Sunwing Airlines Name Correction Policy

Sunwing Airlines Name Change Policy –Traveling through the air might be one of the most enchanting exposures in someone’s life. Getting everything in the right slot is necessary for a successful air trip. But various occasions bring stressful moments in the aviation department to make travelers shocked and bewildered. An incorrect name on the PNR is one is them. Do you find your name spelled incorrectly on the Sunwing Airlines ticket? This guide exposes relevant details from the Sunwing Airlines name change/correction policy to give you a precise idea of how to deal with the challenges!

Sunwing Airlines Name Correction Policy

Meanwhile, people can also approach industry specialists by dialing the customer support number 1-877-563-0127 (toll-free).

Sunwing Name Correction

What would be your reaction when you come to notice the wrong name on the booking? Definitely, no one likes to confront these types of situations with a welcoming face. It seems like an unnecessary effort that nobody wants to compose and correct the name before departure. But passengers have nothing to do with destiny that directs our lives on its own. Air commuters do commit mistakes in the reservation form and entering the traveler’s name incorrectly is one of the usual incidents.

When it comes to analyzing aviation rules and laws, we get an informed structure that clearly states strict parameters for commuters. It should be the fundamentality of booking makers to provide all the flight details vigilantly to prevent any flaw. But if someone enters a name different from that mentioned on the passport/government ID, it is going to be hazardous!

The DoT rules clarify:

  • Passenger’s name on the ticket must look similar to that appearing on the passport by each character.
  • It is an infringement of aviation laws to board the flight with incorrect name details on the PNR.
  • Customers should correct their names within the stipulated time slot to avoid penalties.
  • Eventually, the concerned airline may terminate the booking if a visitor is unable to make name corrections before departure.

Inarguably, getting errors in the name on the booking can be tedious. One should take timely actions to prevent ticket cancellations or redundant penalties.

Sunwing Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Does Sunwing Airlines allow name corrections on the booking?

Ans 1) Yes, the Canadian company permits flyers to conduct essential name corrections on the ticket as per the Sunwing name change policy.

Ques 2) How to modify the name on the Sunwing Airlines booking online?

Ans 2) Sunwing Airlines travelers can explore the ‘Manage Booking’ section on the official website to make all types of flight changes, including the passenger’s name.

Ques 3) What is the Sunwing name change fee?

Ans 3) Usually, the airline charges visitors between US$25 and US$50, depending upon various factors.

Sunwing Airlines: Determined to Serve Clients with Superb Travel Services!

Sunwing Airlines is a distinguished aviation brand in the Canadian aviation domain. Adventurers from across the globe look forward to capturing drastic exposures while exploring locations through the air. The Canadian airline pledges to serve them with the right approach and commitment to make their trips memorable. Further, the carrier delivers maximum comfort and prosperity at minimal costs and makes air traveling possible for all communities.

Crowning Factors:

  • Sunwing Airlines is one of the youngest aviation companies in the world.
  • The Canadian carrier was incepted in 2005 with a head office in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Further, it is a low-cost service provider in the industry to facilitate customers from all cultures and economic backgrounds.
  • It imparts charter and scheduled flight services from Canada and the United States.
  • People can explore multiple destinations across the USA, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America.
  • Furthermore, Sunwing Airlines hosts around 27 aircraft (Boeing) in the fleet to connect more than 70 destinations.

In the nutshell, Sunwing Airlines is growing in the aviation circle to expand its customer base and service portfolio.

Sunwing Airlines Name Correction Policy: Disclosing the Latest Rules and Updates 2022

Excited to explore various rules and guidelines involved in the name change policy of Sunwing Airlines? Stay with the blog since you are good to go through detailed discussions about the critical matter. The Canadian carrier is promised to facilitate visitors with world-standard travel solutions at the lowest fare prices. Accordingly, it drafts customer-friendly policies and regulations that favor the passengers’ interests.

The Sunwing name change policy defines lots of things blatantly to help clients overwhelmingly. In fact, it is a complete package designed to ensure the utmost comfort for people who want to modify the name on the ticket. The airline has no objection while entertaining the name change requests of travelers. Do consider the following highlighted factors to build an informed idea:

  • As per the documented policy, Sunwing Airlines customers can make name corrections and name changes in the booking.
  • Significantly, aspirants can make name corrections on the ticket up to 3 characters only, including first and last name.
  • Further, there might be a certain fee you’ll have to bear for name corrections under specific circumstances.
  • In the event, a customer’s name is changed legally after marriage/divorce, etc., he/she can raise the name change request by submitting a legal document as proof.
  • Also, passengers are allowed to utilize online or offline procedures to make name corrections on the Sunwing ticket.
  • People should choose the same method for name modifications as they used to make the booking.
  • You can contact the travel agent in case the ticket is obtained with any of them.
  • Moreover, individuals can approach the customer service center to seek immediate assistance.

Multiple Ways to Modify the Name on the Sunwing Airlines Booking

Choosing the right way is crucial! To add to the customers’ experiences, the Canada-based service provider manifests a diverse range of methods and platforms you can choose from to make name amendments. This segment intends to express views on various authorized channels as depicted in the respective policy of the airline. Let’s peep right in.

Sunwing Name Change Online

Indubitably, it is one of the quickest and simplest mediums when it comes to altering name details. You can proceed to learn steps without any further ado:

  • Navigate – the official website of Sunwing Airlines.
  • Now, get into your account by entering your family name as well as your6-digit booking number in the given fields.
  • On the next page, a user will capture a list of bookings. Make the right selection.
  • Apart from name corrections, you can change the destination, departure time, cabin class, and other details as well for the selected booking.
  • Using relevant options, you can correct your name to make it looks like that on your passport.
  • Before the final submission, make sure to cross-check the details and pay the service fee if applicable.
  • In the end, Sunwing Airlines will notify you about changes via mail.

Sunwing Name Change Offline

As far as traditional methods are concerned, Sunwing Airlines passengers can switch to any of the offline systems in case digital technologies aren’t convincible. You’ll have the following alternatives:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Helpline Number 

Sunwing Name Change Fee

Well, travelers will have to bear certain charges for making name modifications on the Sunwing Airlines booking. The updated fee scenario is outlined as follow:

  • A user will pay US$25 for each name change up to 21 or more days before departure.
  • The service fee is US$50 for making name corrections/changes between 20 and 8 days before departure.
  • Further, the airline considers it as cancellation when you raise the name change request within 7 days before scheduled departure.

It brings more insights into the fee policy when you explore the official website or talk with experts at 1-877-563-0127.