Southwest Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Southwest Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy – Making name corrections on an air ticket can be stressful if you don’t follow the applicable rules rightly. In this post, we are here to mull over the Southwest Airlines name change policy to expose essential things for passengers. Also, Southwest Airlines customers can use the toll-free helpline number to acquire more details on this vital matter.

                                                        Customer Support Number: 1-877-563-0127

Southwest Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Southwest Airlines Name Correction Policy | Making You Restful All the Way

Mistakes are usual when we design an air itinerary with a service provider. People do commit errors and enter the wrong details in the reservation form. A misspelled name is a common scenario but it can give birth to conundrums if you continue to show carelessness until the flight departure.

  • According to the aviation industry (Department of Transportation) doctrines, it isn’t lawful to travel having an incorrect name on the air ticket.
  • The industry requires travelers to have a name on the ticket, passport, and government-issued IDscontaining the same characters.
  • Even a single-character variation can cause woes for you.
  • In the event, you're unable to reform the erroneous name; your booking may get terminated.

Consequently, passengers should be beholden to Southwest Airlines! It understands the deepness of the situation and permits commuters to modify the name on the PNR. Users can employ the flexible rules of the dedicated policy to make essential name corrections.

Chief Highlights -

  • Travelers can utilize the policy to amend the Southwest Airlines ticket to make changes/corrections in the name.
  • No person can change the full name on the PNR.
  • Gladly, you can change the name on the Southwest Airlines ticket if it is changed after marriage/divorce or any other legal procedure. A legal document is needed to endorse the request, however.
  • A customer can raise the name change concern via online as well as offline techniques.
  • Southwest Airlines never allows people to transfer the ticket to another individual’s name.
  • Furthermore, clients can also make minor corrections (spelling mistakes up to 3 characters) free of charge.
  • In the event, your name manifests errors in more than 3 characters; you need to cancel the reservation and rebook it with the correct name details.
  • Importantly, Southwest Airlines passengers should cancel the booking within 24 hours after the purchase to avoid charges.
  • Making modifications beyond the specified period may require you to pay a certain service fee.

Southwest Airlines visitors can contain more insights into the matter by speaking with experts at 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).

Various Methods to Modify the Name on the Southwest Airlines Booking

As narrated above, the USA aviation carrier entertains the name change requests raised through both online and offline procedures. Let’s have a glimpse.

Southwest Airlines Change Name Online

  • Visit
  • Further, a user can get along with the ‘Manage Booking’ option.
  • Now is the time to enter the unique Booking Number and the passenger’s last name to move ahead.
  • On the next page, you’ll see the list of bookings. Simply choose the appropriate one.
  • Using the suitable options, you can make name alterations before submitting the application.
  • Pay the applicable fee and submit the details to conclude the process.
  • In the end, Southwest Airlines will approach you via mail/SMS with new ticket details.

Southwest Airlines Change Name Offline

The offline framework consists of some widely-used platforms to manage the booking. Here’re the details:

Southwest Airlines Change Name at the Airport

A traveler can reach the airline representatives at the airport along with the passport, ticket, and other vital documents.

Southwest Airlines Change Name via Phone Call

Feeling lethargy? Change your name on the Southwest Airlines booking by raising your voice through the customer service number. Doubtlessly, it is the simplest and most convenient medium to opt for.

Customer Helpline Number: 1-877-563-0127

Southwest Airlines Name Change Fee

The noteworthy factor is that you don’t have to pay the service fee for making minor name corrections. But under other circumstances, Southwest Airlines imposes a service fee for making alterations to the name. Since the name change fee is subject to fluctuation, you should learn about the latest fee figures at 1-877-563-0127 or the official web portal.

Why Choose Air Ticket Policy?

Air Ticket Policy is a perfect platform to acquire the latest knowledge and elements from the aviation department. Travelers find innovative concepts to make a convenient journey after having word-sharing with industry experts. Moreover, the digital channel also allows customers to dial the toll-free number 1-877-563-0127 to learn more about the Southwest Airlines name correction policy.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Can I change the name on the Southwest Airlines ticket after marriage?

Ans 1) Yes. Travelers can change the name on the ticket but only if it is legally changed for example, after marriage/divorce.

Ques 2) How to modify the name on the Southwest Airlines reservation?

Ans 2) The name modifications can be made through the website, the airport ticket counter, and via a phone call.

Ques 3) What is the Southwest Airlines name change fee?

Ans 3) The name change fee varies as per different circumstances. However, minor name corrections are free of cost to execute.