Spirit Airlines Seat Selection

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection – Travelers enjoy flexibility while flying with America's ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines. Since it assigns seats to passengers randomly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll sit adjoining your friend or family. Luckily, the Spirit Airline seat selection policy allows visitors to select the seat of choice for some extra charges. How? Keep reading.

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Spirit Airlines Seat Selection

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1) How does Spirit assign seats to passengers?

Ans: Spirit Airlines grants seats to passengers randomly at check-in.

Ques 2) Does Spirit Airlines permit customers to choose a seat?

Ans: Yes. The airline allows you to select the seat of your preference to sit with your friend or family member for a specific fee.

Ques 3) Can I purchase a Spirit Airlines seat assignments while booking a Spirit Airlines ticket?

Ans: Yes. You are free to pick your favorite seat during reservation by purchasing the ‘A La Smarte’ scheme.

Ques 4) What is the Spirit Airlines seat selection price?

Ans: A customer will have to pay seat charges starting fromUS$5. It varies route-to-route and location in the aircraft.

Spirit Seat Selection Policy – All You Need to Know

Travel through the air is just magnificent. When it comes to booking an air ticket, lots of doubts and queries arise to strike your mind to find better deals and travel options. Selecting a specific seat in the plane is one of them that forces you hard to inquire for. Several airlines assign random seats to visitors without letting them pick the seat of preference. But others commit to facilitating customers with the freedom of seat selection to make sure they get the seat beside their friends/relatives.

Spirit Airlines, fortunately, is amongst the latter category of service providers. It brings a flexible and customer-friendly Spirit seat selection policy to make visitors delight from day one. According to the Spirit Airlines seat assignments policy, the aviation brand nurtures visitors with the freedom of seat selection. Usually, the airline grants random seats to customers at check-in free of cost. But the service of seat selection is also active for passengers to grab the seat of preference.

Here’re the major features of the seat assignment policy of Spirit Airlines –

  • The airline assigns seats randomly during check-in without a service fee.
  • Random seat assignment doesn’t guarantee that a customer is sitting together with family or friends.
  • Further, the policy suggests the Spirit seat selection service under which Spirit passengers can choose their favorite seat in the aircraft.
  • There is a fee (starting at US$5) as well for making seat selections.
  • Similarly, ‘Big Front Seats’ are also available for purchase (ranging between US$20 and US$70) that bring 32% extra legroom and many other perks.
  • Visitors can make seat selections on the official web portal of the carrier.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Process Online

How to pick seats on Spirit Airlines online? This chapter is to elaborate on various steps involved in the online seat selection with Spirit Airlines. Let’s consider:

  • Start the job by visiting the official website of the airline spirit.com.
  • Now, a user has to simply click on the ‘Check-in’ tab available in the main menu on the homepage.
  • It will ask you for the passenger’s last name and the booking confirmation code. Provide the details before hitting the ‘Check-in’ button.
  • The next page will show you the flight details alongside the ‘Spirit Airlines Seat Selection’ option.
  • By going through this option, a visitor can choose the seat from the available seat options.
  • Next, you will have to pay the applicable fee to bind up the procedure.
  • In the end, you can also print the boarding pass at home to avoid standing and waiting in a long queue at the airport.

In case you encounter any difficulty, dial the Customer Care Number toll-free.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Price

Well, the Spirit Airlines seat selection service (A La Smarte) isn’t free. Only random seat assignments are free of cost. If you wish to acquire your preferred seat on the Spirit plane, the minimum charges are US$5.This fee varies as per scads of factors like the route, location in the plane, and some others. However, the latest fee updates can be received at the official website or at our toll-free.

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