Wizz Air Name Change Policy

Wizz Air Name Change Policy – When booking flights online, travelers are prone to make mistakes when typing their names. Additionally, people occasionally write their names incorrectly and give them to a travel agency without double-checking. They consequently end up with flight tickets that have names misspelled on them. Wizz Air Airlines is aware that mistakes can be made accidentally. They have therefore expanded the clause to update the names of the passengers. We will outline the Wizz Air Name Change Policy in this article.

Wizz Air Name Change Policy

Not only are modifications accepted for typographical errors, but legal name changes are also acceptable if necessary. While writing their names, the travelers must exercise sufficient caution. Additionally, you can call 1-877-563-0127 for immediate assistance.

About Wizz Air

Wizz Air is established in Budapest and is well known for its low flying costs. Wizz Air, which was established in May 2004 and mostly serves secondary airports, is constantly looking for new methods to expand its network, reach untapped markets, serve a variety of locations, and offer inexpensive air travel to and from Central and Eastern Europe. The airline operates over 600 routes between major cities in Europe and a few Middle Eastern and North African countries. They operate 119 modern Airbus A320 family aircraft in their fleet.

  • Guidelines under Wizz Air Name change Police
  • Up to three hours before the flight's scheduled departure, passengers have the option of altering their surnames or correcting the spelling of their names.
  • However, Wizz Air Airlines levies a fee for each name change.
  • The per-passenger, per-flight name change charge varies from €46 to €50.
  • The traveler must pay a transaction cost if they choose to alter their name through Wizz Air's phone center.
  • The traveler may update his or her name online for free if there are fewer than three letters that need to be changed.
  • The passenger will be required to pay the name change cost if there are more than 3 characters in the name that needs to be corrected.
  • If a short name needs to be extended to a full one, a name change fee is also charged.
  • The customer service staff of Wizz Air Airlines will happily fix any mistakes made by the passenger if they mistakenly mix up their first and last names.
  • Wizz Air Airlines, however, only permits one name adjustment per person.

Wizz Air Change Name On Ticket After Marriage

In some cases, the modification can be made using a unique waiver code. In addition to scenarios like divorce or adoption, marriage is one example of this. If a person so chooses, they can change their marriage-related obligations. You must take the aforementioned steps to change your name. The Wizz Aircrew can also be contacted to discuss adjustments due to marriage.

Note: To establish your legal name change following marriage or divorce, you must submit your original ID proof.

Legal Justifications For Name Correction/Name Changes On Wizz Air Airlines Flight Tickets

A marriage or divorce may warrant changing the name on a Wizz Air reservation. You can hand the airline the legal documents in this circumstance. In a similar vein, in such cases, just a passenger's Surname may be altered. In the event of a divorce, you may first be allowed to formally change the information with the airline. In this circumstance, judicial orders must be used.

  • Documentation required to alter a person's name in the case of a divorce, court orders, and the paperwork required to amend a piece of legal information
  • Current identity, a marriage certificate, and earlier verification are necessary for the event of a marriage.

Online Method Of Changing Name On Wizz Air Ticket

  • The passenger must first go to the airline's official website.
  • Input the reference ID and last name after clicking on "booking information" in the second step.
  • When the passenger opens the new page, they have the option to modify their name.
  • He must also complete the data and attach the necessary paperwork.
  • Once the traveler clicks the submit button, a confirmation will be sent to their registered email address.

Name Change Via Customer Support

Passengers can get in touch with Wizz Air customer service if they are having trouble making the changes online. The airline offers its customers customer service that is available around the clock, and passengers can make modifications over the phone by calling the helpline at 1-877-563-0127. The customer service representative will assist the traveler with any adjustments to the flight and, if appropriate, will give a discount.

Visit Wizz Air Ticket Counter

Due of its dependability and dedication, this program is preferred by many towns. People think about going to the airport and contacting the officials so they can complete the process together. They should also have their ticket, passport, and other necessary paperwork on them in order to meet the current standards.

Requests for the Wizz Air Name alteration procedure can be submitted at the airport counter. You have two hours before the planned departure time to request a last-minute adjustment to a Wizz Air reservation, so please be aware of that. Only at the departing airport may passengers seek name changes on their flight tickets.

Fees For Name Change

  • The cost of a name change for passengers is 46USD per flight.
  • The same fee is levied for the traveler to modify or change his name through a customer executive.
  • If there is a typing or spelling issue, the airlines will modify your name up to 3 characters, free of charge.
  • Passengers must alert the customer service representative if their names are mixed up, and no fees will be charged.

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