Southern Airways Express Name Correction/Change Policy

Southern Airways Express Name Correction Policy – Of course, it is worrisome to see the wrong name on the ticket PNR. But it is a regular affair in the aviation industry. People do make errors in the booking. Providing an incorrect name is the most common event. Getting your name printed incorrectly on the Southern Airways Express ticket and want to correct it? Here’s the support you might be discovering for. You should explore the detailed Southern Airways Express name correction policy to check multiple guidelines and parameters falling under the policy regime.

Southern Airways Express Name Correction/Change Policy

Apart from that, passengers can also find reliable thoughts by dialing the customer service number 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).

A Few Words about Southern Airways Express

Without any shred of doubt, Southern Airways Express is one of the most recognized and low-cost carriers based in the USA. The airline is dedicated to imparting valuable flight services to global clients. Passengers enjoy world-class travel facilities at the best prices. The following are some key specifications:

  • Southern Airways Express came into existence in 2013.
  • It manages business operations from the head office based in Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Further, the airline carrier is also one of the youngest airlines in the country.
  • The local service airline houses a fleet of around 37 aircraft to serve passengers across global destinations.

Explaining the Southern Airways Express Name Correction Policy

Human beings are supposed to make mistakes in daily life. The same trend continues to thrive in the aviation circle as well. Visitors provide flight details incorrectly, including the name, while performing the booking affair. As a commuter, you may face circumstances when you spell your name incorrectly in the booking form. It is quite a common scenario to witness individuals make these types of silly mistakes in a hurry. However, it may cause drastic results, consequently.

  • As per DoT guidelines and laws, visitors are required to keep a similar name on documents, including the official ID.
  • It is lawfully compulsory to show that you're a genuine passenger by having the same name on all documents.
  • You’ll have to rectify the incorrect name details within the allotted time.
  • The concerned airline can terminate your flight booking if you fail to correct the name within the given time.

According to the Southern Airways Expressname correction policy, the passenger’s name on the air ticket and other legal documents must be the same. There shouldn’t be a difference of even a single character in the name on these documents. 

Major Highlights of the Policy

You can capture in-depth insights by analyzing the following pointers:

  • Southern Airways Express visitors can change/correct the name on the booking before departure.
  • If your name is changed after marriage/divorce, you will have to submit a legal document to raise the concern.
  • Further, travelers dealing with Southern Airways Express can modify the name up to a few characters only.
  • No visitor can change the whole name on the booking.
  • Similarly, the airline doesn’t allow you to transfer the ticket to another passenger’s name.
  • Minor name corrections can be conducted for free with Southern Airways Express.
  • Moreover, customers can modify the name if the first name is replaced by the second name or vice-versa.
  • Southern Airways Express permits users to trigger the name change request via both online and offline procedures.
  • However, you should opt for the same method that was used during the reservation.

How to Change/Correct a Name on the Reservation with Southern Airways Express?

Southern Airways Express allows visitors to raise the name change/correction request via scads of methods. You can proceed with any of the online or offline channels to perform the affair. Let’s capture the details.

Southern Airways Express Name Correction Online

The internet is incredibly beneficial for us. It is quite helpful when it comes to making corrections in the name on the Southern Airways Express reservation. Various steps are outlined below:

  • Open your internet browser and visit the official website
  • Now, you will have to log into the account using your registered credentials.
  • Next, you can approach the dedicated section named ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Hereafter, the next page will ask for the booking reference number and family name.
  • Now, a user will have to pick the right booking from the collection to proceed further.
  • Make sure to stay active this time and provide all the boxes with the exact characters mentioned on your government-issued ID card.
  • Of course, it is also crucial to pay the service fee to conclude the digital procedure.
  • In the end, you will get a confirmation mail from Southern Airways Express’s side.

Need more thoughts and guidance, you can get in touch with industry professionals at the customer assistance number 1-877-563-0127.

Southern Airways Express Name Correction Offline

Feeling confused with internet-based processes? Find the relevant alternative here! The Southern Airways Expressclients will also have traditional ways to carry on with the same procedure. This is majorly designed for those who find inconveniences with internet technologies.

This segment involves the following choices:

  • Customer Helpdesk Number: 1-877-563-0127
  • Airport Service Center/Kiosk

Southern Airways Express Name Correction Fee

Don’t you know the price policy for correcting the name on the Southern Airways Express ticket? Well, the American airline may ask for a certain service fee for initiating the name change procedures. Almost every aviation service provider in the industry demands some kind of fee/penalty against unplanned services processed by passengers. Southern Airways Express Airlines also furnishes some service penalties for customers who require to make changes/corrections in their names on the PNR. Minor name corrections can be made without paying a fee, however.

Further, customers must study guidelines concerning the name change before raising the affair. For more in-depth details on the name correction fee, passengers should explore the official website or talk to the officials at 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).

Southern Airways Express Name Correction/Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1) What are various legitimate procedures to make name modifications in the Southern Airways Expressbooking?

Ans 1) Southern Airways Express customers can make required amendments to the ticket using any of the authorized channels. People can use the ‘Manage Booking’ window available on the official website for online name corrections. Also, aspirants can choose to move with either the airport ticket counter or customer support number (1-877-563-0127) for the same process.

Ques 2) How can I amend the name on the Southern Airways Express ticket digitally?

Ans 2) Well, the USA carrier allows enthusiasts to raise the name change request online through the official web portal.

Ques 3) Is it possible to transfer the Southern Airways Express ticket to another person’s name?

Ans 3) No, Southern Airways Expressnever grants permission to passengers who desire to transfer the ticket to another visitor’s name.

Ques 4) What types of changes one can bring in the name on the Southern Airways Express ticket?

Ans 4) Southern Airways Express customers can make minor name corrections (up to a few characters) in the booking. Also, the name can be changed if the surname is changed after marriage/divorce.

Ques 5) What if my name is changed after marriage?

Ans 5) When your name is legally changed after marriage, you are allowed to correct it on the ticket by submitting a legal document i.e. a marriage certificate.