, they must select the other choice, sell it to a user, and pay the name change expenses.
  • Depending on where you're going and how long your flight will be, the cost of changing your name will vary.
  • All of these name change requests can be made by passengers online or by calling Air Ticket Policy at +1-877-563-0127, which is a toll-free number.
  • Changes to names are permitted up to four hours before the departure date.

Note: Before contacting if you have any problems with the booking adjustments, speak with your GDS support. Any modifications made by will result in Scoot acquiring ownership of the PNR. If you make additional modifications to the parent or child PNR through the GDS, system synchronization issues could happen. After changing (and owning) the booking, Scoot will not assume liability for any faults made through the GDS.

Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Process

You have a number of options with Scoot Airlines, just like with other airlines, to change your flight reservation. You can modify the name on your Scoot airline reservations using the procedures listed below.

Changing the name on a Scoot Airlines through the Website

One of the best ways to efficiently complete an information change is through the use of the internet technique. Customers can change the Scoot Airlines name on their ticket to correct minor mistakes like misspelled or reversed names.

  • Go to Scoot Airlines' official website. You can opt to manage my reservations or your reservations from this page.
  • You must now fill out the necessary boxes with your "Family Name" and your "Six-character Booking Reference."
  • Moreover, click the Manage My Bookings/Reservations option.
  • Select "Flight Ticket Change/Correction" from the drop-down menu.
  • Change your name in the "Booking" section after pressing it.
  • As part of the Scoot Airlines name correction validation process, you may be required to submit specific documents in accordance with this rule. Don't forget to give it.
  • Complete the procedure and settle any fees incurred while following the rules.
  • An email confirmation should be sent to the address you provided once the payment has been made.

Contacting Customer Support for changing the name on a Scoot Airlines Flight Ticket

To discuss a name change request, some customers might choose to speak with Air Ticket policy specialists directly at +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free). Travelers may discover it simpler to get in touch with customer support through the airline if they want more details on how to modify or amend their Scoot Airlines initial, middle name, or surname. At this point, the agent's sole option is to assist the passenger in changing their name. The passenger may perform a significant portion of the treatment.

Changing the name on a Scoot Airlines thought by visiting the Airline’s Office

If you need to change or correct your name, you must go to the airline's headquarters. The airline's management will address your worries. If your Scoot Airlines ticket can be updated or changed, he or she can let you know. Once your application is approved, you might need to present the original documents so that they can be validated.

Once you've completed the documentation, the authority may compare it to your anticipated departure time. You might be requested to provide a deposit before the spokesperson can begin the process of changing the name on your ticket. To confirm your accurate personal information, you can also request a new boarding card with the updated information.

Name change Fee

On Scoot airlines, name changes are indeed allowed. This suggests that even if you are unable to use your ticket, you may still be eligible for a refund. Simply alter the name on your ticket and transfer it to the new owner. The price varies according to your starting point, flight time, and name change method (online, over the phone, or in person). Online revisions are always more affordable. In other words, the costs to change a Scoot name are the same as those to change a flight.

  • Keep in mind every instruction as you read the key steps for reducing airline change fees below.
  • Travelers must pay AUD 6O for the short-haul flight, taxes included when making an online reservation.
  • Similar to this, passengers on Medium flights are required to pay AUD 80 if they choose to attend the airport center.
  • A long-haul or extra-long-haul flight requires a payment of AUD 100, which covers all applicable taxes.
Take Away

The directions for changing the name on a flight ticket provide you with a number of options, which further simplify the procedure for you. You may easily change your personal information with this airline as a consequence. You can get the most up-to-date information possible from A competent support crew is also available to help you toll-free at +1-877-563-0127 (toll-free) to make sure your flight is enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Q1: How can we escape from Scoot Airline's termination charges?
  • Cancel the ticket on the same day as the reservation.
  • Utilize Change Your Flight to book a seat.
  • Always change your plans for a trip seven days or more in advance and within 24 hours after submitting your order.
Q2: Can I extend the expiration date on my Scoot airline ticket coupon?

No. A travel voucher's expiration date cannot be changed in Scoot Air.