Travelocity Name Change/Correction Policy

Travelocity Name Correction Policy – We occasionally need to adjust our plans. Travelocity will make an effort to assist customers with any modifications because they recognize that consumers may need to amend or cancel their reservations. You will receive a thorough explanation of the Travelocity Name Correction Policy in this article.

Travelocity Name Change/Correction Policy

For little or no cost, Travelocity will make minor adjustments like changing your name's spelling or maybe switching your reservation to standby. Call + 1 877-563-0127 (toll-free)for comprehensive information regarding the Travelocity name correction policy.

About Travelocity

Anyone who has utilized the online platform of Travelocity is familiar with the services it provides to the general population. It is an American travel firm that offers online assistance to those arranging trips between different locations. Nearly 24 years have passed since Travelocity first opened. In 1994, a team at Worldview conceived the notion of expanding their online travel database, and a year later, the service was launched.

The first company of its kind, Travelocity, offers a website where customers can compare the costs of airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, cruises, and holiday packages. They can not only check and contrast prices, but also discover additional information about the accommodations, extras, and customer testimonials of these service suppliers. Additionally, the website enables them to swiftly and simply buy these services.

Travelocity Name Correction guidelines

Your booking must be for the same name as the photo ID you have on file with the authorities (for example driving license for a national flight or your passport for overseas travel). If your name is entered incorrectly, you can be refused boarding or entrance to your destination.

Some airlines permit spelling adjustments or name changes on the occasion of a legal name change. In some circumstances, you might be compelled to cancel your previous flight reservation and make a new one with the proper name. It is not permitted to change the name of the traveler listed on your airline tickets.

If you change the name on your plane tickets, the airline may charge you a change fee and/or a higher fare.

A name modification may take some time to process because it involves both our support staff and the airline, depending on the carrier and the type of ticket you have booked. There may be different change procedures for each airline in your booking if there are many airlines involved.

Please check your email confirmation and double-check your reservation with Travelocity to avoid processing delays.

Our customer support center team will get in touch with you after you complete and fill out the application form to inform you of the airline's name adjustment procedure and any related expenses. Travelocity will work to reduce any delays even though a name alteration can be challenging.

Process of Travelocity Airline Ticket Name Change

Access your Travelocity profile.

In the top right corner of the page, select My Tours.

Locate your reservation by clicking the "Upcoming" button (to the right of My Tours).

To the right of the reservation details, select the Manage Booking link.

There will be a "Cancel Flight" option shown if the reservation can be canceled.

Follow the instructions after clicking the link

Travelocity Name Change or correction via phone

Dial + 1 877-563-0127 to reach the flight adjustment customer service hotline. Our knowledgeable and devoted expert will verify your flight reservation information and handle any necessary changes on your behalf.

A Travelocity employee will make every effort to make any possible changes, but they cannot guarantee that your airline or hotel reservations will be changed. Having stated that, you will be liable for any adjustment charges imposed by the airline or hotel.

Take Away –

With the use of cutting-edge technologies and travel opportunities, the aviation business continues to expand quickly. Therefore, travelers must keep abreast of the most recent laws, practices, and regulations in the aviation industry.

Herein lays the function of the Air Ticket Policy. It is a multimedia channel that will provide you with the most recent information about travel by air, including news, advice, situations, and updates. It offers comprehensive insights into the flexible rules and regulations of different service providers. To learn more about Spirit Airlines' name correction policy, call the experts in the field at the given toll-free number.

People Also Ask:

Question 1: What if, I want to resell My Travelocity reservation?

Answer 1:  You can, As long as the hotel and flight reservations permit name changes, all it takes to be able to buy and sell your registration is a simple name change. Along with any airline fees, you might also have to pay an amendment fee.

But did you know those travel agents are required to permit renewals for package holidays under the Package Travel Regulation, which applies throughout the European Union? A package vacation is any trip that includes purchasing two different travel arrangements, such as a hotel and a flight ticket. You must be able to transfer the vacation to some other person's name using Travelocity.

Question 2: What happens if the second surname on your ticket is missing?

Answer 2: Call the airline or the travel company that made your reservation to change the name on your flight bookings if you have a double title and the second surname is not shown on your ticket. The information on the passenger's flight ticket and the passport or other form of identification they are carrying should always match. When making your reservation, if your name contains any unique characters, please leave them out. Alternately, for more details check our article on inserting your name into your Preferred Airlines reservation.

Question 3: What is the cost of changing a name on a flight ticket?

Answer 3: Based on the airline you're traveling with, changing the name on a ticket can cost you a different amount. While many airlines charge a fee to pass the flight information to another passenger, they often correct minor typos for free. When a flight needs to be rescheduled under a different name, travelers sometimes pay a cancellation fee.