United Airlines Name Correction Policy

United Airlines Name Correction Policy – Luckily, minor changes in the United Airlines ticket can be made without supporting documentation. Otherwise, visitors will have to submit legal documentation to make critical corrections to the name. Here’s the detailed United airlines name Change policy to expose more scenarios.

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United Airlines Name Correction Policy

United Airlines Name Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Is it possible to change the nickname to the full name with United Airlines?

Ans: Yes. United Airlines passengers can change their nickname to their full name or vice versa without presenting a legal document.

Ques 2) What if I need to change the name after marriage?

Ans: As per the united name correction policy, You can make required changes in the name if it is changed after marriage. A marriage certificate is required, however.

Ques 3) How to United airlines misspelled name on ticket?

Ans: You can proceed with your MileagePlus account to make essential corrections in the name. Secondly, you can upload a copy of the supporting document to gain the same purpose.

Ques 4) Can I speak with the United Airlines executives for name corrections?

Ans: Yes. You can dial the toll-free number to seek professional assistance.

Knowing United Airlines

The USA aviation company United Airlines was incepted in 1926 (as Varney Air Lines) but commenced operations in 1931. It is a potent and famous air carrier with a headquarter at Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois. The founding member of the Star Alliance serves passengers with a gigantic route network across domestic and international places.

Furthermore, United Airlines is the 3rd largest air travel brand worldwide in terms of the number of routes and fleet size. In the fleet, it encompasses more than 800 aircraft, including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer.

What the Phenomenon of Incorrect Name is All About?

Got a misspelled name on the United ticket? Fortunately, you’re on the convenient side as the airline has no issue while removing errors from the booking. Entering wrong name details in the reservation form is one of the common mistakes made by people. Sometimes, a customer makes the mistake himself in hurry. However, it occurs several times when you ask someone else to fill in the details on your behalf.

An incorrect name on the PNR could be a serious point of trouble for you. Whether it is a single-character error or major fault, you’re likely to encounter harsh consequences ahead. As per the US Department of Transportation rules, it is illegitimate to board a flight with an incorrect name on the PNR. It must be similar to that on your passport and government-issued ID.

Investigating the United Airlines Name Correction Policy – How Does it Help Visitors?

Flying with United Airlines? One of the proficient airlines pledges to aid passengers with customer-friendly and pleasant policies. Under the name correction policy, United Airlines mentions quicker procedures and flexible terms to facilitate clients across all corners. Moreover, it also prioritizes the guidelines of TSA and other international authorities to maintain a lawful environment.

The following are various scenarios falling under the United constitution 

United Airlines Simple Name Changes/Corrections

The US aviation company asks for no supporting document when it comes to correcting minor mistakes in the name. The following are some of the common considerations involved in this bracket:

  • A person can modify the spelling of the first name to change‘Andraw’to ‘Andrew’, for example.
  • Similarly, the last name spelling can also be changed –‘Flintiff’ to ‘Flintoff.’
  • The airline allows you to change the name from/to a nickname.
  • The name prefix is also correctable.
  • You can add/remove a middle name in the United Airlines ticket.
  • Moreover, it is allowed to correct inverted first and last names.

United Airlines Critical Name Changes/Corrections

Making major name changes or corrections on the United Airlines ticket needs a supporting document. It is when your name is changed after marriage/divorce. Here’re the necessary documents required:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Any other government-granted document reflecting both your old and new names

Role of Alternate Name Affidavit Option

It is another considerable approach you can adopt when you’re unable to submit any of the abovementioned documents. It is a legal way to make necessary changes in your name on the United ticket. The affidavit states your name as well as a copy of your government-issued identification.

To request a name change through this option, mail the hardcopy of the affidavit and notary-attested document to the address given below:

MileagePlus Service Center

P.O. Box No. 1394

Houston, TX 77251-1394

What are the Types of Name Correction Request Accepted by United Airlines?

Accepted Name Change Requests


First/Middle/Last Names

If your ticket has a misspelled first name like, ‘Jhon’ instead of ‘John’, you can request to correct it to match your actual name.

Nickname to Legal Name

If your ticket shows your nickname ‘Mike’, but your legal name is ‘Michael’, you can request to change it to your full legal name.

Inverted Names Adding Middle Name

If your ticket lists your last name such as ‘Smith’, ‘John’, & you want to correct it to ‘Smith John’.

Adding an Additional Last Name

If you recently got married and want to add your spouse’s last name to ticket, you can request to include the additional last name.

Legal Name Change due to Marriage, Divorce, or Adoption

If you legally changed your name due to marriage, divorce, or adoption, you can request to update your ticket accordingly.

How to Make United Name Correction Request?

Underneath, this segment of the blog enlists various proposed methods to correct/change the name with United Airlines:

  • Passengers can request a name change via the online platform or through customer support.

    Online Name Change Request

    Name Change through Customer Support

    Navigate to the “My Trips” section

    Contact United Airlines Customer support at +1-877-563-0127.

    Enter the 6-digit confirmation code and the passenger’s last name.

    Explain your situation to the customer representative and inform them that you need to change the name on your flight ticket.

    Once you access your booking, look for an option related to ‘Name Correction’. Click on that option to proceed.

    Provide the necessary details to the representative.

    Follow the prompts and instructions provided on the screen to initiate the name correction request.

    Clearly state the reason for name change.

    Review the information you entered and ensure its accuracy before submitting the request.

    Provide supporting document

    Confirm and submit the name request.

    Once your request has been processed, the representative will inform you about the further steps.

United Airlines Name Correction Fee

The American carrier may charge passengers for altering the name on the ticket. It depends upon multiple factors. You can get in touch with the airline officials or visit the official website for the latest fee details.

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