Tap Portugal Name Correction/Change Policy

Tap Portugal Name Correction/change Policy – According to the aviation Department of Transportation, a comparable name must appear on the plane ticket, passport, and government-issued ID. If your name is misspelled on your Tap Portugal flight ticket, it is simple to rectify. The Tap Portugal name correction/change policy is in effect to allow you to remove mistakes in the name and have a stress-free experience.

Tap Portugal Name Correction/Change Policy

Tap Portugal, based in Lisbon Airport, is a well-known Portuguese aviation company. The state-owned flag carrier conducts over 2500 flights per day to 90 international destinations. Furthermore, the airline has a fleet of 100 aircraft (ATR, Embraer, and Airbus) to ensure that customers get to their destinations on time. Tap Portugal was founded in 1945 and has been a member of the Star Alliance since 2005.

Key Highlights of Tap Portugal Name Correction/change Policy

A change of name happens when a traveller’s name is changed to that of another passenger on the reservation, according to TAP Portugal's name change policy; TAP does not authorize this. In such circumstances, the previous PNR must be cancelled and a new one created with the new and right name. The first ticket must be returned following market/fare laws.

  • Only unused flight segments are eligible for name correction/change.
  • The validating carrier must be an airline. TAP Portugal's name correction policy does not apply to codeshare or interline agreement flights.
  • The airline enables name changes based on marriage or divorce decisions; however, customers must have a legitimate copy of the legal document.
  • Only one name change would be authorized per reservation.
  • If you're on your honeymoon or getting married while you're gone, you can travel under your maiden name.
  • The name on the flight ticket must match the name on the passport or government-issued picture ID.
  • If the name and/or surname change is done at the airline's office, a formal statement validating the name changes must be presented, along with a copy of the new passenger's passport.
  • Passengers must request a name change at least 24 hours before their planned departure.
  • Infants can have their names changed for free.
  • Adult, child, senior, and other passenger categories cannot be changed (for example, a child's ticket cannot be changed to an adult ticket).
  • Each traveller who has already purchased the name-change option must request the date or other adjustments to the booking separately.

Rules to change or correct the Name on the TAP Portugal Ticket

  • Up to 3 letters: If your name needs to be changed (up to three letters are misspelled), please contact the airlines (the service is available for all ticket types). A name change fee of $200 may apply.
  • Incomplete surname: If your TAP Portugal reservation contains an incomplete last name. Green/John Mr is equivalent to Green Smith/John Mr.
  • Inverted first and last name: When the first and the last name are reversed. For example – Mr. Smith John to Mr. John Smith
  • Nickname to last name: If the traveller has added a nickname to his or her first or last name, the details must match those on the passport or government-issued picture ID. If passengers want to add a nickname to their first and last names, they must request it through the name change process, and the TAP Portugal name change rules will apply. Ms. Kathy Green, for example, to Ms. Katherine Green.
  • Title error: Passengers who have typed Mr instead of Mrs or vice versa can request that the title be corrected. Mrs. John Smith to Mr. John Smith, for example.
  • Last name swap: If the traveller has two last names that must be exchanged for the passport or government-issued picture ID to match. For example, Mr. John Green-Smith to Mr. John Green-Smith.
  • Add a middle name: TAP Portugal middle name requests can be authorized under name correction if the passenger needs to add or remove the middle name so that the name credentials match the identity. As an example, Mrs. Fernanda Maria Santos to Mrs. Fernanda Santos.
  • First name misspelling: TAP Portugal name correction allows the traveller to swap the letter, whether there is a missing letter or an additional letter.

Tap Portugal Name Correction Methods

Do you have any suggestions for legal methods to change the travel information using Tap Portugal? This blog section will highlight several possible ways and circumstances involved in the name-correcting procedure. Let's get started collecting data.

Tap Portugal Name Correction Via an Online Platform

  • To begin, go to the official website (flytap.com).
  • To proceed, find and click on the 'Manage Booking' page.
  • Enter the passenger's last name and booking reference number now.
  • A user will also have to deal with the 'Edit' button.
  • Make the necessary modifications to the name by carefully following the instructions.
  • You may now complete the name change procedure by paying the appropriate price.

Tap Portugal Name Correction at the Airport

Approach the nearest airport with vital documents in hand to make necessary changes to the name on the PNR. If you are changing your surname after marriage or divorce, bring the marriage certificate or divorce decree with you to the airport.

Tap Portugal Name Change Over the Phone

It is, however, another plausible method of bringing necessary modifications to the Tap Portugal ticket. Simply contact officials by dialling the toll-free Customer Service Number +1-877-563-0127.

  • Please notify the airline if you want a name change or adjustment. The agent will next request further information from you.
  • Your full name, booking reference number, and other details are necessary.
  • You must also submit the required legal documents if you wish to alter your last or first name as a consequence of a marriage or divorce.
  • The representative will advise you of any expenses that may be incurred after locating your reservation. When you accept the fees or prices, he or she will begin the following Tap Portugal name-changing procedure.
  • Finally, wait for the modification to be confirmed. You will ultimately get a fresh confirmation email to your registered email address.

TAP Portugal Name Change/Correction Fees

The TAP Air Portugal name change fee applies solely to Tap-operated flights and is charged per person per reservation. The following fees will be charged to seek a name change or name correction.

  • Domestic Flights - 100
  • Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, And Flights Between Accra And São Tomé - 140
  • Intercontinental Flights - 175
  • To / From Dominican Republic - 200

When it comes to correcting a typo or changing your legal name on your ticket, the airline is usually courteous and accommodating. It's also important to remember that a name change request varies from a name correction. TAP Portugal's name change policy allows customers to change their names for legal reasons like marriage or divorce, but airline tickets are never transferrable.

Passengers can request name corrections to repair errors or add/omit characters from their first, middle, or last name.

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