Singapore Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Singapore Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – One of the most important requirements for travelling is to have a name on the flight ticket that is accurate and precise. The main goal of Singapore Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy is to make specified types of changes to ticket details as quickly as possible. However, there are a variety of reasons why a name might be changed. And that is where the policy's impact is most visible.

Singapore Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Additionally, visitors can also utilize the provision of speaking directly with industry experts at our toll-free number.

Singapore Airlines is the most promising airline in the world, and its clients receive excellent service. They provide all form of help, from registration to onboarding, to ensure that the overall voyage is as easy as possible. It covers over 130 destinations, giving passengers a vast choice of options to choose from when it comes to exploring the world.

However, due to a variety of voluntary and involuntary acts, a person's plan may need to be changed on a regular basis. Though it is popular and most people do it, most individuals choose to cancel their flights for this reason. It may incur additional fees, but you can also choose to reschedule; however, can you postpone my Singapore Airlines flight? Yes, but there are some conditions you should be aware of before postponing your flight. We've discussed them in detail here; you may read about them and discover more about them.

Types of Name Correction Singapore Airlines 

On Singapore Airlines, there are two sorts of name changes. Modifying and amending the name on the air ticket is one of them. The carrier stresses the distinction between the two categories and gives directions on how to start them. Furthermore, knowing this policy might assist passengers in better grasping it and proceed further with changing the details on their tickets.

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  • Rules for Singapore Airlines Name Change

Singapore Airlines outlines some basic guidelines for changing or amending information on a ticket. According to Singapore Airlines name correction or alteration policy, basic details such as the passenger's name on the reservation and some pertinent information regarding his or her identity should remain the same. When it is not similar, a traveler should be aware of the rules for changing it on your aircraft ticket.

  • The precise details of a traveler's reservation cannot be changed.
  • Minor spelling problems on the air ticket may be allowed to be corrected.
  • When a traveler requests a name change due to a wedding, he or she must present a photocopy of the marriage certificate.
  • You can change your name on your flight ticket for free following 24 hours of making your reservations.
  • After 24 hours of purchasing a ticket, a traveler may submit a change request on Singapore Airlines. In such cases, he or she may be required to pay the charges.
  • Singapore Airlines flight tickets cannot be switched to another person.
  • In the event of a mistake, a flyer can change up to a few letters in the ticket's name.
  • If you reserve a flight ticket through a middleman, the airline is not allowed to update your information.
  • On Singapore Airlines Initial, middle and last names can all be changed on the plane ticket.
  • A flyer can alter only a few letters in the name on the flight ticket if there is a mistake.
  • When you book a flight through a dealer, the airline is not allowed to amend your data.
  • On Singapore Airlines, you can change your initial name, surname name, and middle name on your travel ticket

Singapore Airlines Change Name on ticket -

1: Finding a Website

One of the greatest approaches to complete a change of information in less time is to use the internet procedure. In the event of minor alterations, such as misspelt or reversed names, a customer can amend the Singapore Airlines name on their ticket.

  • Go to Singapore Airlines' official helpline.
  • You will get manage my bookings or manage booking option there on the website.
  • Now you must fill in the spaces with your "Six-character Booking Reference" as well as your "Family Name."
  • Click on the Manage My Booking button as well.
  • Now select the "Flight Ticket Change" option.
  • After pressing it, go to the "Booking" area and change your name.
  • As a result of this rule, you may be intended to supply some documents as part of the Singapore Airlines name change verification procedure. Make certain you supply it.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the procedure by paying any costs that may be due.
  • You should receive an email confirmation on your registered email ID after the payment is completed.

2: Modify Name by Contacting the Airline

Some guests may prefer to speak with Singapore Airlines agents directly about a name change request. The airline may make it easier for passengers to contact customer service to learn more about the procedure for changing or correcting their Singapore Airlines initial, middle name, or surname. The representative can only assist the passenger in changing his or her name at this point. In reality, the passenger may be required to perform a significant portion of the procedure.

3: Rectify/Change Name by Visiting the Airline’s Office

For a name change or correction, you will need to go to the airline's office. You can express your issue to the authorities there. He or she can tell you whether or not changing or editing your name on your Singapore Airlines ticket is possible. If your application is approved, you may be requested to give the genuine documents for verification.

After you've completed the papers, the authority may compare them to your flight departure time. You may be required to make a deposit as soon as the representative begins the process of changing your name on your ticket. You can also request a revised boarding pass with the corrected information to confirm your accurate personal details.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee

For the service of changing a piece of information, the operator can charge a fee. A slight error in the name part of registration could sometimes cost a customer more than the real ticket price. In addition, the reinstatement fees charged by Singapore Airlines are decided by the denomination used to pay for changing a passenger's name on a ticket. When a flyer has the ability to pay in EUR, he or she may pay €89. You'll have to pay nearly £65 on GDP. In the case of USD, you'll have to pay a $50 service fee.

When a tourist tries to correct the details on their air ticket within 24 hours of registration, they are entitled to a free name change. The cost structure, however, may change from time to time according to Singapore Airlines' name change legislation. Otherwise, it is determined by the sort of fare. You can also approach the airline for the most up-to-date details on the fees associated with the policy.

Take Away –

The flight ticket name change guidelines make the process even easier for you by offering a range of options. As a result, you can count on this airline to make it simple to update your private information. strives to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible. Furthermore, a professional support crew is accessible at our customer support number to help you have a pleasant flying experience.