Ural Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Ural Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy - People sometimes spell their names incorrectly while reserving a flight. Then they want to know about changing their names on the flight ticket in great detail. Ural Airlines is the most trustworthy when it comes to offering a vast range of flexible facilities to its passengers. Additionally, if the name correction leaves room for any nicknames or incorrections, the airlines are free to make the proper changes. Before correcting a traveller’s name, make sure to check Ural Airlines' Name Change Policy.

Ural Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

You can contact the "Air Ticket Policy" customer support at +1-877-563-0127 (Toll-Free) to solve queries about the airline's name-change policy or to receive additional guidance with flight bookings.

About Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines, established in 1943, is a Russia-based airline. It operates scheduled and chartered domestic and international flights from Koltsovo International Airport. The airline serves 11 destinations through 138 routes. The airline includes 52 fleet of aircraft.

The travellers can tailor their trip by incorporating added services that involve carry-on baggage, checked baggage, flexible bookings, priority boarding, seat selection, and snack choice. There are packages with deductions that involve different services in addition to normal airfare.

Highlights of Ural Airlines Name Change Policy

  • The process for changes and alterations differs between airlines. Most airlines allow full name corrections for tickets that are both verified and booked. However, Ural Airlines does not permit name corrections for tickets with confirmed bookings.
  • To ignore paying a name change charge, travellers should apply for a name correction within the first 24 hours of booking their tickets.
  • Name corrections must be applied a week before the departure of the original flight.
  • The entire name of a traveller may differ by up to two letters. First name, middle name, and Surname.
  • Travellers can opt to take off their first, second, or third name.
  • The airline prevents passengers from changing the DOB or gender of their initial tickets.
  • The prefix title, such as MR/ MRS/ MS, cannot be corrected on a traveller’s original ticket.
  • Three hours prior to the plane's departure, the airline would not allow traveller’s requests for name changes.

Ural Airline Name Change Procedures

By using the "Manage My Bookings" feature, which permits all types of revisions and changes, travellers may conveniently continue with their Ural Airlines Name Correction offline or online. The process that you need to complete is given below.

Changing Your Name on Ural Airlines via Online Portal

Travellers can, as mentioned before, apply for their request for an Ural Airline Name Change online. The steps you need to take are given below.

  • Open your web browser, go to the homepage of the Official Ural Airlines Website https://www.uralairlines.ru/en/, and then select "Manage your Reservation."
  • You need to fill the webpage using the booking information and the traveller’s last name just as it appears on the original booking ticket. The confirmation email you received after making the changes also comprises this information.
  • Now select the “Search" option after putting in the booking details.
  • On a freshly loaded page, you will see the flight schedule related to the relevant ticket.
  • The incorrect name can be changed right here. Confirm your changes and the updated data will be saved after that.

Changing Your Name on Ural Airlines via Customer Care

A traveller could sometimes not be able to complete the online name-change process. Travellers can get in touch with customer guidance in these circumstances. The experts at our airline can assist you with the name correction or name change process by giving them a toll-free call at +1-877-563-0127. However, you should always have your identity and travel documents with you.

Changing Your Name on Ural Airlines via Airline Ticket Counter

Travellers of Ural Airlines can also correct the names on their bookings by using the services provided at the airline ticket counter. Travellers are needed to present all necessary identification and information from their initial airline tickets.

Cost of Ural Airlines Name Change

  • According to the airline guidelines, there will be no name correction fees charged by the airline if travellers apply for name changes within 24 hours of reserving a ticket.
  • Passengers who apply for name corrections must pay an extra name change charge to the airline no later than a week before the flight's departure.
  • If a traveller requests a name correction more than 24 hours after reserving their tickets, the airline will charge a fee.
  • Travellers may apply for a name correction up to three hours before the intended departure time of their flight. As a result, they must pay a name correction cost from the airlines.
  • Following airline guidelines, the name correction fee differs from ticket to ticket. It varies depending on how far you have completed your journey and how much your original plane tickets cost for each flyer class.

Take Away

It can be frustrating to make corrections to your flight booking before or while you're on the road. It becomes more irritating as there are more travel modifications to be made. Air Ticket Policy is therefore available to guide you further when making corrections to your trip booking by calling +1-877-563-0127 toll-free.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ural Airlines Name Change Policy

Q1: What are the types Of Name Corrections allowed by Ural Airlines?

Answer. 1. Name Correction on Ural Airlines after Marriage

In a few circumstances, a special waiver code can be used to change. Along with circumstances like divorce or adoption, marriage is one instance of this. The commitment a person has to fulfil after their marriage can be corrected if they so choose. You must go through the above-mentioned steps to correct your name. You can have a word with Ural Airlines about corrections brought on by marriage.

Note: You must give your original ID proof to receive legal name correction following marriage or divorce.

2. Legal reason for name correction on Ural Airlines flight tickets

An Ural Airlines booking may need to be corrected because of a marriage or divorce. In this case, you might share the legal papers with the airline. In a similar vein, only the traveller’s surname may be corrected in such circumstances. You could initially be allowed to legally upgrade the details with the airline in the case of a divorce. The implementation of judicial orders is required in this situation.